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Walking Shoes for Men

Pounding the pavement can be punishing on our feet, and that pain can extend to other joints like your hips or knees. If you have to walk a lot for work or are just planning your next travel adventure, you’ll want to find the best men's walking shoes. Protecting the fat pad, nature’s natural cushion that runs beneath your feet, is priority number one. You’ll also want arch support and a heel cup that supports you and keeps you aligned as you walk. If you’re already dealing with common issues like heel pain or plantar fasciitis, the right support will put your body in the best position to heal.

From ULTIMATE INSOLES that use your body heat to mold to the unique needs of your feet over time, to the patented KURUSOLE that dynamically cradles your heels with every step—each KURU we make is designed to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

Most comfortable shoe I have ever owned

I had 3 months of pain until I discovered Quantum. Perfect comfort. Not an advertisement trick. It cradles my heel exactly where my heel spur is located. When walking you totally forget to avoid full pressure. I am a grateful customer. Thanks KURU

- Phillip D.