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Did you know over 80% of the population will end up with foot problems? If you are suffering from pain in the arch of your foot, you need to know you’re not alone.

Many foot problems are a result of poor shoes with little to no arch support. Most shoes have flat insoles and don’t offer proper support for the arch. This can lead to fallen arches, knee and back pain and other complications that can cause problems throughout your body.

Imagine the possibility of being free from arch pain. Imagine how grateful you would feel if, at the end of the day, you could slip off your shoes without an ache shooting through the arch of your foot.

That possibility has arrived. KURU is quickly becoming the #1 leading arch support shoe. Through a revolutionary, patent-pending technology, KURU shoes literally custom adapt to your feet. This means KURU feels instantly familiar while providing unsurpassed arch support.

With FREE EXCHANGES, you have nothing to lose. It's no wonder more Doctors recommend KURU as their favorite arch support shoes.

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The Best Arch Support Shoe Technology

KURU arch support shoes feature a revolutionary arch support technology embedded into every shoe. This results in terrific arch support that rivals even $300+ custom orthotics. This technology is so powerful, most customers report they no longer need their costly aftermarket arch support orthotics when wearing KURU.

What makes KURUSOLE™ so remarkable is the deep heel cup with integrated arch support. The secret is how this technology flexes inward with each step around your heel and arch. This gives you proven arch support and stability for no down time.

But we didn’t stop there. The top layer of our proven footbed is our Ultimate Insoles™. This custom molding insole uses your body heat to custom mold to your unique foot shape. The best part is KURU gives all the benefits of orthopedic shoes in amazing styles and on-trend color options for all-day comfort.

What's even more amazing is the KURUSOLE™ arch support technology can be had in a complete shoe for the same price as most better quality shoes. With this kind of proven arch support, it's no wonder KURU has grown to be a leading arch support shoes.

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Why Others Love KURU


I now have three pair of shoes from Kuru. Each pair provides the arch support I need to be on my feet and walk for extended periods of time. I experience less lower back pain and foot/leg fatigue now.

~ John B., Maryland


Tried 100's of shoes and supports but none were as comfortable as Kuru. Definitely will be my shoe of choice for now on.

~Christal D., North Carolina


KURU are an extremely lightweight shoe that gave my feet complete support while also allowing them complete flexibility... I'm almost superstitious about admitting how much better I'm feeling!

~ Francis O., California

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Why is Arch Support Important?

Proper arch support helps maintain balance, reduces muscle strain and fatigue and can reduce or eliminate the risk of plantar fasciitis. People with various foot conditions including bone spurs, bunions, diabetes, heel pain and other foot issues need to take extra precaution in choosing the best arch support shoes.

Recent research has found that the best arch support is rigid enough to support the arch, yet offers just enough flexibility to allow the foot to naturally flex. We took this medical research to heart when inventing the groundbreaking KURUSOLE™ technology.

This means KURU is designed to be the perfect balance of rigid support and flexible stability for the perfect arch support shoe. Buying quality arch support shoes like KURU can significantly improve foot health.

Go ahead, hike up that trail or explore that quaint cobblestone street. Simply live your life to the fullest for a new level of travel bliss.

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Two Options for Arch Support Shoes

Everyone likes options. You have two.

Option 1: Custom orthotics. Some choose to purchase costly, custom orthotics that can cost $300 or more, or generic, trim-to-fit aftermarket inserts and spend $40 or more.

Both of these only serve as a band-aid to the underlying problem—your shoes are flat. A flat shoe cannot provide the kind of arch support needed for optimal foot health.

OPTION 2: Shoes with arch support built in. Imagine a shoe with a space-age thermoplastic arch support molded directly into the footbed..

Say hello to KURU, the shoe with arch support built-in. Featuring the incredible arch support of KURUSOLE™, KURU shoes promise the luxury of perfect arch support that your feet can fall in love with.



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