A pair of women's KURU CHICANE winter shoes sit on a snowbank.

Best Winter Shoes
for the Season

Distinguished styles made with synthetic materials to stand up to the elements.

As temperatures drop, holiday parties ramp up, and wet conditions happen more frequently, winter footwear is a perfect way to keep your toes warm and feet protected.

From classy leather boots to rugged winter hiking boots to easy-to-wipe leather sneakers, there’s a variety of options to equip your closet this winter.

KURU shoes go a step further by offering cutting-edge tech, superior arch support, and cloud-like cushion into every pair. Your winter just got more comfy.

Experts Guide to the Best Winter Shoes

What are Winter Shoes?

Winter shoes are footwear that can keep feet dry and warm during cold and wet conditions, snow, and ice.

Winter shoes can come in a variety of styles for a wide range of activities, from snow boots to hiking boots to easy-to-wipe leather sneakers.

Choosing the right pair of shoes and quality water-repellent spray can go a long way in keeping your feet and footwear protected from cold, ice, snow, and sleet.

Let’s dig into some of the best shoes for winter conditions, how to winterize your footwear, and why arch support and cushion are smart, long-term choices for your feet.

Top Selling Shoes for Winter

Our Customer Favorites

"Warm and Dry in New England Winter
These boots took some breaking in (as all Kuru shoes) but I'm so happy with my purchase! I previously had kuru slippers and sneakers but found myself needing some boots to run errands so my plantar fasciitis didn't bother me while I was out. These did the trick and are my go-tos for going out this winter!"
-Evelyn L
"Good winter boot!
Bought these knowing they would be comfortable and good for my feet, didn’t know if they’d be warm enough for a Canadian winter and they are! Half size bigger to accommodate a big sock and I’m good to go!"

Technology for a Natural Fit, Engineered for Foot Pain Relief

A man walks across red rocks wearing KURU CHICANE winter shoes. A man walks across red rocks wearing KURU CHICANE winter shoes.

How to Pair Your Winter Shoes

Winter weather has arrived! It's time to break out the boots and cozy slippers. Find out how to style your new KURUs for the season.

It’s the season for snowman-making, hot-chocolate drinking, winter hikes, and holiday parties. Make the most of this colder, darker season with warm, comfortable footwear that can keep up with any activity.

Winter boots: When you’ve got to head to the office but it’s cold and wet outside, opt for a winter work shoe like a Chelsea boot or Chino boot to stay warm and professional at once.

Ankle boots: Stylish leather ankle boots are an excellent pairing for holiday parties and holiday shopping alike.

Slip-on winter shoes: Slip-on leather loafers or boots with an elastic opening can be a quick-out-the-door solution during winter months.

Leather sneakers: Easy-to-clean leather sneakers are perfect winter walking shoes and a warmer alternative to mesh athletic shoes of spring and summer.

Indoor house shoes: Cozy house slippers are an ideal companion for WFH days and weekends alike.

Best Materials and Colors

With the right materials and colors, you can enjoy your shoes throughout the winter season.

Leather uppers: Leather is a star material that acts as a natural insulator. Though most leather isn’t fully waterproof, most leathers are still quite durable and can be sprayed with water-resistant spray to winterize them for cold, wet months.

Durable outsoles: When wet conditions are the norm, you’ll want a shoe with a durable rubber sole that can keep each step stable and secure.

Darker colors: Winter footwear lends itself best to darker colors like brown, black, and navy. Since wardrobes tend darker in the winter and snow and sleet make for dirtier sidewalks and roads, darker colors have a bit more give to still look great.

Microsuede or lined interiors: To keep your feet warm in even the coldest conditions, choose a shoe that offers a soft, warm interior to insulate from outside temperatures.

Water-repellent spray: While this isn’t a material, it’s a must for protecting winter footwear! To winterize your footwear and keep even non-waterproof shoes protected, spray a spritz of shoe-protector spray like KURU Shield to protect against the elements.

A woman stands wearing KURU TEMPO winter boots. A woman stands wearing KURU TEMPO winter boots.

Types of Winter Shoes & Finding the Best Fit

Are you looking for the perfect pair of winter shoes? Learn how to find a style that's right for you.

Whether you’re looking for winter boots or leather sneakers, there’s a type of winter footwear for almost every occasion.

Chelsea boots: A cute winter shoe that’s as stylish as it is timeless, a Chelsea-inspired leather boot like our LUNA can be a lovely choice for a winter party or winter work days.

Hiking boots: A durable leather hiking boot can help you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities even in colder temperatures. Try our CHICANE or QUEST for winter activities with uneven terrain.

Ankle boots: Stylish leather ankle boots like our TEMPO can be worn for almost any occasion during the colder months, from strolls at a winter market to business casual work events.

Winter walking shoes: The best outdoor walking shoes for winter are sneakers with leather uppers like our ROAM that can be winterized with water-resistant spray. Leather is more naturally insulating than mesh and can keep your feet warmer on walks.

Winter slip-on shoes: Fleece, microsuede, or fur-lined slippers can help keep your feet warm and happy on cold, winter floors. House shoes like our DRAFT slipper for women and men features a rubber outsole, soft interior and our signature arch support for comfy feet at home.

Why Others Love KURU

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"Only shoes that don't hurt...

I have terrible terrible feet, and these are the ONLY winter shoes I own that keep my feet comfortable for more than an hour or two. I'm a lifelong customer "

"comfy shoes took my pain away!!

It's been more than 6 months since I bought these. I have plantar fasciitis and these help a lot. I'm not gonna lie, the design is kind of ugly lol but if does the work. It keeps my feet warm on the winter even with snow but most important my feet don't hurt anymore!! I'm definitely buying another pair. I highly recommend it!!"
-Happy Costumer

"Best slippers ever!

My slippers arrived about 2 weeks ago…and just in time for me! I have been dealing with hip pain and was told to weat very supportive shoes and slippers as I recovered. In Minnesota, retired people spend too much time in the house waiting for winter to end and my hip let me know it!! After wearing my new slippers only a few days, I was already feeling less pain! These slippers are awesome!!"
-Witty, K


Answers to the most frequently asked questions are just a click away.

What shoes do you wear in winter?

The best shoes to wear in winter are insulating footwear that can keep your feet warm and dry. Leather boots with water-resistant protective spray, leather sneakers, or hiking boots are great choices to protect your feet during winter months.

What shoes are in this season?

Ankle boots, Chino boots and Chelsea boots are consistently popular footwear for cooler fall and winter months. KURU offers a line up of stylish boots so you can get the warmth and support you need all winter.

Can I wear open toe shoes in the winter?

It depends on where you live! People who live in warmer climates that don’t see much snow can easily get through winter with open-toed shoes. Those in cooler climates will do best to protect their feet with closed-toed shoes, especially when temperatures dip below freezing!

Can you wear white shoes in winter?

You can depending on the weather! White shoes are more prone to stains from water, dirt, and slush so being mindful to wear white on dryer days will help them stay clean and dry. Opt for darker-colored shoes for wetter conditions that can see more wear and tear.

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