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Walk with KURU: What to See and do In Laramie, WY

Laramie, Wyoming is a small town located on the Laramie River in south Wyoming. In the mid-19th century, a whole set of Wyoming towns were made along the railroad so each of the main towns in southern Wyoming are 100 miles apart (because that was how far a train could go between stops at the [...]

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Hiking Shoes: Style Vs Function and how to Choose

When it comes to hiking shoes it is all about the foundation. You would not want to buy a house with a beat-up or worn out foundation, so why would you put your feet in shoes that are just as worn out or worse?
Outer Design
The Uppers: The upper part of the shoe leaves a lot [...]

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Oral Health: Foods that Help Clean Your Teeth

Your teeth are a huge part of eating. And when your teeth hurt, it can be somewhat less enjoyable eating any kind of food, no matter how good it may taste. We have some suggestions on how to keep to those teeth healthy, strong and white.
First off, if you have not seen a dentist in [...]

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The Best Clothes for Running

Going out during that golden hour in the evening when the sun is still up but it is starting to cool down outside is a joy for runners. The key is to running then, or anytime really is making sure you are comfortable and keeping safe. These both have a lot to do with how [...]

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Weights: High-Resistance or Low-Resistance, and what they do for your muscles.

Walk into almost any gym and you will see two types of people in the weight area--those who are lifting huge amounts of weight and shaking after 5 lifts and those who have small amounts of weight that they seem to lift forever. So which is better for you? Is it true that lifting very [...]

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KURU Adventurer: The 5 Best Places to Fish in the Western U.S.

Fishing is a national pastime for many. Whether it be a father-son bonding activity, Mom taking the kids out to show dad who can really catch the big fish, or siblings going on a trip to reconnect, there are many reasons to take a trip together to go fishing.
In trying to count how many fishing [...]

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Gym Style: What's too bulky, What's too Light

Workouts are meant to help us feel good about our effort and our body. While doing these workouts we need to have the right clothes on to keep our bodies cool, if we are not wearing what will keep our bodies at the right temperature we will feel miserable. This could perhaps even be dangerous [...]

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Foot Health Update: Toe Lifts

Foot strength. It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of our overall health, and it is not doing us any favors. Your feet are the foundation of your health, and the slightest pain or injury in your feet can cause injury to your knees, hips, back and even your neck.
While strong muscles in your feet [...]

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Eating for Depression: Healthy Foods that Boost Your Mood

Food is such an amazing thing. Just saying the word ‘chocolate’ can produce an emotion response from some people. But on the other hand, the wrong diet can give anyone a serious case of the blues.
When you have a hard day at work or with the kids do you crave sweet, or fatty foods. In [...]

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KURU Adventurer: Spirit Trails, ID

Idaho is more than just the land of potatoes. It has many gorgeous landscapes and is home to various species of wildlife. Over two hundred years ago, it was also home to the largest tribe on the Columbia River Plateau-the Niimiipu, or the Nez Perce people. Niimiipu means “the people” in their native language. Nez [...]

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Walk With KURU: Visit the Texas Renaissance Fair, Todd Mission, TX

Imagine yourself at a Renaissance theme park that spans 60 acres, completely immerses you into the past, and welcomes half a million guests annually. That is where you will find yourself when you arrive at the Renaissance Fair of Todd Mission, Texas. They started in 1974 on the location of an old mining site with [...]

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Hair Accessories: What’s Big Now

Hair accessories can be tricky. It can be hard to wear them without feeling like you are back in elementary school. When I think of hair accessories, I am thrown back to the 90s when bows were in, and girls spent hours and hours crafting them out of grosgrain and a whole lot of glue [...]

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Toe Flexor Exercises For Better Circulation

The toe flexor muscle is the muscle responsible for controlling your big toe. The big toe, is responsible for managing your balance and helps with your posture. A weak toe flexor muscle can mean pain for your whole body.
Doing stretches and exercises for the toe flexor muscle specifically can help keep your toes flexible and [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

It is so easy to go get a gym membership these days. Anywhere for cents to dollars a day you can have your choice of places to go workout.
No matter why you choose the gym route instead of working at home we are hoping to give you a few tips on how to get the [...]

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Eggs: The Incredible Body Benefits They Offer

I am sure that you have heard about the “Incredible Edible Egg” on many occasions, but I think that many people still forget about them when they think of healthy meals. Especially when eggs are often served covered in cheeses and sitting atop fried foods. It does not have to be that way. Eggs are [...]

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Walk With KURU: What to See and Do in Allagash River, Maine

The Allagash River is part of Maine’s 92-mile Allagash Wilderness Waterway. It is best known for fishing brook trout. The river stretches up to Northern Maine, beginning at Churchill Dam and flows north through undeveloped forest for 60 miles before entering the St. John River at Allagash Village. The Waterway was established by Maine Legislature [...]

