By Jan 25, 2020

Foot Exercise for a Stronger Foundation

A woman sitting on a yoga mat points her toes to exercise and stretch her feet and ankles

Your feet are the foundation of your health. Often, foot pain is ignored, and the health of your feet is the last priority. Move foot health to the top of your list, and begin a healthier journey toward a stronger foundation.

It can be difficult to notice you've got a foot problem...until there is pain. When there is a pain, it’s a sign that your foot has endured an injury or a problem for too long. When there is a pain, it’s hard to ignore.

Your feet are the very foundation of your whole-body health. When something goes wrong with your feet, your whole walking gait changes to compensate for the pain and injury. This can throw everything off. From your knees to your back, to your posture, and all of this can even affect your head by causing headaches.

The solution? Create a stronger foundation. Give your feet stronger muscles to help avoid injury, and to help maintain their natural shape and ankle posture. You can do this with daily exercises and stretches that focus on the muscles of the foot, the plantar fascia, and the ankle.

Here is an easy exercise you can do every day to help gain a stronger foundation for your body. The Windshield Wiper exercise focuses on the ankle and all the muscles of the foot.

Step 1: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, hip—distance apart and two feet from your butt.

Step 2: Lift your toes so only your heels are on the floor and your feet are flexed.

Step 3: From heel to toe, slowly roll your feet to the ground and lift your heels until only your pointed toes are on the ground. That's one rep.

Repeat 10 times.

Choose Comfortable Shoes:

While exercises and stretches are great for helping to strengthen the muscles and improve your foundation, you also need daily support through comfortable shoes. As building strong muscles takes time, effort, and consistency, supportive shoes can help you maintain a proper foundation in the meantime.

KURU shoes offer powerful support that lifts and cushions in all the right places to help maintain your foot’s natural shape. Our patented KURUSOLE™ technology flexes with each step to hug your heel and protect the integrity of your arches and your foot's fat pad. A wide toebox allows for plenty of wiggle room, so you can splay your toes naturally as you walk. All of this contributes to consistent, daily support of your foot muscles, helping you reach a higher level of health and stability for a better foundation.

No matter the activity you are wanting to do in your life, KURU has a shoe for you that will give you the support, comfort and style that your feet have been craving.

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