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Proper Shoe Fit: KURU Has You Covered

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Key Takeaways

  • Your feet change over time, so it’s important to measure them before buying new shoes, especially at the end of the day when they’re swollen.
  • When choosing shoes, pay attention to how they feel, rather than just the size printed on the shoe. Look for a shoe that can form to your foot, has a wide toe box, enough space for the ball of your foot, and a comfortable heel.
  • Choose shoes with a soft, flexible upper and solid, breathable outsole. Low-heeled shoes are safer and more comfortable, and shoes that can wick away moisture can help prevent foot problems like athlete’s foot.

How To Find the Right Fit for Your Feet: Tips From KURU

Everyday wear and tear can be hard on your feet. And issues with your feet can be a sign of more serious problems. But what if you can solve some of these discomforts simply by selecting the right footwear. It can be hard to find a good shoe that is both comfortable and functional. Especially in a world where there are literally thousands of different shoes available. But there is a system that you can use to get the right fit. Knowing what you need to look for will give you a better idea of how to choose the correct fit for your needs.

Here Are Some Simple Tips To Help You Find Just the Right Fit for You

The size of your feet will change as you grow older so always have your feet measured before you buy a new pair of shoes. Your feet also swell throughout the day so the best time to measure them is at the end of the day. That way, when your feet do swell, the shoes that you select will not be too tight.

Many people have feet that are different sizes. With that in mind, you should fit your shoe to the larger foot. Do not concern yourself too much with the size printed on the shoe, always try on a shoe and choose the size and style based on the way it feels and not what you’re “used to” getting.

Find a shoe that can form to your foot. Like one with the KURUSOLE™ technology which adapts to your foot by using your own body heat to shape it for a completely custom fit.

When trying the shoes on, make sure that there is enough space for your big toe (or longest toe). That area is called the toe box. Feel how much space is there and whether your toes are comfortable when you are standing up, as well as when you are kneeling, walking up stairs, and jogging in place. Many of KURU’s styles provide a wide toe box for easy comfort.

Make sure that there is also enough space for the ball of your foot (the widest part of your foot). Do not expect the shoe to “stretch”. Some shoes are a little snug when you try them on and they will shape to your foot after several wears. But if the shoe feels restrictive or there is any pain at all, you do not want that size. Several shoes have different styles that can be either narrow, regular, or wide fitting. If you regularly have trouble finding a shoe with enough space for your foot, consider asking about a wider style.

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The heel is another integral part of the overall fit of a shoe. The heel should feel comfortable but never “loose”. If the heel slips or if the back of your shoe rides up and down when you walk, that may not be the right fit. It can sometimes be a matter of how you are tying your shoelaces or the shape of the heel cup in the insole of the shoe. With KURU’s heel cups, you will have a shoe that moves more naturally with your foot and supports the fat pad of your heel and gives you a healthy stride.

The upper part of the shoes should be made of a soft, flexible material to match the shape of your foot. Leather can reduce the possibility of skin irritations on your feet-but if you prefer other options, KURU’s line of footwear has some vegan-friendly all synthetic uppers as well. And the no-sew, high-tech construction allows for a lighter weight and innovative design.

Outsoles should provide solid footing. KURU’s lightweight rubber outsole is sure to give you the stability you need for any terrain.

Low-heeled shoes are more comfortable, safer and less damaging than ones with a higher heel. With a subtle 8mm heel to toe drop, KURU shoes more closely resembles the natural barefoot position of your foot for a better bone alignment.

Find something that is breathable. Too much moisture build up in your shoe can create many issues, including athlete’s foot. The moisture-wicking linings and mesh uppers provide a great amount of temperature regulation.

With these tips you can feel confident in your next purchase. That confidence will grow after you realize just how much of a difference the right shoes can make in the way you feel and how you tackle new challenges.

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