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Absolutely nothing works with nature like our patented KURUSOLE. Other shoes flatten the fat pad in your heels, while KURU dynamically flexes with every step. This guarantees you a healthier stride and comfier ride by containing your fat pad exactly where nature wants it.

We reset what you believe is possible. How? Every shoe we sell includes our legendary KURUSOLE technology. Whether for exercise, work, or simply wanting to get healthier feet, KURU sets the standard.

Something powerful enough to change your life is more than a shoe—it's a KURU

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KURU Cares

Imagine if you had the ability to guide how we give back. With KURU CARES, you get to choose a charity from one of these four pillars of sustainability.

Investing in our children for a brighter future.
Environmental impact
Reduce humanity's impact to keep the earth beautiful for all.
Economic development
Helping lift people out of abject poverty.
Health and well-being
Disease research to help people live happy, longer.

We hand-selected causes that focus on these Four Pillars of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.
By meeting these pillars, you can trust the chosen charities to make a lasting difference in our local and global communities.


We are passionate about keeping your body healthy. And we know from customers like you there's a pretty good chance you'll fall in love with KURU. While that may be rewarding for us, we also want to reward your loyalty. That's why you can earn KURU CASH one of four ways:

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Even better, we made KURU CASH Rewards super easy to join. Simply create an account and you're automatically enrolled.

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Exercising, working or simply seeking the energy to do more, you can trust KURU to keep you going and feeling good.

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