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Why You Don’t Need Orthotics with KURU

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Key Takeaways

  • Orthotics are inserts placed inside shoes to help restore natural foot movement, balance, and positioning to prevent injuries and degenerative conditions.
  • KURU shoes offer ULTIMATE INSOLES featuring dual-density polyurethane foam that shapes to your feet’s natural body heat, providing a completely custom fit, and KURUSOLE technology that dynamically flexes with each step to hug and protect your heels to help alleviate foot pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • While orthotics may relieve pain, they may only treat the symptom and not the underlying issue, and custom orthotic inserts can be expensive. KURU shoes provide an alternative that can address the underlying issue and replace the need for orthotics while providing comfort and support.

The Benefits of KURU Shoes for Foot Health and Comfort

KURU shoes offer a natural solution for foot health and comfort, eliminating the need for orthotics. Orthotics are specially designed insoles inserted into shoes to restore natural foot movement. They are often used to address various foot issues such as heel spurs, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, high arches, stress fractures, over-pronation, supination, and calluses.

Your feet bear the brunt of daily activities like walking, running, and jumping, requiring proper balance and alignment to prevent injuries and degenerative conditions. Misalignment in the feet can lead to problems affecting the entire body, from the knees to the neck. By providing supportive footwear, KURU shoes help maintain proper foot alignment, reducing the risk of pain and discomfort while promoting overall well-being.

KURU Footwear QUANTUM 2.0 Women's Sneaker in Pewter-Night Sky.


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Our best got better. As we celebrate 10 years of fan-favorite QUANTUM, we bring you the next generation of heel pain relief: QUANTUM 2.0. This premium walking shoe brings you our most cushioned midsole yet, a wider base with a wide toe box, and upgraded KURUSOLE heel support for ultimate foot pain relief.

Is plantar fasciitis causing you pain? Discover relief in our comprehensive guide, featuring expert tips, exercises, and preventive measures for symptom management.

Discover relief with our comprehensive guide to plantar fasciitis pain relief.

Many individuals prefer custom-designed orthotic insoles for added support and personalized comfort. However, these can quickly become costly, and even “one-size” orthotics may require frequent replacement, adding to expenses.

KURU shoes offer a solution by integrating ULTIMATE INSOLES featuring dual-density polyurethane foam that shapes to your feet’s natural body heat. This innovative feature ensures a custom fit with every step, eliminating the need for additional inserts and the hassle of ordering custom orthotics.

While orthotics are increasingly popular for pain relief, some argue that they treat symptoms rather than addressing underlying foot disorders. While effective in alleviating pain, experts caution that masking pain without addressing the root cause could lead to further issues in the future.

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Proper Shoe Fit: KURU Has You Covered

KURU Footwear KINETIC 2.0 Men's Sneaker in Bright White-Graphite.


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The new and improved KINETIC 2.0 answers the call of hard workers everywhere. Tested to meet ASTM F2913-11 anti-slip standards, KINETIC features high-grade, slip-resistant rubber outsoles, more cushioning and a broader footprint for stability in every step.

KURU offers a shoe designed to deliver both comfort and support, aiming to restore your foot’s natural position. Our KURUSOLE technology plays a key role in protecting and treating your feet.

Your heels feature a crucial “fat pad” beneath the heel bone, cushioning against impacts from daily activities. If this pad wears down or flattens, it leads to pain, with bones bearing the brunt of impact. KURUSOLE cups the heel, enabling the fat pad to provide protection, particularly beneficial for conditions like heel spurs or diminished fat pad. Unlike orthotics, KURU shoes flex to cradle heels, promoting natural movement.

Furthermore, KURU shoes enhance your stride with KURUCLOUD EVA midsole foam, engineered for optimal heel strike angles, superior shock absorption, and a smooth, effortless gait. Whether you opt for orthotics or not, finding the right fit is essential. KURU footwear has provided relief to countless individuals worldwide, offering a new lease on life. With this support, you can tackle each day with renewed energy and confidence.

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