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Looking Ahead: What to Expect in Fashion this Fall

We are taking a step into the future to see what the expect in fashion this fall. That means that you can find some pieces to add to your wardrobe throughout the summer and be ready when Autumn comes. Maybe you can avoid the severe heel pain that you get from heels, and find some [...]

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Breathing Exercises and How they Help Your Workout

How many breaths would you say you take in a day? Believe it or not, in order to get proper oxygen throughout your body, your average breaths per day should be right around 20,000. While that may seem like a lot, it is what your body needs in order to function properly. This would be [...]

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4 Foot Strengthening Exercises

Your feet have shoes to fill and unfortunately, foot pain is not far behind and can often times stop you in your tracks. If you are one who is on your feet for long periods of time, foot exercises may be helpful in soothing those tired aching feet, or even prevent foot pain all together.
There [...]

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Eating Healthy on a Budget: Healthy Foods that Don't Cost a Bundle

Whether you are trying to lose weight or are just wanting to have a healthier lifestyle, diet is key. The only problem is, unhealthy food is usually more accessible and cheaper than the more nutritious food options. Well there is hope on the horizon. There are plenty of healthy options that give you just as [...]

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KURU Adventurer: 10 Essential Pieces of Hiking Gear You Can't Leave Home Without

If you hike a lot, you have a bag stuffed with the things you need on a hike. Some of these items are things you have collected over the years and found to be helpful. Today we will go over the items you need to keep safe and prepared. You may not be able to [...]

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Walk With KURU: What to See and Do in Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls is the largest city in Eastern Idaho with approximately 60,000 residents. This city serves as a hub for eastern Idaho and parts of western Wyoming. Because of the outstanding outdoor recreation nearby, Idaho Falls is known to be one of the best places to live! With the best place to live being not [...]

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Aging Gracefully: What to Wear When You're Past Middle Age

As you age, your body will change the way it looks in things. Even your go-to outfit that has served you well for years may suddenly turn into a stranger. But fear not, there are still plenty of tips and tricks to keep you feeling fashionable and comfortable in your clothes. “There are lots of [...]

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3 of the Best Foot Posture Correction Exercises

Foot problems are very common among many people and can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Some people do not even recognize there is a problem until pain starts to set in, however, others recognize a problem right off the bat. How would you like to prevent your foot problems before they start? Your [...]

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Sleep Tight: 4 Calming Workouts to Do Before Bed

The long running debate of what is the best time to exercise has a group of people that are fans of doing that workout just before you go to bed.
If you fall into this camp, or want to try it out, we have four suggestions on what you can do to workout to get you [...]

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Try These Foods to Slow the Aging Process

Do you believe you can add years to your life just by making healthier choices? Guess what? You can! You have probably heard the saying numerous times, “you are what you eat.” This statement is absolutely true! Have you ever noticed the way you feel eating junk food vs. the way you feel eating a [...]

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KURU Adventurer: What to See and Do In Adirondacks, NY

If you’ve never heard of the Adirondacks it’s probably because you are not one of the 84 million people who live between New York and Montreal who live within a day’s drive of the park. The people who live in these areas, especially people who live in major cities, know that the Adirondacks are the [...]

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Travel Hacks For Kids: Make it A Pleasant Trip

Stay Organized
Before you leave, order a pack of “Tottoos”. If you have ever been separated from your child, even for a few moments, you know that it can be a terrifying experience. These easy to use stick-on tattoos give you some peace of mind while out with your kids. They are completely personalized, and the [...]

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Beat the Heat with a Hat: Types and Styles for Men and Women

Ah the joys of summer!! Three months of hot dry weather, and countless hours of outdoor activities to gain life long memories for you and your loved ones! Unfortunately, summer can also come with unwanted memories that you may at times wish you did NOT have to deal with. While spending time outdoors is a [...]

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Cool Story: The Benefits of a Low-temp Bedroom

As funny as it may sound, the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study that found some evidence that yawning is your brain letting off heat before bedtime.
This is helps us understand more about how the body works and why it does what it does.
The cool just before bedtime can help your brain and your body [...]

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Buerger's Disease: What Smoking Means for Your Foot Health

Buerger’s disease affects thousands of people every year in the United States, according the the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). It can develop in people of any age race and age group. The one link that scientists have found, is that it is very common with smokers and people who use chewing tobacco.
What [...]

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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Vegetables are a necessary part of your diet. Not only do they help your body grow and heal, but some have specific benefits like nutrients for cardiovascular health. But many parent find that they struggle to get their kids to eat even one bite of those healthy foods. Here are a few ideas to help [...]

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KURU Adventurer: What to See and Do in Lake Tahoe

Summer vacations are exciting in themselves, however, if you are looking for a place that is packed full of beauty, adventure, and everything in between, Lake Tahoe is the place to visit this summer. Located in the Sierra Nevadas just on the border of California and Nevada, this massively huge and stunning lake promises many [...]

