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5 “Diet Tips” to Avoid

Everyone has diet tips that they swear worked like a miracle for them. Unfortunately, some of those diet tips can send your body whirling into an abyss of unhealthiness that may lead to no return. Here are some of the worst diet tips we have ever heard.
Bad Diet Tip #1: Fat is Bad!
This is only [...]

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Bucket List Item: Albuquerque Balloon Festival

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta began 43 years ago in 1972 with just a handful of balloons taking flight in a parking lot. Today, this beautiful festival has attracted millions to New Mexico every second week of October for the event of a lifetime of fun, adventure, and an amazing experience. With over 500 ballooning teams [...]

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Outdoor Shoes For Any Adventure

Now that the temperatures are beginning to cool, it is the perfect time to grab your favorite pair of outdoor shoes and get moving. Fresh air and mountain trails are invigorating to the soul, and having the best outdoor shoes can take you to new and marvelous destinations.

Supportive outdoor shoes can help you achieve your [...]

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Great Travel Shoes For The Fall

A perfect fall getaway does not have to include all the hassle and stress of a traditional vacation! Many great adventures are waiting for you just around your own town. With a pair of great travel shoes and a sense of curiosity, you are well on your way to a mini vacation within the comfort [...]

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What is Overpronation and How Can I Stop It?

Overpronation affects almost everyone in varying degrees of severity. This means that even if you do not have pain, you very likely could in the future. Read along to find out how you can correct and avoid overpronation, and the health risks that come along with it.
What is Overpronation?
Pronation is the movement of a foot [...]

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The True Meaning of Comfortable Heels

When you think about the impact and stress your feet take in with each step you take, you may find that you take your hardworking feet for granted. Unfortunately, this is the case for many people, but likely higher among women due to the numerous varieties of high heels available. For many women, comfortable heels [...]

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Can Cardiovascular Fitness Boost Your Mood?

Whether you are focused on weight loss, better health, or stress relief, you can never go wrong with staying focused on your cardiovascular fitness. Keeping strong and healthy exercise patterns helps you prevent disease, keep your body weight at a normal level, and even sleep better. The benefits of good cardiovascular fitness extend far beyond [...]

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5 Healthy Eating Habits For Kids

While kids may not always appreciate their vegetables, developing healthy eating habits early in life is crucial to helping kids understand good nutrition later in life. The earlier you begin with your children, the easier it is to help them develop healthy eating habits, but it is never too late. Here are five smart tips [...]

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Reconnect With Nature in the Best Outdoor Shoes

Nature is not just full of beauty. It is also full of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Studies show that spending time outdoors with the best outdoor shoes on your feet can boost your mood while reducing recovery time from illnesses, surgeries, and other physical or mental conditions. Slip into the best outdoor [...]

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Is it Worth Fitting Travel Exercise into Your Trip?

Why Travel Exercise?
When people travel, they often get off of their normal routines. Consider the number of people on some sort of trip or vacation at any given time. Add to that how important exercise is for your body, and you can see how many people may be missing out on benefits of travel exercise.
While [...]

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What Does My Plantar Fascia Do?

Have you ever felt stiffness and soreness in your feet when you get out of bed first thing in the morning? Perhaps your feet are achy and stiff after a good run? If so, you may have experienced the discomfort of plantar fasciitis. Your plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue that serves [...]

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Spice Up Your Style With Casual Sneakers

Hitting an amusement park or venturing down a street of shops? No matter what you are choosing to venture out and do, casual sneakers can be a fun way to spice you up, while keeping you cool. Let’s face it, we all like to make a fashion statement at some point in life, right?
4 Things [...]

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Do You Run On One Of The Top Running Surfaces?

Lots of people know concrete and asphalt can be bad running surfaces for their feet. And yet that is where most people tend to run. Concrete and asphalt are everywhere, so it makes sense that they are common running surfaces. But they cause your feet to take the greatest impact and can cause a number [...]

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Good Diet Foods: Are Pumpkins Part of Your Diet?

Once the trick or treaters have gone off to bed after a long day of sugar highs, have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with all your pumpkins? Many people throw these amazingly good diet foods in the trash once Halloween ends. Truth is, many people are not aware that pumpkins are considered a [...]

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What Hiking Gear Do I Need for Winter?

If you refuse to let the upcoming cold and snow keep you from hiking up a gorgeous, frost covered mountain slope, use our checklist to make sure you have the right kind of hiking gear to keep you safe and warm during your hike.
Winter Hiking Gear Checklist
1. It’s All About the Layers
If you are going [...]

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3 Ways The Best Travel Shoe Makes a Trip Amazing

What vacations do you have planned in the next few months? As you travel, what type of footwear do you choose to wear? Many people do not realize the importance of the best travel shoe and often times regret the type of footwear they chose to wear while traveling. Here are 3 ways the best [...]

