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In a seemingly endless market of leather shoes, it can be hard to see beyond the aesthetics of a shoe and determine what shoe is going to give you comfort, support, and style. Finding a shoe with a comfortable, lasting fit is essential for all day wear.

KURU leather shoes give you remarkable support in the arch, heel, and forefoot like no other leather shoe. When you spend hours on your feet, you need a shoe that can adapt to your feet and keep you moving comfortably.

With KURU, you get the benefits of a custom orthotic insert and a versatile design you can comfortably wear...anywhere.

Confidence in motion.

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Move Dynamically

KURUSOLE was invented by some really, really smart people. Which means KURU is unlike any other shoes. Our dynamic midsole hugs you with every step.

KURUSOLE is designed to adapt to your unique foot shape with every step. This is kind of a big deal, and here's why...

As you age, the natural cushioning in your feet is getting smashed and flattened. What's worse, all the other shoes in your closet are flat. Making this problem even worse. Ouch!

KURU stops this flattening by keeping nature's cushioning right where Mother Nature wants it. From a day at work to a weekend camping excursion, KURUSOLE moves to keep you healthier and happier.

Listen to Mother

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Why others love KURU

Wow!!! Perfect fit right out of the box.... I was worried they were going to rub the back of my heel. After wearing them a couple hours... didn't bother me at all. The heel cup feels fantastic. Nothing like any of my other shoes."

~ Cheryl

Love these shoes and am so glad I found them! As soon as I put these shoes on I could feel the difference-a perfect fit- totally unbelievable with all the shoe brands available only one is making shoes for the real human foot."

~ Carol

I had been wanting a pair of these for awhile and put them on my Christmas list. I love them! They have a very prominent arch support which I like"

~ Lisa

Superior. Really!?

Your body moves every day. This movement requires a solid foundation. A foundation you can trust.

But, just as you are unique, we knew we couldn't create a generic foundation in our shoes. That's why we invented the KURUSOLE. By custom molding and adapting to your feet, KURU shoes are able to cushion you in all the right places.

We listen to nature. We adapt to nature. And we've created a line of KURU shoes to keep you in the game of life.

Wherever your active life takes you, KURU makes it happen.

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