Become an Affiliate

We engineer to eliminate foot pain. KURU Footwear shoes are designed with our patented KURUSOLE™ technology which cradles your heel, protecting your foot's natural fat pad while giving your arch the needed support to fight foot pain on the move.

KURU Footwear Affiliate Program Basics
Want to generate revenue from your website? The KURU Affiliate Program allows approved websites to link to and begin earning commissions on click-thru sales. KURU Footwear handles order fulfillment and customer service for all transactions resulting from referred clicks – you simply send us the purchasing traffic! By linking to, you will have access to KURU’S available inventory for men and women’s performance foot health footwear.

Affiliate Criteria
Any creator that operates a family friendly brand is eligible to join the KURU Affiliate Program, subject to the program's terms and conditions. We accept partners across a varied selection of social media platforms. There is no fee to join or participate. KURU reserves the right to reject requests to become an affiliate, but will provide reasoning in the case that this occurs.

KURU Affiliate Program Terms
  • KURU offers a competitive 10% commission for all sales driven from your website
  • 30-day cookie - You get credit for any orders within 30 days of the original click placed by a customer
  • Affiliates agree to adhere to basic brand guidelines explained below
  • Affiliates agree use KURU Footwear's easy, simple affiliate platform, Refersion, to provide their referral links; only visits tracked through Refersion will count toward affiliate revenue
  • Should a customer who purchased through an affiliate link choose to return their product, the credit earned by the affiliate on that particular sale will be debited from their account prior to the next payout.
Brand Guidelines
When referencing KURU, first mention should always be formatted as follows: KURU Footwear. Following the first mention, brand can be referred to simply as KURU but must be capitalized in all mentions. Shoe models should also be capitalized in all mentions, i.e. ATOM, QUEST, CHICANE, etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to email KURU's Manager of Marketing & Communications, Kelly Stanze