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Patented to Free You from Foot Pain

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Most Comfortable Shoes

Whether you need walking shoes or comfortable shoes for work, look no further than the patented KURUSOLE technology for maximum comfort and superior support. Unlike anything else, KURUSOLE dynamically flexes with each step to redirect impact and shield your heels from stress. The result is the most comfortable footwear with incomparable cushioning and support that feels like a hug for your heels!

KURU Footwear makes the most comfortable women's shoes and men's shoes, so you can free yourself from foot pain. Each pair is designed from the ground up to get you back to doing what you love! Because we build our trio of technologies into every pair, you can experience Pain Relief Beyond Belief in work sneakers, comfy shoes for around the house—or any other style that catches your eye!

When you choose KURU Footwear, you’re making a choice for your overall foot health. Rather than aggravate existing foot problems, our shoes can alleviate or prevent symptoms of plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and other causes of foot or heel pain. KURU Footwear’s cushioned base layer and contoured arch support minimizes impact and pressure.

Our Story

We’re on a mission to eliminate foot pain around the world, and a solution as simple as slipping into your most comfy shoes is a key part of that goal. Over the years, we’ve heard from hundreds of thousands of people who say the most comfortable shoes from KURU Footwear have changed their lives for the better. Best of all, we make it easy to see if KURU is right for you with free returns and exchanges for 45 days!

Many first-time customers find us thanks to family or friends who discovered something that helped them and wanted to share. We find success when we amplify the stories our customers tell, letting their experiences stand in for promises or puffery. We’re qualified to tell you where we came from and how our technology works, but our customers’ stories are at the heart of what we’re here to do.