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4 Simple Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Why do Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis?
Those who have plantar fasciitis know the everyday pain that never seems to go away. It starts with the first step out of bed each morning. Not only is the pain a lot to take but if left untreated, plantar fasciitis can become a chronic condition.
One simple way to treat [...]

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Best Mens Shoes: Are You In Control?

For many many years, the role of the man has been to provide and protect for his family. Aside from a daily workout, a jog around the block, or even a fun hike, many men work countless hours for the good of their family. Without the best mens shoes (link to other blog post) on [...]

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4 Tips for Preventing Running Injuries

Have you suffered from running injuries in the past? Unfortunately for some, the excitement of warmer spring weather can overtake the steps needed for preventing running injuries. Before you take off for a good run, here are some helpful tips for preventing running injuries.
Preventing Running Injuries Tip #1: Avoid “terrible too’s:” One great form of [...]

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5 Reasons Water Is Important in a Healthy Diet

5 Benefits of Drinking Water
Whether you are trying to maintain a healthy diet or not, water is always a critical part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some reasons why water should never be left out of your healthy diet.

Drinking water helps to maintain the balance of body fluids.

When trying to maintain a healthy [...]

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The Difference In Trail Shoes And Hiking Boots

While there are all different types of footwear for the trails, do you know which type is right for you? Before you buy new hiking boots, consider the perks of trail shoes to see if they might meet your needs a little better than traditional boots.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to [...]

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KURU Shoes for Any Activity!

Different sports require different things out of their athletes but one thing is certain: the shoes you choose can make a big impact in your performance! For athletes, the shoes they wear can either slow them down or speed them up. Having the right fitness shoes can take your performance to the next level, and [...]

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Avoiding this Common Knee Running Injury

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, more commonly known as runner’s knee, is the most common knee running injury among runners. It is estimated that nearly half of all runners will suffer this knee running injury at some point or another. This common knee running injury manifests itself with pain on, around, and sometimes even behind the kneecap [...]

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Does Essential Hiking Gear Need Supportive Shoes?

Hiking can be a great form of exercise and bring you closer to nature. Whether you are an experienced hiker or new to trekking, making sure that you have the right hiking gear is critical to enjoying your climb safely, and having fun in the process. Here is a list of the most important things [...]

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The Top 6 Natural Cures for Foot Pain

Cures for foot pain, like foot pain itself, can come in many shapes and forms. Pain medication and physical therapy can help with some problems, but they may seem like extreme solutions for some types of foot pain. If your foot pain is mild, you may benefit from some natural cures for foot pain! We [...]

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What Are Athlete's Foot Cures?

Athletes foot is a fungus that grows in dark, moist areas- and feet are the ideal spot for such conditions. The athletes foot fungus can cause dry, flaky skin as well as uncomfortable itching. When it becomes severe, it can also cause reddening of the skin and blisters. Athletes foot is no fun, but the [...]

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Do Your Exercise Shoes Hurt Your Feet?

Exercise shoes are not created equal. Some exercise shoes are definitely better for you than others, and if your exercise shoes are hurting your feet, then it is time to reevaluate your athletic footwear. Your exercise shoes should pump you up, not leave you feeling like you are barely able to walk.

Exercise shoes should be [...]

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How Can You Get The Best Shoes for Your Buck?

Quality does not always have to come with a giant price tag, however when it comes to the best care for your feet, quality is a key factor when searching for the best shoes. Keep in shoes are usually built cheap and do not provide the support your feet desperately need. Here are some [...]

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KURU Footwear: The Secret to Good Shoes

Have you ever wondered what goes into really good shoes? Your feet are the foundation of your mobility which means they have a big job to accomplish every day of your life. Without the proper care that comes from KURU Footwear, your feet and health can be affected in the following ways.

Puts yourself at higher [...]

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Exercise Shoes: Do Toning Shoes Truly Work?

Of course for almost anyone, a healthy body is a happy body, and fitness in itself comes with many exercise benefits. Truth is, there is far more to good exercise than keeping physically fit. What you put on your feet makes a huge difference with the way and desire to perform many different activities, including [...]

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Treatments for Plantar Fasciosis

If you have ever stepped out of bed with achy sore feet first thing in the morning, you know what the pain of plantar fasciitis feels like. The thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot is your plantar fascia, and it helps you jump, step, walk, and move your feet [...]

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Best Walking Shoe: Are You Motivated?

No matter what you do, no matter where you go, you are almost always walking. Your feet are amazing structures of the body, and have big shoes to fill when caring for you. The best way to give back to a hard working foot is with the best walking shoe.
Walking is one of the best [...]

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4 Causes of an Achilles Heel Injury

An Achilles tendon, referred to as the Achilles heel is one of the longest tendons in your body, starting at the bones of your heel and going to your calf muscles. Your Achilles heel allows you to flatten the front of your ankle and stand on your tiptoes. Often times an injury can occur because [...]

