The Most Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

When you spend long hours standing and don't have the best shoes for being on your feet all day, you risk getting foot pain, or, even worse, a chronic condition such as plantar fasciitis.

But here's a little secret, it's not the standing that causes foot pain—it’s the shoes you wear that leads to pain. Your feet are built to support the weight of the whole body and can withstand a lot of strain, as long as you have the best shoes for standing all day. However, since almost all shoes are flat inside, the long hours spent standing and walking in flat shoes is likely to cause you serious pain.

What if there were shoes for standing that could help prevent or ease the pain of standing? Imagine how much more productive you could be if you had the best shoes for standing all day.

Transform Your Life

KURU shoes are transforming the lives of men and women who stand all day for work, on vacation, or just out for the day. Our innovative KURUSOLE™ orthotic built into the footbed uses advanced materials that allow the shoes to custom mold to the contours of your unique feet. This gives you support that hugs your heels and arch for the total comfort you need when being on your feet all day.

As a leader in shoes for standing, KURU promises maximum comfort to help you avoid pain and even injury from standing all day. Focus on your work and let time fly.

Better quality of life.

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A Patented Solution for Heel Pain

Nature designed every foot with fat pads in the heel and forefoot to cushion and absorb shock with each step. Other premium comfort shoes mess with nature. They have flat footbeds, which flatten your fat pad, which means they're far from the best shoes for being on your feet all day.

The ground-breaking KURUSOLE™ does something no other shoe can. Through a medical-grade orthotic midsole, KURUSOLE™ magically flexes to adapt to your feet for a happy and healthy fit, making them incredible shoes for walking and standing all day for men and women alike. But that’s not all, this unique flexing cups your heel fat pad so nature’s shock absorber stays where it belongs, below your heel.

This powerful, patented design works with nature to complement your feet for an instantly familiar fit. KURUSOLE™ empowers you by aligning your body’s foundation, your feet, for an in incredibly cushioned and natural gait. At the end of every day, you can feel healthier and more grateful, even if you've been on your feet all day.

Standing, transformed.

Why others love KURU

I am able to walk after standing for long periods. I haven't been experiencing any heel pain.

~ Charles C.

At work, I stand in dress shoes all day long. It's horrible. My feet kill even before lunch. I quickly put on my Kuru's and went about all the errands I had. It was my first half day of wearing them and my feet feel great.

~ Morgan

The support in the heel keeps my feet from hurting while standing at work all day. Shoes are just comfortable overall.

~ Nicole B.

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