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The Best Anatomically Shaped Footwear

From narrow toes to flat footbeds, shoes everywhere threaten to flatten your arches and squish your toes.

Your feet are not flat, and your toes are not pointed. Yet, it is amazing how many shoes are not foot shaped. It’s no wonder shoes not shaped like your foot can cause pain, discomfort and even complications.

What if you could get anatomically foot shaped shoes that are actually shaped like your foot? Imagine a shoe that was designed to custom adapt to your specific feet. How much more comfortable would you be if your shoes actually helped prevent injury so you could get more done by forgetting about your feet.

KURU has pioneered a new benchmark in anatomically correct shoes that deliver adaptive comfort. What makes KURU such a powerful anatomically shaped shoe is the revolutionary KURUSOLE™ footbed technology.

KURUSOLE™ is so unique, it is patent-pending. Unlike anything else, this proven technology changes shape and flexes inward with every step to custom shape to your foot. This provides perfect heel stability and arch support for all day wear. In addition, we use space-age, heat-responsive foam in the footbed custom molds to hug your feet to give you ideal shock absorption to feel better.

Pioneering happiness.


Our patent-pending, anatomical design works with nature for superior support that delivers total comfort and arch support.

Revolutionary KURUSOLE™ dynamically adapts to cup your feet as you walk. Get complete comfort for maximum mobility to feel good. Theirs do not do that.

Love your feet.

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Your foot is a biomechanical marvel. Support it with these top four things every anatomically shaped footwear should include:

Footbed Shaped Like Your Foot

An anatomically shaped footbed helps center your heel with each step. KURU has a deep heel cup orthotic that is designed to center your heel so your foot can naturally do its job as you walk. But KURU takes it a step further. The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ technology dynamically adapts to keep your heel fat pad below your heel.

This allows you to be more comfortable so that your day ends without aches and pains. Eliminate down time for better health and a higher quality of life.

Naturally Broad Toe Box

Throughout the day, your feet swell. To accommodate for this swelling, every KURU shoe includes a generous toe box that allows your toes to splay.

Since KURU shoes are engineered with a broader, naturally shaped toe box, your feet are less constricted each day. This results in a better fit that let’s you focus on others and your work and not on distracting pain. Our natural toe box simply lets time fly by.

Foundation for a Better Posture

A straight last is essential in creating an improved posture. Straight lasts ensure your whole foot is supported with each step of the gait cycle. This means your shoes should be designed to help your foot naturally roll from heel to toe.

KURU shoes have been optimized to give you a super smooth roll with each step. Our proprietary straight last has been tested and refined by thousands. By being sculpted around an anatomically shaped, straight last, KURU shoes give you a healthier walking gait. This improves your overall posture for fewer aches and pains so you can do more for more energy for the activities you love.

Support to Hug Your Feet

Anatomically shaped footwear from KURU focuses on the two critical areas for superior support—arch support and a deep heel cup. This dynamic duo delivers unprecedented support that hugs your heels and phenomenal arch support.

In fact, the space-age foam used in KURU uses your natural body heat to custom mold to your feet. Over time, KURU literally gets more comfortable and supportive as it adapts to your unique feet. With this newfound level of support, it is no wonder KURU is the #1 anatomically shaped footwear.

KURU helps you avoid injury and foot pain so you can do more and go longer. With KURU, you can raise the bar on your expectation for happiness.


"The shoes provide sufficient arch & heel support that avoids development of plantar fascitis, since I'm flat-footed and I work on my feet for a living (massage therapist)."

Reginald N., VA


“Provided the arch support and cushioning of my heel that I needed to recover from plantar fasciitis release surgery.”

Joy K., IL


“Provides great arch support and will be a great shoe to wear while traveling or everyday shoe.”

Brandon M.,WV

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All KURU Shoes come with our revolutionary patent-pending KURUSOLE™ Technology.

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