Innovative Custom Fit for Long Hours on Your Feet

Patented technology engineered to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief

We’ve all been there. Feet burning, back aching, knees starting to give out. It’s been a long day of standing on a hard surface, and you couldn’t find a pair of shoes that lasts.

While good shoes for standing all day can be hard to come by, they never have to be when you shop at KURU.

We want to change the game of comfortable shoes for standing all day. We believe comfort and style can coexist and that you can be on your feet from dawn to dusk without pain.

To create the most comfortable shoes for walking and standing all day, we start every KURU shoe with our exclusive, patented technology that supports your arches and absorbs shock so your bones don’t have to.

More than just an orthotic insert, KURUs feature a holistic foot support system from heel to toe. The shock-absorbing power of KURUCLOUD™, the arch-support of KURUSOLE™, and the long-lasting cushion of our Ultimate Insoles for all-day, whole-foot support you can count on.

Features Fit For All-Day Wear

What exactly should you look for when finding the best shoes for standing all day on concrete? You’ll want high durability, a slip-resistant rubber outsole, and extra cushioning to last mile after mile.

Try our KINETIC shoe for non-slip traction or QUEST or CHICANE with for outdoor wear that can stand the test of the elements.

Why Quality Footwear Matters

It can be easy to skip over quality shoes when gearing up for the long shift. But the consequences can be bigger than icing sore feet at the end of the day. Standing and walking on hard surfaces can increase your risk of plantar fasciitis and other foot pain.

While walking barefoot on soft soil might be perfectly fine for your feet, it’s quite another to bear your weight on unnatural surfaces like concrete and tile. These extra-hard surfaces are unforgiving to your joints and ligaments and make your body work harder than it has to to stay on your feet.

That’s why the best shoes for standing all day—women and men alike—should provide support and cushion in all the right places. KURUs innovative technology does just that.

Transform Your Life

KURU shoes are transforming the lives of men and women who stand all day for work, on vacation, or just out for the day. Our innovative KURUSOLE™ orthotic built into the footbed uses advanced materials that allow the shoes to custom mold to the contours of your unique feet. This gives you support that hugs your heels and arch for the total comfort you need when being on your feet all day.

As a leader in shoes for standing, KURU promises maximum comfort to help you avoid pain and even injury from standing all day. Focus on your work and let time fly.

Better quality of life.

Focus On Work

Every KURU shoe is designed around the shape of a human foot. Our anatomically crafted KURUSOLE™ technology gives you improved arch support while cupping your heels as you move. This more natural shape gives men and women a custom fit with unparalleled full foot support across the forefoot, arch, and heel.

This brilliant design truly helps cushion your natural heel fat pad, making KURU a sensational shoe for standing all day.

Feel Content

KURU’s best shoes for standing all day are built for movement. We designed the incredibly lightweight KURUCLOUD™ midsole EVA foam to give our best shoes for walking and standing a flexible forefoot so your toes can comfortably splay out as your foot swells throughout the day. This promises a more natural fit for standing all day so you feel great on your feet at all times.

Get an instantly familiar fit for all-day comfort and wear.

Experts Agree

KURU’s custom orthotic design is doctor recommended for helping to reduce foot pain. When being on your feet all day, orthopedic shoes that actually deliver premium cushion and support are essential for your mobility.

Get new levels of shock absorption and support to increase your productivity with KURU shoes. You will be able to focus on your job or other responsibilities rather than your pain. Have more energy at the end of every day with the best shoes for standing all day.

Day-long comfort.

A Patented Solution for Heel Pain

The ground-breaking KURUSOLE™ does something no other shoe can. Through a medical-grade orthotic midsole, KURUSOLE™ magically flexes to adapt to your feet for a happy and healthy fit, making them incredible shoes for walking and standing all day for men and women alike. But that’s not all, this unique flexing cups your heel fat pad so nature’s shock absorber stays where it belongs, below your heel.

This powerful, patented design works with nature to complement your feet for an instantly familiar fit. KURUSOLE™ empowers you by aligning your body’s foundation, your feet, for an in incredibly cushioned and natural gait. At the end of every day, you can feel healthier and more grateful, even if you've been on your feet all day.

Standing, transformed.

Why others love KURU

I am able to walk after standing for long periods. I haven't been experiencing any heel pain."

~ Charles C.

At work, I stand in dress shoes all day long. It's horrible. My feet kill even before lunch. I quickly put on my Kuru's and went about all the errands I had. It was my first half day of wearing them and my feet feel great."

~ Morgan

The support in the heel keeps my feet from hurting while standing at work all day. Shoes are just comfortable overall."

~ Nicole B.