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42,123 Ratings
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Most Wonderful. I am pleasantly surprised about how well my feet are holding up in KURU shoes!

My neuroma has not given me any pain since I've been wearing them. They are absolutely the most wonderful shoe I've ever tried.

Gina Powell Review Photo
Gina Powell
These are hands down the most comfortable shoes

we've ever worn and I'm not lying when I say I haven't had pain in my arch or heels since I started wearing them. Once you go KURU you never go back!!!

Dumais Family Review Photo
Dumais Family
Best Shoes Ever.

I have very bad Plantar Fasciitis and I work on concrete floors. Looked everywhere for shoes that by the end of my day my feet didn't kill me. Then googled for shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and KURU came up I thought they were pricey but I gave them a try and absolutely love them.

Camie Lee Review Photo
Camie Lee
You have a convert.

My many pair of new balance have been put to the back of my closet and my single pair of KURU is all i wear. Thanks for a great product.

John Grimmet
John Grimmet
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