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Walk With KURU: What to See and Do in Juneau, Alaska

Day 1: Mendenhall Glacier & Tramway
The first stop is one of Juneau’s most iconic places, Mendenhall Glacier. This breathtaking mountain glacier offers up blue ice and crystal clear water. You can take tours up to see it or go on your own. The glacier is about 12 miles north of Juneau, so driving is an [...]

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It's All About Color: What Goes together, and What Doesn't

Do you find yourself wearing black and white more often than you would like? Do you think that if one piece of clothing is a color or pattern you are suddenly wearing a colorful outfit? Even though it seems like something that everyone learned in 7th grade home economics class, matching colors is something that [...]

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How a Salt Bath Can Benefit Your Feet

A foot bath can help relax and pull tension from the sore soles of your feet after you have been up all day. Even in the most comfortable shoes, walking the ten thousand steps in a day can hurt your feet.
Actually, a salt bath can help you relax and pull tension from your whole body [...]

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Results: When Will Your Workout Start Paying Off?

The day after you start a new workout, if you do it right, you sure will know it. The sore muscles and the fatigue is your body letting you know that you worked out and did a good job of it.
Unfortunately after the first week, sometimes you start wondering if the effort of your workout [...]

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5 Healthy Desserts from Around the World

There is no doubt that most people in this world are guilty of devouring dessert before eating your “well balanced meal” at some point in life, however, sneaking your dessert in a bit early does not have to be a problem so long as it is a healthy one. In fact, depending on the type [...]

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KURU Adventurer: What to See and Do in Jackson Hole, WY

If you love a vacation that is full of amazing outdoor adventures all year round, visiting beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an absolute must see! Located along the border of Idaho and Wyoming, Jackson Hole is situated between the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River. The term “hole” was used by early mountain men [...]

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Walk With KURU: What to See and Do in Park City, UT

Park City, an area home to the famous Sundance Film Festival, the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and historic sites such as a Union Pacific Railroad station. Driving through the city can make it seem like a relatively small town. But the area is bursting with captivating attractions and breath-taking vistas. You can choose to dive [...]

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Leggings: Brilliant or Bogus?

There is, perhaps, no modern fashion trend that is more controversial than leggings. It seems ridiculous that something as simple as a stretch piece of spandex could instill passion into so many people but if you want to see just a portion of the argument, all you need to do is type “are leggings pants” [...]

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The Plantar Stretch (#24)

There is no single treatment for plantar fasciitis that works for everyone. But stretching can help your plantar fascia recover and is good for your overall well-being. Stretching can improve your flexibility and that in turn will promote better range of motion in your joints. These two things can also boost your physical performance in [...]

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5 Running Hacks You Can't Live Without

Running is an excellent cardio workout for the body. Not only does it burn a lot of calories, but comes with many health benefits as well. But do you have times where you just do not have the motivation to keep your running habits going? If so, we have news for you! There are some [...]

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Addicted to Sugar? The Signs, and the Cure

We all have a sweet tooth. What is Thanksgiving without the sumptuous desserts to follow? or birthday cake, or even a bit of ice cream after a bad day? The issue is not the occasional indulgence but the the addiction where our body does not know how to operate without the substance.
First up is how [...]

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KURU Adventurer: Mt. Tammany Hike, Worthington State Forest, NJ

Ever visited Worthington State Forest? If not you are in for a real treat. If you enjoy absolutely stunning views, you have made it to the right place. With some of the most rugged terrain in New Jersey, Worthington State Forest is also home to many different varieties of wildlife, it is also home to [...]

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Walk with KURU: What to See and Do in SLC, UT

Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital city, is by far the most populous city in the entire state. Situated just east of the famous Great Salt Lake, this enormous city lies right in the core of the Salt Lake metropolitan area, which believe it or not, has a population of more than 1.1 million with its [...]

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Jeans: How to Find the Right Cut for your Body

Jeans have basically become the modern day uniform for weekends and time at home. You would think that with jeans being the most commonly worn item in any of our wardrobes, finding a pair that were flattering for your body would be easier than it is. We have all been in the dressing room with [...]

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A Main Cause of Plantar Fasciitis: Incorrect Shoes (#18)

Bad shoes can ruin your day. No, bad shoes can ruin your mood, your feet, and your legs, and your back, and so on. So have you ever really thought about the fact that your feet carry all of your weight? You would think that the right shoes are pretty important, but actually a lot [...]

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How Running 5 Minutes Per Day Can Boost Your Health

How would you feel if we told you your body gets the same benefits from running for 5 minutes as it would running for an hour? Recent studies have shown that people who ran for as little as 5 minutes a day got the same benefits as those who ran 3 or more hours per [...]

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Vitamin D: Why You Need it and Where to Get it

Have you ever wondered why vitamin D is so important for your body? You constantly hear everyone say to get your daily dose of vitamins C and E, but not many mention the importance of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining good bone health by helping the body to use and absorb calcium.
Recent [...]

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