Relief you can feel, style you can see. Women's dress shoes to go all day

Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women

There’s no reason to just grin and bear it, even if your workplace requires dress shoes for women. So what can you do? Switch out your old flats and get new, extremely comfortable women’s dress shoes from KURU.

Do you work in the service industry and stand for long hours? Our KURUSOLE is the best thing to happen to dressy shoes for women. It snugly hugs your heel and protects its natural cushioning from wear and tear.

Of course, you also need superior arch support and extra soft cushioning, too. Those are exactly what the KURUCLOUD midsole and its lightweight blend of foams add to all the women’s shoes in our catalog.

Our ULTIMATE INSOLES take women’s comfortable dress shoes to the next level. The advanced polyurethane foam actually molds to your unique foot shape, giving you custom fit and shoes that are pain-free!

So Comfortable!

I have plantar fasciitis in both of my feet and I have extremely high arches, so wearing regular flats and/or flip flops is not an option for me. These sandals are SO comfortable and give all of the support I need! I've worn these for hours on end while being on my feet and my feet have never gotten sore. I have narrow feet and the buckles allow me to tighten the sandals for a good fit. And the style allows me to dress casually or dress it up a bit. I absolutely love these sandals and will definitely be buying more of this brand! They're worth every penny!"

- Kyndel