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Best shoes ever

This is my second pair. 10 out of 10 recommended. I struggle with plantar fasciitis and these are a life saver. I don’t wear any other shoes now.

Nina H.

Best work shoes. I work as a Massage Therapist and I'm on my feet most of the day, not only do these shoes help with my foot fatigue, they've cut my chronic low back and hip pain significantly, I recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

Amy S.

Recommended by spinal specialist

Great shoes, helped with plantar fasciitis, took about a week to get broke in and comfortable, but they are great.

Jim R.

Love them! I've been doing security work for eight years and these are by FAR the most comfortable work shoes I have ever worn. I've worn them for three weeks now and I feel as though I could ware them and work another five to seven years and I'm 67 years old. Thanks KURU.

Randall A.

Neuropathy in Feet

I am thrilled and I am a believer of the support these shoes provide my husband for his neuropathy. I am grateful! He wears a 9M in most shoes . I ordered 9M and they fit perfectly! He says the structure is sturdy and very supportive for his heels. The sole appears to be ideal for anyone needing extra support.

Shannon P.

Excellent shoes!

I am recovering from plantar fasciitis and have also been plagued with knee and back pain . These shoes are amazing! I have worn them for long days on my feet and for runs, and I have been completely pain -free. I am a total convert.

Devon S.

These shoes are A DREAM COME TRUE! I love these shoes !!!! For 3 years I endured the pain and suffering of plantar fasciitis, I went through physical therapy, custom insoles, cortisone shots, reflexology, and spent hundreds of dollars for shoes to relieve my pain…One month later my Plantar is GONE !!! It's like a miracle to me !!... Do not hesitate to buy these shoes. It will be a life changing experience.


Worth their weight in gold!

Kuru is the bomb ! I've had horrid feet for years with plantar fasciitis and arthritis and now Achilles problems. This is not a "cure all" but Kuru definitely has made a significant difference in my ability to stay on my feet all day.

Lori G.

Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I was having terrible foot pain until I bought my Kuru shoes. Now the pain is gone.

Shannon S.

The Most Comfortable Shoes

Three Layers of Comfort

  • At KURU, we’re on a mission to eliminate foot pain—and we want you to be next.
  • All KURU shoes (yes, even our flip-flops!) are engineered with a unique system of triple-layer support.
  • This fresh approach supports the foot in all the right places, helping to relieve pain and get you back to the life you love.
  • A peek inside our supportive shoes:
  • KURUCLOUD: Lightweight EVA foam delivers shock-absorbing cushion with each step.
  • KURUSOLE: Patented, responsive technology dynamically flexes to hug and protect your heels.
  • ULTIMATE INSOLE: Contoured, dual-density foam provides superior arch support.

Freedom from Foot Pain

Inside the Shoe

Patented Technology
An illustration detailing KURU Footwear patented shoe technology for ultimate shoes for plantar fasciitis
KURU Footwear

Less Pain, More Life.

At KURU, our ultimate goal is to keep you doing what you love. Independently owned and based in beautiful Salt Lake City, we engineer supportive footwear with patented tech and feel-it-to-believe-it comfort to empower you to chase your dreams.

Find Your Perfect KURU

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Brand New

A lightweight trail shoe with heavy-duty traction.

Brand New

All-day comfort in an effortless, multi-strap sandal.


Feels as cozy as your favorite socks, reduces hotspots and provides pain-free foot support.

Brand New

KURU comfort in a classic T-strap sandal.


Comfy casual women's slip-on to help you conquer the day.

Brand New

Cozy support in an indoor / outdoor moccasin.


Perfect go-anywhere boot. Substantial feel, significant comfort.


Supportive trail hiker made nature’s way.

Made With Purpose

An illustration showing KURU Footwear Patented Technology for the Most Comfortable Shoes compared to other shoe makers without the technology.

Each KURU shoe is made with purpose to help you live out yours.

We’re passionate about pain relief because we’re passionate about life—and helping you live it to the fullest. Lasting comfort and quality shoes are part of that formula.

So, we studied the foot’s natural biomechanics and designed footwear to match. No flat insoles. No flimsy inserts. Just the most comfortable shoes with perfect cushion and support in all the right places.

Our secret sauce? Our patented solution to heel pain, KURUSOLE.

Unlike anything else, KURUSOLE’s responsive technology dynamically flexes with each step to hug and protect your heels. The curved, heel-cupping design protects the body’s natural cushioning system—the heel’s fat pad—so your feet stay happy and healthy for all of life’s moments.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

If there’s one thing we’re extra inspired by, it’s how many customers who suffer with foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, found relief with our shoes.

Plantar fasciitis—or inflammation of the band of tissue under our feet—is the most common source of heel pain in the US, and it can be tricky to treat.

Yet, thousands of reviews point to happier feet, thanks to the superior support of KURU’s most comfortable shoes.

Less pain, more life. Win win.

Built-In Orthotics

They’re orthopedic—without the clunk.

KURU specializes in creating some of the best orthopedic shoes for women and men on the market, featuring built-in support in every pair—in styles you’ll want to wear.

Many of our customers report that our ultra-supportive shoes eliminate the need to spend extra money on expensive orthotics or aftermarket inserts.

They just get Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

Superior Arch Support

We like to think of our arches as the foundation of every step we take. They deserve a little extra love, and at KURU we give it freely.

KURU’s superior arch support starts with our high quality, polyurethane (PU) ULTIMATE INSOLES. This dual-density insole offers firm support where you need it and soft cushion where you want it.

The result? Some of the most supportive shoes you’ve stepped in.

KURU Rewards

  • Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re grateful for your support! That’s why you’ll earn KURU Cash with everything you do so that you can save more on your next purchase.
Woman standing confidently in shoes for plantar fasciitis pain relief. Join KURU Footwear's loyalty program.