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There are thousands of comfort shoes available, but the dirty little secret is they are all flat inside. Take a quick look at your feet. If your feet are not flat, then how can a flat shoe give you the comfort you need? As we age, flat soles can lead to sore feet or even foot issues.

Imagine a comfort shoe that is actually shaped like your own foot. Imagine a shoe that actually worked with your body’s natural movement to keep you healthier and happier. How much better would you feel?

KURU has set the standard with a new category of comfort shoes—adaptable comfort. Quite simply, our revolutionary KURUSOLE™ orthotic technology gives you comfort shoes that flex and adapt to your feet as you walk.

Unlike other comfort shoes, KURUSOLE™ flexes with each step to cradle your heels and arches. With KURU, you can do more and go longer, maximizing your energy for happiness you never thought possible.

As pioneers in adaptable comfort shoes, KURU is the new benchmark.

Powerful Feel Good Technology

With this new standard of comfort, you can do more and go longer. Optimize your energy for a feeling of gratitude because of your healthy, happy feet.

It was not easy becoming the most comfortable shoes on earth. Our leading experts pioneered a one-of-a-kind technology.

First, every KURU starts with the natural shape of your foot sculpted into the shoe. We then add the dynamic KURUSOLE™ with a deep heel cup that flexes inward to stabilize the natural fat pad under your heels. This means KURUSOLE™ cradles and protects your heel for incredible, shock absorbing comfort.


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KURU Conforms To Your Foot

The amazing KURUSOLE™ promises perfectly contoured arch support and a deep heel cup you can count on for supreme stability and shock absorption. Only KURU comes with the premium KURUSOLE™ orthotic in every shoe.

This means KURU is the closest you can get to a shoe shaped like your foot to improve your quality of life to a whole new level.

Lightweight and Super Durable

Even 1 or 2 ounces of extra weight on your feet increases your oxygen use, which can wear you out. Each new generation of KURU comfort shoes are lighter, leaving you refreshed and more comfortable.

Go ahead, exercise more and go longer than you ever have before. KURU raises your quality of life.

Versatility at it’s Finest

The best comfort shoes are versatile and multifunctional. KURU comfort shoes are up to the challenge. With perfect versatility for almost any task, KURU comfort shoes are the smartest option for trails, travel, and town.

With versatility this easy, you will get more done.

Go. Open life.


“I normally have to wear inserts in all my shoes, which are very uncomfortable. Kuru shoes are perfect for my plantar fasciitis.”

-Robert N. IL


“These are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn. Like walking on a cloud!!!”

-Laurie S. MA


“I am able to wear the shoes comfortably for long periods and they look better than sneakers.”

-Ellen R. MA

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All KURU Shoes come with our revolutionary patent-pending KURUSOLE™ Technology.

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