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When you’re shopping for shoes online, there is a lot to look for in a new pair of shoes. For one, you can’t try the shoes on immediately before you buy, so you must have a way to gauge the sizing before you check out.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your specific needs is another challenge. You want to purchase a highly supportive pair of comfortable shoes, but when you can’t try before you buy you might feel reluctant to commit. After all, when it comes to shoes you’re going to wear every day, you need a pair that will hold up to your expectations.

KURU shoes are sold exclusively online. With the most accurate fit information and detailed descriptions of how KURU shoes benefit your feet, you get the most straightforward, comprehensive information about the amazing comfort, support, and versatility of KURU shoes, so you can make the right decision before you go to check out.

Naturally More Comfortable Shoe Technology

Podiatrists know your feet come with nature's perfect cushion. Each of us has fat pads under our heels designed to cushion our every step. This fat pad is nature's way of absorbing the impacts of each and every step.

Unfortunately, other shoes online are flat inside. This flat shape means the natural cushioning under your heel bone gets flattened with every step. A flattened heel fat pad is not good on your body and fights against nature's cushion.

The ideal shoe does not smash and flatten your natural cushioning. Instead, it cradles your heel for unprecedented comfort and support.

The innovative KURUSOLE works with nature to keep your heel fat pad where it belongs. A dynamic cupping action cradles your heel fat pad, helping your body naturally cushion itself. This proven cupping action lasts the lifetime of the shoe.

Try it out and see for yourself. With FREE EXCHANGES, you have nothing to lose, other than foot pain and poor supporting shoes that cost too much.

Unmatched comfort.

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Why others love KURU

Just received these shoes. Put them on, and ordered another pair straightaway. They feel great! Support where needed and softness also where needed."

~ Laurence

When I wore these for the first time, it felt like I was walking on clouds. I was skeptical but desperate to relieve my foot pain and these made the pain go away. I've worn them for a year and a half now and looking to get another pair... I will continue to buy these shoes for life.

~ Eddy

My wife and I saw a review for Kuru shoes online and decided to try. I am very glad that we did. Great fit, very comfortable, great customer service."

~ Harold

What makes KURU better

Your feet are the foundation of your body. If you want to reduce or eliminate many of the complications that start at your feet, properly supporting this foundation is critical.

The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ orthotic technology delivers a shoe that molds to your individual foot shape. Like a finely tailored suit for your feet, KURU cushions you in all the right places for unprecedented results.

By adapting to nature, KURU shoes are a versatile and proven way to get you back to the life and activities you love. Support your foundation, naturally.

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