Womens Shoes for heel pain. Patented tech to protect your heels

Best Women's Shoes for Heel Pain

Sharp stabs or dull aches in your heels can have a variety of causes, so the best women’s shoes for heel pain protect your entire foot and put your body in position to heal.

Heel pain is common among those with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, or anyone who spends hours each day standing or walking on hard, flat surfaces. Many women turn to clunky inserts or pricey custom orthotics to relieve heel pain. Instead, imagine a solution that’s as simple as stepping into a pair of shoes.

Each shoe we make features our innovative KURUSOLE technology, which dynamically hugs your heel as you move. Built-in ULTIMATE INSOLES blend cushioning where you want it and support where you need it, while the space-age materials use your body heat to adapt and mold to the unique shape of your foot over time.

Join the thousands who have found Pain Relief Beyond Belief with a pair of KURUs.

Excellent for heel pain!!!

"I am a nurse and on my feet for 12hrs per shift. I have psoriatic arthritis and having been having unbearable heel pain for over a year. I really had to consider getting some sort of desk job. I took a chance and googled “heel pain” because I had already tried many other shoes. Wow did I get lucky with Kuru!!!! As soon as I put them on, I knew they were perfect!!! What a relief not having to wince with every step. I LOVE my Kurus!!!"

- Sally V.