woman ties the laces of her KURU ATOM sneakers.

Most Comfortable

Built with our revolutionary technology for superior arch support, cushion, and dynamic heel flexing with each step.

Sneakers are about as iconic of a shoe as you can get. Comfortable and easy, many sneakers can be dressed up or dressed down to match almost any outfit.

But not every sneaker is created equal—especially when it comes to all-day comfort. Many sneakers come flat on the inside, not providing the contour or support your foot truly needs.

KURU sneakers are made differently. Designed with the natural curves of your feet in mind, KURU shoes bring cushion, arch support, and patented heel protection to create some of the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis and foot pain on the market.

Whether you’re looking for classic white leather sneakers or a statement pink sneaker, KURU’s comfortable styles can keep you living the life you love.

Experts Guide to Sneakers

What are Sneakers?

Sneakers are a type of closed-toed casual footwear that typically feature a lace-up or slip-on style.

Versatile and stylish, sneakers are often used for exercise or casual wear but can be dressed up to wear with suits or dresses for a trendy, youthful look.

The best sneakers for comfort and pain relief are those that offer needed arch support, shock-absorbing cushion, and an ergonomic fit. KURU’s line of sneakers come equipped with just that.

Read more to learn more about the best sneaker options!

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Our Customer Favorites

"Excellent sneaker!!
I purchased the Atom and the Kala sandal. I have terrible heel pain - screaming pain. I’ve tried other different brands - none of which gave me relief BUT NOW I’m in love and gratitude! Both the sneaker and the sandal are extremely comfortable. More importantly, after only two days, my heel feels better. I ended the day with only slight pain in my foot instead of excruciating pain. Seriously, I can’t believe what a difference the Kuru shoes have made in only 2 days! I look forward to a month from now when perhaps I might be completely pain free. I ordered two more pairs today: another sandal in a different color and the slipper."
"Great pair of sneakers. Sneakers fit like a glove
I was having terrible foot pain until I bought my first pair of kuru sneakers Foot pain gone it’s like wearing a glove on my feet will be buying plenty of more shoes"
-Rick DAteno

Technology for a Natural Fit, Engineered for Foot Pain Relief

woman kicks her feet up in KURU STRIDE sneakers. woman kicks her feet up in KURU STRIDE sneakers.

How to Pair Your Sneakers and When to Wear Them

Sneakers can be a versatile footwear option, especially when you know how to pair them.

Want to wear sneakers with shorts and a T-shirt? Check. With slacks and a blazer? Yes. With a dress? You bet.

We’ll unpack a few ways you can style your sneakers for everyday use.

Casual wear: Stylish sneakers like our ATOM for women and men make a perfect shoe to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, athletic pants, or casual leggings.

Gym sesh: Perfect to wear with your gym clothes, an athletic sneaker like the FLUX for women and men pairs well with almost any athletic or athleisure outfit.

Business casual: Classy sneakers like our ROAM for men and women are perfect for a can-be-casual, can-be-fancy vibe. A sleek white sneaker makes a stylish, fun statement with an otherwise formal ensemble.

Transitionally Trendy: Wearing a pair of sneakers with a skirt or dress makes for a trendy look in transitional seasons that blends casual and classy in one stylish outfit.

Shoe Care Tips

We take a look at helpful tips and suggestions to keep your favorite footwear in tip-top form.

Tip #1: Protect your sneakers from accidental spills and wet weather with a preventive spritz of KURU Shield, our shoe protector spray. This water-repellent layer works on all shoe materials and helps safeguard your footwear from excess water and dirt.

Tip #2: Refresh a tired pair of sneakers with our KURU Shoe Cleaning Kit. Equipped with an all-material shoe cleaner, cleaning brush and microfiber cloth, this kit ensures you can make your shoes look like you just bought them—over and over again.

Tip #3: Allow your sneakers to dry out between workout sessions, away from sunlight. Sweat and sunlight can each prematurely break down materials, so giving shoes some breathing room in the shade after being worn each day can help them stay fresh.

Tip #4: Wear socks with your sneakers. Socks provide a barrier against sweat and bacteria, so it doesn’t all land in your shoes. Keeping bacteria and sweat at bay can help extend the life of your footwear and reduce the risk of odor.

man ties the laces of his KURU QUANTUM sneakers. man ties the laces of his KURU QUANTUM sneakers.

Types of Sneakers & Finding the Best Fit

Learn about the different types of sneakers and how to find the best fit for your foot needs.

Wearing the best sneakers based on activity type can improve performance and reduce injury. Let’s unpack a few types of sneakers you can wear depending on your activity.

Slip-on sneakers: Slip-on sneakers are the perfect go-to for casual attire when you need to run out the door for some quick errands or take the dog on a walk.

Cross-training shoes: When you’re at the gym for a workout, a versatile cross-training shoe can offer stability and shock-absorption can carry you through your workout—whether you’re on the elliptical or lifting weights.

Walking shoes: Especially when walking long distances, comfortable sneakers with shock-absorbing foam, heel cupping, and quality arch support helps for stability and cushion for the long haul.

Running shoes: With the high-impact landings that come with running, a shoe with extra cushion in the heel and ball of your foot can help reduce impact with every strike. Look for shoes with shock-absorbing EVA foam, quality arch support, and a breathable mesh upper.

Sneakers for high arches: Shoes with plenty of arch support and medial stability can help to neutralize alignment and help prevent injury.

Sneakers for flat feet: Flat feet or low arches benefit from an extra-cushioned footbed and arch support to help soften your landings and neutralize your alignment.

Why Others Love KURU

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"ATOM - women's sneaker

I am still breaking them in but so far they are excellent. They have relieved the plantar fasciitis pain. I am going on a trip with lots of walking and I am glad I will be packing these!!"
-Relieved Foot Pain

"Classy looking and super comfy

As usual, KURU deliver. These sneakers provide enhanced comfort for long periods of standing, but look great too."

"Great sneaker

Had my new sneakers for a couple weeks and they’re so comfortable. My foot pain is nearly gone."
-Sue B


Answers to the most frequently asked questions are just a click away.

How do I clean white sneakers?

Many athletic shoes can be cleaned with a simple mixture of gentle dish soap diluted in warm water and used to apply with a rag. For the leather parts of your shoe, you can opt for a cleaning solution to keep your kicks in top shape.

How often should you replace sneakers?

Podiatrists recommend replacing footwear about once every 6–12 months or about 300–500 miles, depending on frequency of use. Runners or those with more mileage may need to replace their shoes more often to help avoid injury and maintain the most optimal support.

How should sneakers fit?

Sneakers should fit snug around the forefoot and allow about a finger-width of space from the edge of your longest toe to the shoe’s tip. Your toes should be able to lay completely flat and not feel any pinching or squeezing.

Are sneakers business casual?

For the most accurate sizing, we recommend checking out these fit and sizing recommendations or getting fitted with a Brannock device at a local shoe store.

Are your shoes considered orthopedic shoes?

While our shoes are not currently considered orthopedic by a medical standard, we have received thousands of positive reviews from customers who say their KURU shoes with good arch support helped reduce or eliminate their pain—from plantar fasciitis to bunions.

Each of our shoes feature a wide toe box, superior arch support, shock absorption and patented heel technology, engineered for pain relief.

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