It's more than a shoe... It's a KURU
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Hug Your Heels, Chase Your Dreams

KURUSOLE is born from a relentless passion to understand nature

We believe nature inspires some of humanity's biggest breakthroughs. This belief sparked our imagination to invent a better shoe. One that dynamically flexes with each step, keeping the natural cushioning under your foot healthier.

We then worked with some of the world's best minds to combine these insights with the latest technologies and space-age materials. What resulted exceeded even our expectations.

Our revolutionary KURUSOLE amplifies what nature evolved your feet to do. Where others fall flat, KURUSOLE performs by keeping nature’s cushion exactly where it belongs, under your feet. It's no wonder KURU is healthier than anything that has come before.

So much so, it's patented.

That. Is. Genius.

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True KURU comfort. Multiplied.

A Healthier Fit

Our anatomically shaped ULTIMATEINSOLES use a space-age material that harnesses your body heat for a custom molded fit that gets better over time. Plus, an open-cell structure pulls away moisture for a healthier foot environment.

Let it fly

Our unique KURUCLOUD foam is formed through a multi-step molding process of high heat and precise pressure to give you a silky smooth stride that feels like you're floating. Every...single...step.

Love Yourself

Your heart is where you will find love, which is why we include the heart of our innovation, KURUSOLE, in every shoe we make. This thermo-molded technology is responsible for the feel good effect you will fall in love with.