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Best Anti-Fatigue Shoes

Maximum support and performance, engineered with technology to absorb shock and return energy to the feet.

Each time our foot strikes the ground—whether we’re walking or running—a significant amount of pressure and impact radiates through our feet and legs. Talk about tiring!

Anti-fatigue shoes work to absorb shock, redirect stress, and reduce impact to help our bodies stay standing, walking, or working longer with less pain.

Every pair of KURU shoes comes equipped with advanced foams that absorb shock and keep you moving with less fatigue. Explore options in almost every style from athletic shoes to anti-fatigue boots to flip-flops!

What are Anti-Fatigue Shoes?

Anti-fatigue shoes work to absorb shock and maximize our energy return, so we can go farther with less effort.

The best anti-fatigue shoes for standing, walking, working—or playing!—are those that do some of the work for you. They help redirect stress, absorb impact, and soften the blow.

Anti-fatigue work boots or anti-fatigue tennis shoes typically feature shock-absorbing foams, arch-hugging support, a rubber outsole, and a stable, wide toe box for maximum stability.

KURU specializes in creating stylish, orthopedic shoes with built-in shock-absorbing, arch-hugging technology in every pair to keep your feet feeling fresh.

  • Woman running while wearing KURU QUANTUM anti-fatigue shoes.

Dress in Style with Anti-Fatigue Shoes

Explore how to wear the latest styles of anti-fatigue shoes from KURU.

Whether you need support for a long day on your feet at work, travel days, or a weekend of errands, KURU offers a wide variety of stylish footwear options with anti-fatigue materials to keep you moving.

Business-casual: Choose a men’s boat shoe like our PACE for stylish, anti-fatigue work shoes that you can wear to work as dress shoes and dinner out afterward.

Gym attire: Trainers like the QUANTUM 2.0 or our high-performance FLUX athletic shoes give you more cushion and bounce to get through your workout.

Hiking excursions: Lightweight, shock-absorbing hiking shoes like our CHICANE or QUEST can help keep you going for longer with less pain.

Air travel: Traveling by plane can mean walking for miles in the airport. Our ATOM pairs perfectly with athleisure attire to help you stay comfy and stylish for long days on your feet.

Vacations: Vacations, theme parks, and national parks can mean long days of walking. Try a versatile court shoe like our ROAM with leather uppers or a sandal with a heel strap like our LETTI for more support and less foot fatigue.

WFH attire: Yes, there are anti-fatigue house shoes too! Our LOFT keeps you cozy, comfortable, and landing light on your feet as you recover around the house.

Shoe Fit Tips

Simplify the process of finding a pair of anti-fatigue shoes that fit well with these helpful tips our KURU GURUs.

A key part of finding the right kind of shoes is making sure you have a proper fit.

The right pair of shoes in the wrong size or a shoe without arch support can reduce your overall comfort and increase your chances of experiencing foot pain.

In general, we recommend shoes should fit snug and secure around the forefoot without any tightness in the toes, heels, or bunion area. Your toes should lay flat and feel comfortable. You should be able to put a finger-width of length between the end of your toe and the edge of your shoe. Take a peek at more tips on finding the right fit at KURU.

A Brannock device is an industry standard tool to determine your true shoe size. We recommend getting fitted at your local shoe store for the most accurate sizing, and never hesitate to reach out to a KURU GURU for tips on finding the fit for you!


  • What are anti-fatigue shoes?

    Anti-fatigue shoes work to absorb shock and maximize our energy return, so we can go farther with less effort. Anti-fatigue work boots or anti-fatigue tennis shoes typically feature shock-absorbing foams, arch-hugging support, a rubber outsole, and a stable, wide toe box for maximum stability.

  • Can I use custom orthotics with KURU shoes?

    Due to the anatomical shape of the KURUSOLE, custom orthotics with a rounded heel fit best inside our shoes. If the underside of the custom orthotic (the part that sits on the footbed) is squared off, then it may not fit into our deep heel cup—which is rounded like your foot.

