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From boat shoes to flip flops, find comfort with patented KURUSOLE.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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For many people, summertime is all about lounging by the pool, the beach, or other bodies of water. Although there are plenty of footwear options that fit the season, it can be difficult to choose shoes that work well near the water. That’s where KURU’s best beach water shoes come in.

With our beach shoes and sandals, you’ll never have to worry about your feet hurting again when you’re out and about on the sand. Whatever your plans are this summer, you’ll want to take these airy, lightweight shoes to the beach or for a day of sightseeing in town.

No matter where you’re going, we care about the comfort of your feet. Traveling or doing errands should not leave you feeling like your feet are tired and unsupported. Wearing KURU beach shoes is a great way to relax and look good when you’re at the beach or just going around the city.

What are Beach Shoes?

If you’re someone who enjoys activities that involve transitioning from the water to dry land, having a good pair of beach shoes is essential. The shoes should dry quickly and provide stability and durability to protect your feet from sharp pebbles and slippery surfaces. Typically, beach shoes are made with neoprene or mesh uppers and a rubber sole that provides excellent traction on land while also preventing cuts and abrasions on rough terrain near the water.

Beach shoes are designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe both in and out of the water. Whether you’re swimming or walking along the shore, there should be no noticeable difference in your speed or comfort when wearing water shoes. Additionally, they should be versatile enough to wear in public places, such as restaurants, without looking out of place. Over the past century, the best beach shoes have transitioned from bulky styles to more fashionable and high-quality options.

When selecting a pair of beach shoes, it’s essential to consider their functionality, style, and quality. A good pair of water shoes should provide ample protection, support, and comfort to your feet while transitioning from the water to dry land. They should also be versatile enough to wear in public settings and complement your beach attire. With the evolution of beach shoes over the years, you can find a range of styles, colors, and designs that suit your needs and preferences while also providing optimal functionality and quality.

  • A woman wearing KURU KALA women's sandals at the beach.

Types of Beach Shoes & Finding the Best Fit

If you’re going swimming, jogging, kayaking, or just taking a walk on the sand, investing in the best water shoes for the beach may make a world of difference to your feet’s comfort and safety. However, choosing the right pair of water shoes isn’t the same for everyone. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying water shoes:

  • Material
    When picking shoes for the beach, look for ones that are predominantly made from materials that are friendly to the skin, like rubber, mesh, leather, or textile. Shoe soles are normally made of rubber to improve shock absorption and support, while the upper portion of the shoe is constructed from mesh. In addition to being quick-drying and comfortable, mesh beach shoes are breathable and don’t pinch your feet.
  • Fit
    Make sure your beach walking shoes are comfortable and well-fitting but not too tight. When wet, shoes that fit snugly are less prone to causing blisters and irritation. You want your beach shoes to fit like a glove.
  • Traction
    When walking near water, you may encounter slick surfaces, pebbles, or sandy shorelines. Because of this, you’ll need water shoes that have good traction. Make sure it has a rubber sole and provides adequate grip to keep you safe and stable during all your beach activities. Such footwear is also useful for treks because it makes walking over rocks and shells easier.
  • Protection and support
    It’s important to keep your foot health in mind, especially if you’re planning to do a lot of walking. That’s why you need a beach shoe that provides enough protection for your feet. A good shoe with excellent arch support can make a big difference for those with plantar fasciitis, a condition characterized by heel pain.
    Protection and support
  • Draining
    Look for a beach shoe that drains water quickly and is highly breathable. If you wear shoes that take a long time to dry, you may risk getting trench foot. Feet that have been left in water too long can develop this condition, resulting in pain, blisters, numbness, damaged skin, and a foul odor.

Beach Shoe Care Tips

Here are a few pointers for keeping your beach shoes clean and in good condition:

  • Clean immediately: You should always immediately clean your beach shoes after wearing them all day. Rinsing them off will help keep bacteria from forming within, but they don’t require a deep clean. If you don’t clean them, the material will eventually degrade.
  • Wipe down the insides: It’s impossible to know what types of bacteria and germs might be hiding within your used beach shoes, making them potentially hazardous to your health if you wear them again later. Because of this, it is best to clean your shoes’ interiors and ensure that all the sections are disinfected.
  • Dry thoroughly: We advise drying your shoes thoroughly before storing them to extend their lifespan. The best place for your shoes to dry is a spot with good airflow and adequate light. As a general rule, putting your shoes outside in the sun will help kill germs and speed up the drying process. However, they might shrink if you keep them under the sun for too long.
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How To Pair Your Beach Shoes and When To Wear Them

The best footwear for the beach isn’t just comfortable; it’s fashionable, too. Here are a few outfits for women to wear with their beach shoes:

  • Maxi dress
    Maxi dresses can be casual, classy, and quirky all at the same time. They also go with any style of beach shoe. Add a wide-brimmed hat and a floppy beach bag to complete your ensemble.
    Maxi dress
  • Tank top and denim shorts
    This is another popular beach outfit for the summer. Throw on your best beach shoes, a baseball cap, and sunglasses to round off this timeless look.
    Tank top and denim shorts
  • Jumpsuit
    While they’re a popular pick for the streets, jumpsuits are also a great choice for the beach. Pair it with your favorite beach shoes to get the perfect beach outfit with a fun and flirtatious vibe.
  • Athleisure
    When going to the beach, consider donning athleisure wear that is appropriate for the weather for a more active look. Throw on a pair of running shorts and a basic tee or performance tank top over your bathing suit. Finish your sporty outfit with a classy pair of beach shoes.
  • Open shirt and khaki shorts
    This outfit is ideal for a casual summer outing. With sunglasses and beast beach water shoes, an open shirt and khaki shorts are sure to make you feel at ease.
    Open shirt and khaki shorts
  • Sleeveless top and vibrant-colored shorts
    Wearing a pair of beach shoes with this outfit can help you get a classic style that is simple to achieve.
    Sleeveless top and vibrant-colored shorts
  • Cotton shirt and chino shorts
    Although this is a simple beach ensemble for men, brightly colored shorts add a vibrant splash of color and a strong sense of the season.
    Cotton shirt and chino shorts
  • Cargo pants and a t-shirt
    Cargo pants are a great option if you’re looking for a casual outfit that nonetheless looks put together. Just a simple tee and a pair of beach shoes can transform these pants into an unforgettable summer attire! Go with pastels and neutrals for a more laid-back vibe.
    Cargo pants and a t-shirt


  • What shoes are best to wear on the beach?

