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Survey Reveals the Most Popular Shoe in Each State

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By: KURU Footwear

Americans love their footwear. In fact, in a previous survey we learned that Americans will spend an average of $14,640 on footwear in a lifetime!

But what types of footwear do Americans love the most? Being the footwear-loving folks we are, we wanted to find out. So we surveyed 1,000 Americans to learn about their footwear preferences—from style to fit, comfort to color.

Here’s what we found.

Each State’s Favorite Footwear Style

Let’s play a little game. Without looking below, which style would you guess are the most popular shoes in your state? …Hiking boots, running shoes, heels, flip-flops?

A little hint? Overall, America’s #1 popular shoe style is sneakers (36%), followed by running shoes (10%), and slip-ons (8%). This result may come as no surprise, considering we also learned that 76% of Americans value “comfort” above “style.” Sneakers seem to effortlessly combine comfort, athleticism, and versatility to just about any occasion.

While we discovered that 43 out of 50 states love sneakers above all, some states had some unique picks. For instance, Vermont likes minimalist/non-shoes best, West Virginia prefers heels, and North Dakota loves its boots.

Keep reading to find out what is the most popular shoe in each state—and if you guessed correctly above! 

Infographic map of the USA showing the most popular style of shoe in each state

Settling the Debate: Comfort or Style?

So what matters most to Americans when it comes to footwear: comfort or style? A vast majority of 76% of our survey respondents said comfort comes first, and only about 1 in 4 (24%) of Americans say style matters more.

At KURU, we value the foot’s health above all and often a comfortable foot is a healthy one. Let’s hear it for healthy, comfy feet!

A map of the USA showing which states prefer comfort vs style when it comes to footwear

The Scale of Shoe Sizes: Discovering America’s Footwear Fit

We also wanted to find out just how small or large Americans’ feet typically are. From a size 6 all the way up to a 12.5, you may be surprised to see how much this varies by state!

New Mexico comes out on top with the largest average shoe size (12.5). The states with the smallest sizes are Vermont and Wisconsin at an average of size 6.

The most common size in the US? A size 9, according to our survey.

A map of the USA showing the most common shoe size in every state.

Shades of Style: America’s Beloved Shoe Colors Revealed

Americans’ top two most popular footwear colors are black (44%) and white (17%). These neutral picks may suggest that these colors can best blend into a variety of outfits. 

Some other states added a bit of variety. Mississippi loves brown, Montana likes blue, and North Dakota loves… purple!

Find your state’s pick below.

A map of the USA showing different colors of each state based on survey results

Investing in Comfort: Analyzing Americans’ Footwear Spending

So just how much are Americans’ shoes worth? The most common worth of Americans’ shoe collections is between $101–$200. 

Utahns were found to have the most expensive shoe collections, with most people in the Beehive State reporting their shoe collections to be worth over $1,000.

On average, Americans each own 4 pairs of shoes. The biggest footwear fans? Maine, Wisconsin, and Arizona each own over 21+ pairs of shoes. We hope they’re supportive!

A table showing how much every state spends on footwear and how many pairs of shoes people in each state buys

Click or Brick: How Americans Prefer to Shop for Shoes

Where do Americans typically opt to buy their footwear? Our survey found that 40% of Americans typically shop online exclusively, and 60% shop mostly in-store.

Here is a state-by-state breakdown. Do people in your state prefer to shoe shop online or at a classic brick and mortar? Find out below.

Map of the USA showing which states prefer to shop online for shoes versus in-person

Understanding American Footwear Preferences

From loving sneakers to favoring comfort, we’ve unpacked quite a bit about Americans’ popular shoe styles and footwear preferences. Since sneakers and comfort tops the list, you can look no further than KURU Footwear. 

We build springy cushion, superior arch support, and patented heel-hugging technology into every pair for comfort you have to feel to believe.


KURU Footwear surveyed 1,000 Americans 16 years and older in late September 2023. We found the mode for each of the results to determine the most common shoe sizes, colors, etc. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4% and a confidence level of 95%.

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