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Considering so many shoes don’t offer the cushioning and support we need throughout the day, it’s often necessary to seek that additional comfort in support insoles. The traditional approach to getting increased cushioning and support in your shoes was through aftermarket insole support.

KURU shoes have changed this.

Now there is a shoe with sock support, arch support, and heel support constructed directly into the footbed of the shoe. With an innovative midsole technology, KURU has created a shoe with insole support designed around the natural shape of the foot. This means that the shoe actually works with nature to support your feet better than aftermarket support insoles.

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Custom Insole Support for You

Every KURU shoe is designed with a medical grade orthotic molded directly into the midsole. This means the shoe has been custom built around the contours of your feet.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

KURU shoes are built on a wide, anatomical last shape to give your foot more room as you move throughout the day. This healthier shape allows the toes to splay naturally for a more comfortable, natural fit.

Unlike socks support and other custom insole support devices, there is nothing additional about KURU support insoles.

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I have had many shoes that claim to support and cushion problem feet, but these Kuru Chicanes are by far the best feeling shoe I have had on my feet. I highly recommend this quality shoe.


These shoes fit AMAZING! I am flat footed and have plantar fasciitis. I've spent so much money on other athletic shoe brands... which feel somewhat comfortable right out of the box. However, I am never completely satisfied with the support of these shoes and would supplement the lack of support with an insole. I wanted an athletic shoe that I didn't feel needed to be replaced after a few months simply because the support didn't last. These were my second purchase of KURU shoes and I am so impressed with the quality and support (heel & arch). The roomy toe area is AWESOME! My toes never feel crowded. These are the most comfortable and well-cushioned shoes I've ever purchased and I will continue to repurchase them.


Im on my feet 10-12 hours aday and the past year or so after standing for an hour or two I'd be in such pain that it made it almost impossible to focus on anything other than the pain. I just got these sneakers... and the difference in just one day is unbelievable. Ive been threw so many insoles and different shoes but none of them helped as much as kuru did. Im going to start replacing my everyday shoes with a style from kuru.


KURU: The Most Supportive Shoe
Recommended by Medical Professionals

We’ve received valuable input from podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists while developing the KURUSOLE™ technology.

It’s because of this doctor recommended design that KURU regularly receives doctor testimonials, and more patients are recommended KURU shoes to help with foot pain.

Open Life

KURU empowers you to engage with the activities you love. With a unique design and simple, clean aesthetic, KURU shoes are perfect for casual walking, trail hiking, or just getting out and traveling the world.

Don’t just take it from us though. One customer wrote, “in October I wore the black pair every day during an 18-day trip to Peru - they were fabulous – even during a climb to the top of Huayna Picchu.”

KURU Works

Our customers agree that KURU shoes provide the comfort and support needed for long days on your feet.

An example is Cathy, who wrote, “they offers great support, especially in the heel area which I need and appreciate.”

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