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  • 88% of customers agree, Kuru walking shoes are ergonomic

  • "I never heard of these shoes and felt I was 'taking a chance' to order them. That was a good bet!! These are the best walking shoes I've used and well worth the money."


  • "I walked Walt Disney world in them and my feet were happy at the end of the day. VERY few shoes can achieve that result. And - I got compliments to boot!"

    Ann, NJ

  • "I have decided to go with Kuru shoes for this [5,000 mile] trip. They make an awesome lightweight shoe with great support! They are not paying me to say this. I recommend them because I love this shoe!


Simple, Sophisticated Dress Shoes

Sometimes you need a dress shoe that is especially comfortable, versatile, and casually sophisticated. You might be going from work to a dinner party or to a semi-formal business function. When the need arises, however, you need a shoe that will communicate good taste and still keep your feet cushioned and supported.

KURU has created a line of dress shoes so technologically refined that your entire foot is completely cushioned by an anatomical midsole that molds to your foot like no other dress shoe you’ve ever worn. KURU dress shoes are constructed with style and orthopedic comfort in mind.

The clean, simple design makes KURU dress shoes easy to wear shoes for formal and casual occasions alike. Most of all, your feet will remain comfortable and supported in any environment.


Dress Shoes for Any Occasion

Having dress shoes you can easily wear to a multitude of functions in important when you’re spending good money on footwear. KURU has designed highly supportive, versatile dress shoes for exactly these occasions when you need something functional that you can move around in, yet practical for the engagement.

An ergonomic shape provides more robust support for your entire foot. The natural splay of the foot is preserved with the incredible KURUSOLE™ orthotic footbed. A custom orthotic is built into the midsole for increased arch support and improved flexibility. With benefits like these, your expectations for dress shoes may just change for the better.

KURU dress shoes are designed to be worn all day so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re wearing the right comfortable shoes for the occasion. Supportive, cushioned, and stylish footwear is perfect for any occasion.


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Recent Reviews

"I have a pair of KURU I'm wearing now. They fit great. Great for walking, which I do lot of with my job."


"Not only have I gotten a bunch of compliments on the design and look of the shoe, I have been extremely pleased with the fit and comfort."