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Best Ankle Support Shoes

Built-in biomechanical shape to support the foot and ankle with compression-molded EVA cushion.

Have ankle pain, or encountered an ankle injury before? You can still enjoy plenty of activities—from walking and running to dancing and hiking—with the best shoes for ankle support.

By wearing ankle supporting shoes, you can help reduce your risk of pain, ankle sprains, slips, falls. Relieve pressure on your ankle and get maximum protection by choosing the best ankle support shoes.

KURU’s line of pain-relieving footwear helps support the foot with a biomechanical shape, superior arch support, and shock-absorbing cushion to every pair.

What are Ankle Support Shoes?

Ankle support shoes are footwear with extra support in the midsole, a cushioned insole, and a deep heel cup for better stability. Wearing shoes with good ankle support can help you stay safe and active.

Your ankles help support your balance, range of motion, and strength. Comfortable shoes with built-in arch support and cushion can help! Choosing the best shoes for ankle support when walking can help relieve pressure on the feet and keep you comfortable.

With KURU’s wide selection of ankle support shoes, you can move your feet naturally and confidently with less worry about pain, strain, or injury.

  • A couple wearing KURU QUEST ankle support shoes stand new to their dog.

How To Pair Your Ankle Support Shoes and When To Wear Them

Explore how to style and wear the latest styles of ankle support shoes from KURU.

If you opt for a casual look while wearing classic black or white high-top ankle supporting shoes, you can pair them with jeans and a plain white or black tee. To add more character to your look, you can wear a denim shirt instead. You can further style by wearing contrasting shirts and jeans like indigo and black and then picking contrasting shoes.

If you wear high-top ankle support shoes with shorts, create contrast through loose-fitting tees and baggy shorts. For an overall cool look and comfortable feel, select neutral colors with top-quality materials.

If low-profile shoes are your thing, a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes might be a perfect fit. Pair them with slim-fit pants, shorts, or skirts.

Shoe Fit Tips

Simplify the process of finding a pair of ankle support shoes that fit well with these helpful tips from our KURU GURUs.

To help you find the right shoes with ankle support, consider these steps and strategies:

  • Fit the shoe to the larger foot. While it’s easy to use inserts or pads for bigger shoes, you can’t create more space on a small shoe.
  • Keep about a finger-width of space between the tip of the shoe and your longest toe. Choosing a shoe for ankle support that’s too long for your foot can cause your feet to move forward in the shoe, resulting in blisters and toe pain.
  • Since feet naturally expand throughout the day, consider fitting shoes in the afternoon or evening to make sure it’s comfortable all day long.
  • Every company follows various forms when shaping their shoes, so shoe size numbers can vary. Instead of relying on size only, try on the shoes first, walk around the house a bit, and pick one that gives you the most comfort.
  • Measure your feet periodically, including their arch length and width. Your foot measurement a decade ago may not be the same measurement you’ll get today because changes in your foot’s tissues can also alter your feet’s shape and size.


  • What are the best shoes for ankle support?

    The best shoes for ankle support are those that include maximum arch support, high-quality cushion and shock-absorption, and motion control. A deep heel cup and high-top design can help provide additional stability.

  • How do I tie shoes for ankle support?

    For extra ankle support, tie your shoes using the highest-possible shoelace hole. Don’t cross the laces to the other side to make a loop. Then, thread the shoelace through the loop and tie your shoes as you normally do.

  • Can lack of ankle support shoes cause tendonitis?

    Wearing shoes that do not fit well and do not provide enough ankle and foot support can cause pain and inflammation and lead to tendonitis. Shoes with good ankle support can help protect your feet from pain, swelling, and possible injury.

  • Do ankle support shoes weaken the ankles?

    The topic is still up for debate! Some research suggests that ankle supporting shoes can weaken your ankles because they replace the natural work of stabilizing for you. However, other researchers do not believe that ankle supportive shoes weaken the ankles. To help your feet stay healthy long term, supplement your ankle-high shoes with low-profile footwear.

  • How is the arch support of KURU shoes?

    KURU shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

    Superior arch support starts with our patented KURUSOLE technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step. Every foot is unique, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES adapt to fit your needs by using your own body heat to custom-mold to the shape of your feet over time.

    The corrective nature of our superior arch support is designed to neutralize your weight distribution and place your foot in the best anatomical position. This support can take some getting used to. We suggest slowly breaking in your new shoes over the course of 2–3 weeks.

Features of Ankle Support Shoes & Finding the Best Fit

Explore the process of selecting and fitting the ideal ankle support shoe for your feet and fitness goals.

When choosing shoes with ankle support, here are a few features to consider:

Fit: The best ankle support shoes should fit like they’re designed exclusively for your feet. Keeping about a finger-width of space between your shoes’ tip and your longest toe can help prevent toe pain. Check customer reviews regarding the size details of the shoes to know if they’re true to size, too large, or small.

High-top vs low-top: The level of ankle support you need can depend on the activities you often perform. For example, high-tops offer extra support for the ankle, making them suitable for football, basketball, and other sports. However, these are not ideal for distance running and related activities as they hamper range of motion.

Support: Regardless of the activity, choosing an ankle support shoe with a well-cushioned footbed, shock-absorbing foams, and durable materials—like KURU shoes—can help you stay on your feet in comfort.

Motion control: Shoes for weak ankles must also provide helpful motion control and stability. Shoes with a deep heel cup and arch support can help cradle the foot and keep it in proper alignment.

Comfort: For the utmost comfort, a supportive shoe must include quality arch support, cushion, breathability, and stability. Consider the materials of the uppers as well, as leather usually molds to your foot shape, but mesh and canvas offer more breathability.

Three Layers of Support

At KURU, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to shoe design. We believe that shoes should be shaped to fit the natural contours of your feet, which is why we create every pair in three distinct support layers, not just an insole.

Our revolutionary ergonomic design starts with a curved footbed and adds unparalleled triple-layer support that includes shock-absorbing KURUCLOUD, heel-cupping KURUSOLE, and arch-supporting ULTIMATE INSOLES. The result? Shoes that are so comfortable you’ll stop thinking about your feet.

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  • How KURU brings relief


    Our patented KURUSOLE, the mid-layer of our three-part approach, helps support the feet and ankles with a rounded, heel-cupping design that allows dynamic flexing with each step. This exclusive technology provides pressure relief with every step and can help facilitate proper alignment and posture.

Our Secret

Animated GIF showing KURUSOLE tech in KURU shoes vs. typical flat interiors for plantar fasciitis pain.
Why Others Love KURU

Why Others Love KURU

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Love it! Excellent foot, heel, and ankle support. Room for my toes to breathe! Cushioning under the heels relieve my ankle pain! Have three different pair so far. Love them all!


Great Support. Bought these after ankle surgery to replace my favorite pair of chicanes great additional support. Love’m


Gave my friend’s feet new comfort! I gave these Quest boots to a friend who was ready to quit his job because of his heel pain and foot discomfort. I recently purchased his second pair and he loves them. Good support for the foot and ankle, addresses the problem of plantar fasciitis and some spurring. He loves these boots and his feet are feeling relived again at work.

Amie C.

Super Hiker. I have been wearing this hiking several times a week for two years now. They don’t slip in snow or mud, they keep my feet dry and warm in winter but are fine in summer- great ankle support but also light. These are the boots to hike away in!


So much comfort. I have a number of foot and ankle issues. This shoe provided a support and enough relief to keep me moving. No break in was necessary.


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