    Sandals are among the best shoes for the beach since they give adequate traction on the sand while also allowing the wearer’s feet to breathe freely. For those who intend to exercise instead of simply lazing around on a beach towel, sneakers are an excellent choice for the day.

  • Do you wear shoes to run on the beach?

    Yes. Running barefoot on the beach is not recommended due to the abundance of sharp seashells and other debris. In addition, it might lead to or exacerbate ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles injuries by the lack of support provided by shoes.

  • How is the arch support of KURU shoes?

    KURU shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

    Superior arch support starts with our patented KURUSOLE technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step. Every foot is unique, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES adapt to fit your needs by using your own body heat to custom-mold to the shape of your feet over time.

    The corrective nature of our superior arch support is designed to neutralize your weight distribution and place your foot in the best anatomical position. This support can take some getting used to. We suggest slowly breaking in your new shoes over the course of 2–3 weeks.

  • How do I know which shoes to buy? Which is best for me?

    While our shoes are not currently considered orthopedic by a medical standard, we have received thousands of positive reviews from customers who say their KURUs helped reduce or eliminate their pain.

  • I just received a pair of your shoes and my feet are sore/hurt after wearing them. Why is that?

    Some customers experience tenderness when they first start wearing a new pair of KURUs. That’s ok! Your body may need time to adjust to the new levels of anatomical support you experience with our patented KURUSOLE technology. Our shoes are also designed to mold to your unique foot shape, which takes a bit of a break-in period.

    To help mitigate this, we suggest you follow our break-in procedure, including wearing your KURUs for a couple hours per day around the house in the first couple of weeks as they break in and form to your foot.

In our 2024 study on foot pain across America, we found that a significant proportion of individuals sought professional assistance from podiatrists due to various foot ailments. Among the 2,500 survey respondents experiencing foot pain, a notable 12% cited plantar fasciitis as their primary concern.

Explore the latest foot pain trends, common causes of pain, treatment and prevention plans for maintained foot health in our 2024 Foot Pain Trends Report!

Three Layers of Support

At KURU, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to shoe design. We believe that shoes should be shaped to fit the natural contours of your feet, which is why we create every pair in three distinct support layers, not just an insole.


Our revolutionary ergonomic design starts with a curved footbed and adds unparalleled triple-layer support that includes shock-absorbing KURUCLOUD, heel-cupping KURUSOLE, and arch-supporting ULTIMATE INSOLES. The result? Shoes that are so comfortable you’ll stop thinking about your feet.

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  • 3


  • How KURU brings relief


    Each step you take puts a lot of strain on your heel. When your heels ache, you may walk differently to protect the painful areas, leading to alignment issues and foot pain. Our KURUSOLE technology provides you with the best heel, arch, and ankle support available on the market. When you wear KURU beach shoes, you won’t have to worry about your posture or mobility because they’ve been designed to accommodate your body’s biomechanics and allow dynamic flexing.

Our Secret

Animated GIF showing KURUSOLE tech in KURU shoes vs. typical flat interiors for plantar fasciitis pain.
Why Others Love KURU

Why Others Love KURU

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Replaced All My Sandals With The LETTI. Went on a huge shoe shopping spree on KURU. Bought the LETTI to go with all my beach attire. A great sandal that made my feet feel good! Very comfortable & stylish! I get compliments from men & women asking me where I got the shoes. Very high quality. I wear them for casual events & about town running errands and on the beach. Highly recommend!

Angelica In The City

Very comfortable. No regrets. Highly recommend. Great shoes for my beach patrol job.

Donald U

From beaches to mountains! I purchased the Quantum shoes a few days before our trip to Hawaii. After breaking the shoes in, I wore them non-stop in Hawaii. From walking on coffee farms, to farmers markets, up to Kilauea, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, these shoes kept me walking comfortably all day long! I can’t say enough about these shoes. When I don’t wear my Kuru shoes, my feet start hurting within an hour or two. I love my KURU’s! Thank you so much for making a product that handles my foot pain and allows me to do the things I love to do.


Like Walking In Sand! If you have ever experienced the pure joy of walking a beach in Cape Cod you will immediately know what my Kuru feels like-walking barefoot with an absence of any pressure or discomfort. After taking a few days to ramp up my actual time in the shoes by first just walking on carpet and then to a shopping mall I could feel the shoe become one with my feet.Simply amazing! No pain and a liberation I had not felt since taking those walks on the Cape’s pristine sands barefoot. I raved about them to my wife and she tried a pair and she first said they were fine but now…she loves the fit and the feel. So if you plan a hike or even walking around an amusement park enjoy all day comfort and freedom like a stroll on a Cape Cod beach!


My go-to sandals. I LOVE THESE!! They have definitely become my go-to sandals. The toe part was a little uncomfortable when I first received them but by the second or third time wearing them, they softened up and I had no issues. They are dressy enough for work and casual enough for a day at the beach. Just perfect.

Sarah P.

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