Best Men's Shoes for Back Pain

Many of us spend hours each day walking or standing on hard, flat surfaces. The pain we put our feet through can radiate to our back, so the best men’s shoes for back pain offer support where you need it and cushioning where you want it.

Instead of clunky inserts or expensive custom orthotics, imagine a solution as simple as stepping into your favorite shoes. Each shoe we make is built from the ground up to work with nature to keep you aligned and moving.

Our patented KURUSOLE technology cups your heel and dynamically hugs it with every step to absorb shock and cushion the point of impact. Space-age materials use your body heat to mold to fit the unique shape of your foot over time, and ULTIMATE INSOLES support your arches and cushion your sole.

Step into Pain Relief Beyond Belief with KURU.

Perfect walking shoe

"Immediate relief from the back pain I had due to wearing regular running shoes. The KURU shoe puts your posture just right and allows for a more natural gait and better speed. I am recovering from a quadruple bypass and was walking 4 miles a day in regular running shoes before my back began to hurt. I'm now up to 6 miles, pain free. I won't own anything else going forward."

- Rob G.