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3 Soothing Stretches For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can strike anyone: young or old, runner or cross-fitter. Plantar fasciitis treatment can range from simple to extreme, depending on the severity of the condition. When your feet hurt, one of the best ways to deal with the pain is doing plantar fasciitis stretches to loosen up the stiffness.

These stretches for plantar fasciitis [...]

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What Are Top 3 Most Common Running Injuries?

If you like to run, foot care should be at the top of your health priority list. Your feet are your equipment for this sport, after all!
The top three most common running injuries that affections millions of Americans every day are Achilles tendinitis, shin splints and runner’s knee. These common running injuries can put a [...]

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Climb Higher With The Best Hiking Shoes

If you are looking for the best shoes for hiking then look no further. KURU’s best hiking shoes are here with all the support, protection and comfort that you need.

Having the best hiking shoes can make you feel like you are on top of the world.

The best hiking shoes should be lightweight, because every pound [...]

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How Can I Bring Out the Best In My Hiking Shoes?

If you are setting out on a hiking adventure, you already know the two key ingredients to a good and comfort. When it comes to the safety and comfort of your feet, here are some tips to get the most out of your hiking shoes, and adventure.
Hiking Shoes Tip #1: Invest in good quality [...]

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Trail Running Tips from the Experts

If you are looking at all the bright autumn colors and thinking to yourself that trail running in this gorgeous weather might be a good idea, you are right. Here are some great tips for trail running, whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned pro.
Trail Running Tips
1. Take Your Time
The first time [...]

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Do I Really Need Cross Country Running Shoes?

Cross country running is different from your average jog around the track in several ways, and one of those differences is in the equipment that you need. Cross country running is usually done outside over a 4-12 kilometer (or 2.5 - 7.5 mile) distance, and the terrain can vary from nice and smooth to lumpy [...]

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Knee Running Injury: Is it Your Shoes?

If you are one who suffers from a knee running injury, have you ever thought of what the cause may be? Studies have shown a possible link between a knee running injury and the type of shoes you wear.

Studies have found that running shoes can increase stress on the joints of the leg, some leading [...]

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Keeping Your Plantar Fascia Healthy

While you may not spend too much time actively thinking about your plantar fasciia, it is a very important body part and deserves some extra care. Your plantar fasciia is a thick stretch of tissue that covers the bones on the bottom of your foot, and it helps you lift your foot as you walk [...]

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4 Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss

Clean, healthy eating can help you reach your weight loss goals just as much as putting in the hours at the gym. If you have extra pounds you would like to get rid of, we have uncovered four healthy eating tips that can help you reach your goals.
Healthy eating tip #1. Portion sizes.
Keep an eye [...]

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Outdoor Shoes That Will Get You Moving

Fall is in full swing, and it is a fabulous time to enjoy the last of the sunshine before winter makes its appearance. There is no better time of the year to grab a pair of comfortable hiking shoes and spend some time in the mountains and on the trails.
The best outdoor shoes should protect [...]

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What is Heel Pain?

What is heel pain? Do you know what it may be telling you and what causes it? Heel pain is a very common foot problem. Out of the 26 different bones in each of your feet, the heel bone is the largest and designed to support the weight of the whole body. Studies show that [...]

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Want To Feel Free In Lightweight Hiking Shoes?

Hiking is a fun and enjoyable way to get some great exercise while exploring many of natures beauties. Unfortunately, if you do not have the right attire on your feet, you could suffer many consequences AND not be able to enjoy your outdoor time nearly as much. Here are some ways lightweight hiking shoes can [...]

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Easy, At-Home Cures for Foot Pain

No one likes having to suffer through foot pain. And you should not have to! No matter what the cause, cures for foot pain can be simple and basic, and leave your feet feeling soothed and relaxed.
Most people spend the majority of their waking hours on their feet, and that can lead to different types [...]

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Athletic Footwear For Champions

Athletic footwear is generally designed with sports, exercise, and physical activity in mind. However, not all athletic footwear is the same, or even good for you! Choosing the right athletic footwear means evaluating yourself and your specific needs, so that you pick the right shoes for you! Here are some tips to help you choose [...]

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What About Your Achilles Tendon?

What is the Achilles Tendon?
The Achilles tendon is located on the back of your heel and connects your calf muscles to your heel. Your calf muscles flex or contract to lift your heel. This is what creates the basic foot action that you use day in and day out to walk and run.

The Achilles tendon [...]

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Smile With Comfortable Footwear

Your feet have shoes to fill each and every day of your life, in more ways than one. Because of the huge role they play in your life, comfortable footwear should never be left behind. There are many consequences that come from not properly providing your feet with comfortable footwear. Here are a few examples.
The [...]

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What Are Shin Splints? Five Things to Know Now

What are shin splints? Everyone has felt them. Still, they are somewhat of a mystery. Maybe we can clear up some of your questions with these five Q&A’s.
Q: What Are Shin Splints?
A: The simple answer to the question, what are shin splints, is that it is the inflammation of the front part of the tibia [...]

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