The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women

The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women


Patented technology engineered to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief

If you have chronic foot pain you may be looking for good orthopedic shoes. Unfortunately, finding stylish orthopedic shoes for women can feel impossible sometimes. And orthotic inserts are an expensive hassle you have to constantly move from shoe to shoe.

What if you could find orthopedic support and complete cushion for all-day comfort built right into a shoe? Imagine a solution to your foot pain as simple as stepping into your favorite pair of shoes. The best orthopedic shoes for women, after all, are the ones you’ll actually wear.

Every pair of KURUs starts with a rounded design based on the natural shape of your foot. And we build on that foundation with a trio of technologies that work together to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

Our patented KURUSOLE technology offers unmatched heel support. It doesn’t just cushion or cup the heel: it dynamically flexes to redirect the force of impact and protect your feet. You also get the lightweight cushion of our KURUCLOUD midsole, and customized support over time thanks to our ULTIMATE INSOLES.

With a wide selection of women’s shoes, you can enjoy total comfort and all-day cushion in any style that catches your eye!


The secret to the amazing comfort of KURU orthopedic shoes for women is the proven foundation in every pair. Trusted by thousands, the reliable KURUSOLE™ HEELHUGR™ technology protects and comforts by wrapping your feet like a big hug.

Only KURU orthopedic shoes for women deliver style and functionality along with amazing orthotic comfort and support. Don't settle for limiting orthopedic shoes to get you around each day. Choose KURU for an anatomically correct shoe that actually helps improve your foot health.

This is feel good technology so powerful, it's patented.

Time for Perfection.


Four months of physical therapy didn't do what these shoes have. Furthermore, my teenaged students tell me they look good. I don't feel like I am wearing ugly orthopedic shoes!


I have seen a podiatrist and orthopedic dr, had several reruns on orthotics, injections, and physical therapy. The only relief has been the kuru shoes…

~Mary J.

I tried every shoe advertised for heel pain from zcoils to the top orthopedic walking shoe and nothing helped. I've done every stretch recommended and had injections to no avail. I started wearing your shoe pretty much 24 - 7 and have finally realized, my pain is about 99% gone.


Technology Inside

The premium KURUSOLE™ with HEELHUGR™ technology provides perfect arch support combined with a deep heel cup that hugs your heels for the ultimate in comfort.

Feel better all day when you wear KURU’s orthopedic shoes for women. Experience more energy and raise the bar on your quality of life.

Versatility Outside

KURU’s versatile designs transfer easily from one activity to another. From jogging to dinner or even work, feel great no matter where you go.

KURU remembers all the important details such as quality construction, grippy rubber lugs for fantastic traction and breathable meshes to help you feel refreshed. The exciting versatility of KURU gives you the best orthopedic shoes for women in the world.

Naturally Superior

Your feet have curves and contours, and flat shoes are uncomfortable. You need a shoe created with the shape of your foot in mind. KURU offers support to all the key areas. Also, a generous toebox allows wiggle room for your toes.

Our unique, foot-shaped design guarantees superior arch support and a naturally outstanding heel cup. By working with nature, KURU delivers unmatched fit that goes beyond your feet to your whole-body posture.