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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Walking Daily

By: Kuru Footwear
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Have you ever used an app or other technology to track how many steps you are taking each day? It might not seem like much, but walking is a big contributor to physical, emotional and mental health. Whether you spend all day on your feet for your job, or you are deliberately stepping out for a stroll, your walk is doing your body good. Check out our top ten reasons to get out there and take a walk every day.

Key Takeaways

  • Walking is a beneficial exercise for both physical and mental health, and offers many benefits such as weight loss, improved heart health, disease prevention, and reduced risk of dementia.
  • Walking is an easy and accessible form of exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere, even when feeling under the weather or short on time.
  • Wearing comfortable walking shoes can enhance the benefits of walking, providing the necessary support and cushioning for a more enjoyable and effective exercise experience.
The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Walking Daily

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Walking Daily

Walk For Weight Loss

If your goal is weight loss, don’t dismiss walking as an inferior exercise. When you lengthen your stride and increase your speed to a brisk 3.1 mph, your oxygen intake and effort reaches near the same levels as a more intense cardio workout. This contributes to weight loss and weight maintenance. To put this into perspective, a 30-minute walk will burn around 75 calories.

Walk Because It’s Easy

Walking is the easiest form of aerobic exercise. While you should still engage in other intense aerobic exercises such as running, if you are feeling under the weather, don’t have a lot of time, or are too tired, you can get an easy 30 minutes of walking in, without missing your workout.

Walk For A Stronger Heart

Since walking is great cardio, you’ll lower your levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise your levels of HDL (good cholesterol). As a matter of fact, the Stroke Association says that walking 30 minutes per day helps to prevent the high blood pressure that can cause strokes by up to 27%.

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Walk To Reduce Risk Of Disease

Studies show that walking daily reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes by 60%, and can lower your risk of colon, breast, and womb cancer by about 20%.

Walk To Prevent Dementia

People who walk six miles or more per week are less likely to experience brain shrinkage in their later years, and are more able to preserve memory.

Walk To Tone

While you might think walking is the bare minimum of aerobic exercises, it does wonders for your leg, butt and tummy muscles. Combined with the weight loss walking brings, toned muscles will give you a slim, sleek physique. Who doesn’t like a well-toned body?

Walk To Get More Vitamin D

With most people spending their days working in the office, and fearing the risks of skin cancer, many people just aren’t getting outside enough. This means a lot of people are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. Getting outside and taking a walk in the sun will boost your vitamin D intake, your bone health, and your immune system.

Walk For More Energy

It’s a funny thing. When you work out, you put in energy. You’d think that would make you tired. On the contrary, when you exercise, you increase your blood circulation and oxygen intake, helping you feel more alert and awake. Bonus: You’ll also sleep better at night, which will further help you stay alert during the day.

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Walk For Happiness

It’s a well-known fact that exercise boosts your mood. Studies have shown that walking is just as effective as antidepressants in helping to resolve mild to moderate bouts of depression. This is because exercise releases endorphins while reducing stress and anxiety.

Walk To Be Social

Remember, there is safety in numbers. Going on a walk with your loved one or a friend will not only help you both stay safe, but it’ll also help you feel connected and involved. Walking with friends is a great way to vent frustrations, share a laugh, and enjoy some excellent company.

Empower Your Walk With Comfortable Walking Shoes

Empower Your Walk With Comfortable Walking Shoes

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