    That said, many of our customers tell us the KURUSOLE technology offers better support and stability than they expected, and that they don’t need to wear their custom orthotics with KURU shoes.

  • How is the arch support of KURU shoes?

    KURU shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

    Superior arch support starts with our patented KURUSOLE technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step. Every foot is unique, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES adapt to fit your needs by using your own body heat to custom-mold to the shape of your feet over time.

    The corrective nature of our superior arch support is designed to neutralize your weight distribution and place your foot in the best anatomical position. This support can take some getting used to. We suggest slowly breaking in your new shoes over the course of 2–3 weeks.

  • I just received a pair of your shoes and my feet are sore/hurt after wearing them. Why is that?

    Some customers experience tenderness when they first start wearing a new pair of KURUs. That’s ok! Your body may need time to adjust to the new levels of anatomical support you experience with our patented KURUSOLE technology. Our shoes are also designed to mold to your unique foot shape, which takes a bit of a break-in period.

    To help mitigate this, we suggest you follow our break-in procedure, including wearing your KURUs for a couple hours per day around the house in the first couple of weeks as they break in and form to your foot.

Features of Anti-Fatigue Shoes and Finding the Best Fit

The best anti-fatigue work shoes or athletic shoes have a few things in common. Read on to discover some key features to look out for.

Shock-absorbing foams: A key element to reducing foot fatigue is redirecting or absorbing the shock that comes with each step. Shock-absorbing foams like EVA and polyurethane help redirect energy and reduce the impact on your body.

Superior arch support: Without arch support, your plantar fascia and muscles can go into overdrive to support your feet. Take away some of the pressure and fatigue with a contoured, ergonomic footbed that lifts and supports your arch.

Contoured, ergonomic fit: A shoe designed with your foot’s shape and gait in mind can help you roll through your foot in a natural way, helping minimize pain from too-flat insoles. A contoured footbed and rounded heel cup can help align your body and reduce stress.

Wide base and toe box: When your toes or feet get pinched or squeezed, we can overcompensate the way we walk to minimize pain, which can increase our effort with each step. Choosing a shoe with a wide toe box can help your toes lay flat and stay relaxed.

Three Layers of Support

Our patented KURUSOLE plate features a unique design that cups and protects the heel and allows for dynamic flexion with each step. This superior support helps utilize our body’s natural cushioning system, the heel’s fat pad for long-lasting support.

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  • How KURU brings relief


    Our patented KURUSOLE protects and stabilizes the heel and provides dynamic flexion with each step. This plate extends from the arch to wrap around the heel—but not under it—to support and leverage your heel’s natural cushioning system: the fat pad.

Our Secret

Animated GIF showing KURUSOLE tech in KURU shoes vs. typical flat interiors for plantar fasciitis pain.
Why Others Love KURU

Why Others Love KURU

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Kinetic. I bought these for work. I work at a Coscto Warehouse on concrete floors and I stand for 8 to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. I have alot of foot and back pain so I was looking for a new pair of shoes. The Kuru company was recommended and I am very happy with them. No more pain and fatigue after work.

Blair V.

Exceeded expectations. I am a real customer, was skeptical but have tried several pairs of shoes from multiple vendors over past few years. After 2 weeks of owning this I can be on my feet all day, walking, standing, etc., with no pain or fatigue. Highly recommend!


The only shoe.  I have always had foot pain and leg fatigue when standing for long periods. After breaking them in, I worked an 11-hour shift this week with no pain at all. I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel. I am amazed at how these shoes have formed to me feet and support me so well.

J Resler

Extremely comfortable. This is the most amazing shoe I have worn. Has eliminated all foot pain and fatigue of my legs!

Dave S

Nurse approved. Worked 12 hrs on med surf floor. My feet felt great! No soreness or fatigue. Kuru’s have been me go to shoe for work and now home as well. I won’t buy anything else!”


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