Women's Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

Women's Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

It’s all in the name: tennis shoes for women are the best footwear for anyone who wants to go pro or just play the sport for fun. But don’t let the name fool you—tennis shoes are so much more than the gold standard shoes for the sport. Women’s tennis sneakers are also the go-to footwear for many women, from working adults and busy moms.

Thanks to our trio of unique technologies, you can take better care of your feet while out and about wearing the best tennis shoes for women. Our lightweight KURUCLOUD midsole gives our shoes more bounce and our ULTIMATE INSOLES will mold to your foot shape for a truly custom fit delivering both firm arch support and soft cushioning at the same time.

Shop the best women’s tennis shoes for healthy feet with KURU Footwear.

"Best tennis shoe I've ever had!

I have a lot of foot pain and these shoes have the support I need to keep my feet happy. I’m very happy with these shoes and will recommend them to others."

- Lois C