Best Men's Shoes for Neuropathy

Sharp stabbing pains, extreme sensitivity, muscle weakness and numbness, or tingling in your feet or hands can all be signs of neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy means damage to nerves that are outside your brain and spinal cord, usually in your extremities.

Neuropathy can be a result of trauma or can stem from several diseases, most notably diabetes. Repetitive motions or cramped positions can also cause neuropathy or make it worse. The best men’s shoes for neuropathy give those sensitive toes plenty of space to reduce painful friction and impacts.

Regular exercise can help prevent or manage the symptoms of neuropathy, but it can be hard to get moving when you’re already in pain. That’s why KURU works with nature to put your body in the best position to heal. Patented KURUSOLE technology dynamically hugs your heels, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES ensure proper arch support and plenty of cushion in the places you need it.

Our KURU GURUs say these are the most popular men’s shoes for neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy

"For years my feet have burned and felt numb. I have been to foot doctors, regular doctors, and have worn every foot insert I could find. Nothing has really helped until I purchased the Chincane... THE BEST investment!!!. I finally found a doctor last year who diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuropathy. Wearing these shoes really make my feet feel good. I love photography, I am up and down and walking a lot. I wear these shoes everywhere I go. Today, I ordered my second pair of Kuru shoes, my second pair are the athletic style. Thank you Kuru. Customer for life."

- Steve R.