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Orthopedic shoes without the clunky inserts

“I own 4 pairs of KURUs and love each of them for their particular benefits during the year. I have tried the various orthopedic recommendations from my doctor along with orthotics but these shoes really are the only ones I can wear without experiencing reduced mobility because my feet hurt.“

~ Denise P

Stylish, supportive shoes with stability and motion control

Switching orthotic inserts from shoe to shoe can be a chore, but going without the support and stability you need can be even worse. Imagine a comfortable orthopedic shoe that supports motion control without bothering with inserts. How would it feel to simply step into your favorite pair of sandals, sneakers, or slip-ons and set out for the day?

From slippers to athletic shoes, every KURU is designed with Pain Relief Beyond Belief in mind. Patented KURUSOLE technology hugs and cushions your heels to redistribute the stress and impact of each step, while our KURUCLOUD midsole creates a comfortably firm foundation. ULTIMATE INSOLES use your body heat to mold to the shape of your feet over time, giving you a custom fit without worrying about inserts.

“I’m younger and have plantar fasciitis in both feet. I wanted something trendy that would help my feet but not look like an orthopedic shoe. These shoes are EVERYTHING!”

~ Shoelover7544

Frequently Asked Questions

Can KURU replace my orthotic inserts/orthopedic shoes?

Many doctors recommend KURU to their patients for pain relief and greater mobility. While every body is different and results may vary, hundreds of customers tell us they’ve switched to KURU from other solutions without looking back!

What if I still want/need to use inserts in my KURUs?

Unlike many shoes, KURUs are designed to follow the shape of your foot and have deep, rounded heel cups. Inserts with rounded heels tend to work better than flat inserts in our shoes.

What if the shoes don’t fit?

We offer free returns and exchanges for 45 days on all orders in the domestic United States, plus fast flat-rate shipping to Canada.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on all orders in the domestic United States, with competitive rates for international orders.

Can I pay over time?

KURU partners with Sezzle, so you can enjoy your shoes now but split the purchase into four interest-free payments over six weeks.

What makes KURU different?

We build unparalleled support and cushion into each pair of shoes, including our patented KURUSOLE. We use premium materials and cutting-edge technology to reduce pain, improve stability and help your body heal.

Founder's Note

If you’re one of the nearly 80 percent of Americans who will deal with foot pain at some point in life, you know how much it can hold you back. Expensive custom orthotics or clumsy aftermarket inserts may help a little, but imagine a shoe built from the ground up to eliminate pain and unleash the joy of movement. How would it feel to experience dynamic cushioning, unparalleled comfort, and superior support with every step? KURU is on a mission to eliminate foot pain all over the world, and that passion lives in everything we do from production to customer service. I’ve received hundreds of messages from customers since I founded KURU in 2008, and I love hearing the ways our technology has helped them stay on their feet and keep doing the things they love. I can’t wait for you to experience Pain Relief Beyond Belief for yourself!

Bret Rasmussen
CEO & Founder of KURU