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Appropriate Work Shoes

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Shoes can make or break your day, especially at work. Sometimes spending several hours at work can feel like an eternity if your feet are aching.

Footwear that fits poorly or is worn out will create a lot of discomfort every time you wear them. Pointed toed or high-heeled shoes are particularly dangerous when it comes to work shoes because they cause a lot of issues.

Other common causes of foot problems in the workplace are a lack of arch support, lack of cushioning or non shock absorbing shoes, and shoes that are too loose or too tight.

Key Takeaways

  • Poorly fitting or worn-out shoes can cause discomfort and foot problems at work, particularly if you spend a lot of time on your feet.
  • When shopping for work shoes, consider the location and length of time you’ll be wearing them, as well as any specific foot problems or injuries you may have.
  • Continuous standing or sitting at work can lead to foot problems such as misaligned joints, flat feet, inflammation, and fungal infections.
  • Different types of jobs require different types of footwear, such as business casual or dress shoes for office settings and work shoes for engineering or construction jobs.
  • The KINETIC shoe is a comfortable, anti-slip option for hard workers seeking all-day support and style in a work shoe.
Considerations When Shopping for Work Shoes

Considerations When Shopping for Work Shoes

When shopping for appropriate work shoes, there are some things to consider before going in too far into the benefits (or potential drawbacks) of a certain style of shoe.

You will first need to know the location that you will use your shoes in. For example, you would not wear slip-ons or dress shoes on a construction site. Likewise you will not meet business-casual dress standards if you are wearing boots or sneakers into an administrative office.

The next thing you should think about is how long you will be walking, standing, or sitting while at work and how the shoes will do if you have additional activities outside of work.

Foot Pain and Disorders in the Workplace

Foot Pain and Disorders in the Workplace

You may be surprised that some foot pain or disorders can be caused by your “working position”, especially ones that require long periods of standing. The human foot is designed for movement and mobility, so your feet can actually be hurt by remaining stationary for too long.

Continuous standing can cause the joints in your feet to become misaligned, flat feet, inflammation (which may lead to rheumatism and arthritis), and put strain on the fat pad of your heel. Sitting at a desk can have a similar effect on your feet. So finding a shoe that can adapt to your needs is particularly important if you are in this position.

Another contributor to foot problems on the job is poor ventilation. A hot and humid environment or vigorous activity will cause sweaty feet or even fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot) if the footwear has non-porous uppers that do not allow enough air-flow.

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Choosing the Right Shoes for the Job

Choosing the Right Shoes for the Job

Now we can go into detail about how to choose the right shoes for the job and provide some suggestions of specific KURU shoes that would work in each setting.

Business Casual or Dress Shoes

If you are held to a business casual or dress “uniform” there are some specifics you need to think about.

  • Do you have any foot injuries or problems that you need to consider? (such as plantar fasciitis, or ball of foot pain)
  • What are the major colors of your wardrobe that you will be matching these shoes to?
  • Is a non-slip outsole important, will you be primarily in one area or often moving from place to place?

Work Shoes for Engineering, Construction, Warehouses, etc.

If you need to wear “work shoes” to a job, find out which attributes are most important.

  • What is necessary for safety?
  • Do you have medical needs that require certain footwear?
  • Do you need thick cushioning and outsoles because of the terrain?
  • And do you want to have ankle-guards or is a standard-cut work shoe able to do the job?

Whatever your job, you spend time on your feet and time on the go during the day and long after you get home.

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