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What care and cleaning is recommended for KURUs?

Because we use high-quality, high-performance materials in our shoes, it's important to properly care for them to extend the life of the shoes. Here are a few care instructions for KURU shoes:

  • Always keep your shoes free of moisture, and store them in a dry, cool environment, free of direct sunlight.
  • If you need to clean your shoes, choose a shoe cleaning gel that is suitable for both fabric and leather. We recommend our KURU Ultimate Care Kit, which includes a basic shoe cleaning kit with all the tools you need for regular shoe maintenance. Always remember to spot-test the cleaner as sometimes it can alter the color of the materials.
  • You can also clean your shoes using a moist (with water), lint-free cloth, and/or a soft-bristled brush. When cleaning mud or other debris, allow the mud to fully dry, then with a soft-bristled brush, lightly remove the dirt.
  • Never put your shoes in a washer or dryer. Always allow your shoes to air dry. If your shoes get wet, make sure to remove the insole to make sure the interior of the shoe fully dries.
  • To improve the stain and water resistance of KURU shoes, we recommend using  our exclusive KURU Shield Shoe Protector Spray, which is suitable for leather and textiles. This can help keep your shoes protected from water, stains, and other chemicals and oils.

Any damage due to failing to follow the above care instructions will void the warranty against defects on the shoe.

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