Best Beach Shoes for Men

Men have heard the sea calling to them for hundreds of years, but new waves of technology make hitting the beach more comfortable than ever. The best beach shoes for men let you get some sand between your toes, but spare you from scorching hot surfaces or stray stones. Your feet don’t need support any less just because you’re enjoying the shoreline, but most sandals use flimsy materials and cheap construction. KURU footwear builds support and cushion into every shoe we sell, including our sandals. Experience Pain Relief Beyond Belief in one of these best-selling sandals.

Most comfortable shoe I have ever owned

These shoes really are all the rave. I have had plantar fascitis for over a year and I thought I needed to live in my running shoes all summer. So glad these are available, my feet feel better days after wearing them. Great for poolside, errands or beach. These were my first KURU shoes and I want to explore more shoes now. They are so worth the money.

- Olga F.