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All Running Surfaces Are Not Created Equal

Many runners have certain favorite running surfaces that they would choose over others any day of the week. But why is that? What makes one running surface preferable over another?
Different types of running surfaces can impact not just the quality of your run, but also certain aspects of your health. Read on for a list [...]

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Wishing Joanie Good Luck

The weather has finally broken, and Joanie is finally able to get out and about while training for her half marathon. With temperatures in the 70’s, it is about perfect.
Almost Ready
Last month, winter storms were still roaring around and making it difficult for Joanie to train. However, she was still persistent, hoping she could still [...]

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Choose the Best Sneakers for Arch Support

Sneakers. Everyone has them, and everyone loves them. We bet, though, that everyone also has foot pain from them. For many, it is a lifelong quest to try and find the best sneakers for arch support. It can seem impossible. However, KURU has the answer.
Why KURU’s Anatomical Last Brings You the Best Sneakers for Arch [...]

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3 Colorful Healthy Eating Tips For a Healthier You

Have you ever paid attention to what you consume in a days time? There is plenty of evidence to back up the benefits of including a substantial amount of fruits and veggies in your daily diet. Here are some great and easy healthy eating tips to help you learn to add more diet rich and [...]

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Five Fabulous Travel Exercise Tips

It can be very tempting to forget about exercise while you travel, but you do not want those extra pounds to sneak back on while you are away from home! Travel exercise does not have to mean spending hours at the hotel gym, or even packing your weights. We have put together a list of [...]

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Best Men’s Travel Shoes You Didn’t Know You Needed

We travel for a lot of reasons. Vacations, new experiences, and to see family are a few of those reasons. Your job may also require you to travel often. If this is true for you, you know you need the best men’s travel shoes to keep you on your toes and on time for your [...]

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3 Easy Cures For Foot Pain

Have you ever wondered what is causing your foot pain? There are several factors that can make you prone to sore feet. Here are some of the most common.

Abnormal foot anatomy



Poor fitting shoes

Overuse of your feet

Sometimes the cause of your foot pain can also be associated with more serious problems such as plantar fasciitis, stress [...]

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Why Cardiovascular Fitness Matters

Cardiovascular fitness is just one component of total overall health. Your cardiovascular system is what helps distribute blood and oxygen evenly throughout your body, especially while you exercise. A healthy cardiovascular system helps you breathe better, sleep better, and even live better. Here are three excellent reasons why your cardiovascular fitness matters!
The benefits of cardiovascular [...]

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Athletic Footwear: 4 Ways to Stay Safe This Summer

While many athletes are antsy about getting out in the open to exercise and get active, there are many things to remember to keep yourself and your body healthy in the heat of the summer.
Acclimate Yourself
While the weather is still a little nippy and even possibly wet, it is time to lace up your athletic [...]

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Where, Why, and What Are Bone Spurs?

What are bone spurs?
Bone spurs are small bony growths that form on a normal bone. Usually bone spurs form in response to pressure, rubbing, or stress that continues over a long period of time as the body tries to repair itself by building new bone.
Where do bone spurs form?
Bone spurs can occur almost anywhere that [...]

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How Your Feet and Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Trying to keep healthy is tough when your feet are not up to the task. Running, jogging, or any type of exercise is harder when your feet are sore or achy! Keeping your foot health in mind is important to your overall health, and eating certain foods can even help ward off inflammation and minimize [...]

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What To Do For Sore Heels: 4 Proven Methods

When you can not figure out what to do for sore heels, it can be frustrating. you spend a lot of time on our feet for work, and for working out. Keeping yourself fit and healthy is important, but it is difficult to do when you find yourself wondering what to do for sore heels [...]

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Are Stylish, Comfortable Shoes an Oxymoron?

Comfortable shoes are often thought of as bulky and ugly. The thought of orthopedics can almost make a person cringe. Luckily, this is no longer an issue. With our help, you can find a stylish shoe with revolutionary comfort. It seems that women are on the go 24 hours a day. So what are the [...]

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Travelers Shoes: Convenience or Extra Baggage?

Travelers shoes should have comfort, durability and an attractive look. Finding a shoe that is sensible and convenient for all occasions is a must when traveling. Let us help you figure out how to get everything you need and want out of your travelers shoes.
Comfort is key in travelers shoes, you want a shoe that [...]

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5 Pieces of Hiking Gear That Are Worth Their Weight

If you are an avid hiker, you already know about the essential hiking gear you need for any length of hiking. Chances are, you also know how to pack lightly. Even a few extra ounces can slow you down and wear you out in a hurry.
While you may be hesitant to pack any hiking gear [...]

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Hiking Shoes Dos and Don’ts

What kind of hike are you going on?
Hiking shoes are the most important part of your hiking gear, they will carry you farther, faster and last longer. A common misconception about hiking shoes is that they have to be big, bulky boots. In fact, for most day hiking experiences you want a durable, comfortable, supportive [...]

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Suffering From Pain In Balls Of Feet?

If you are experiencing intense pain in balls of feet, you could be suffering from metatarsalgia. Your metatarsal bones are the long bones of the foot that share the weight of a person during walking and other activities. The causes of pain in balls of feet can be attributed to many different things. The most [...]

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5 Diet Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Success

If you are tired of diet tips that sound more like work than diet tips, this article is for you. Follow along for 5 diet tips that cut corners while still keeping you on track.
5 Diet Tips and Tricks That Will Not Ruin Your Health
Diet Tip 1. Order Drinks “On the Rocks”
Sodas and even alcohol [...]

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Did You Pack Your Travel Shoes?

It is always fun to travel and explore new things, but why do so many feel this desire? Getting away from reality and stepping outside of your usual routine from time to time can be beneficial for both your mind and body. Even more so, a good pair of travel shoes can make a huge [...]

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3 Common Foot Problems Exposed

Your feet are one of the most complex parts of your body, consisting of 26 bones, along with numerous joints, ligaments, muscles, and tissue. Because of the complexity of your feet, proper foot care is essential in preventing foot problems from happening. Are your foot problems preventing you from enjoying life? If your foot problems [...]

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Stop Achilles Tendon Pain Before it Starts

Having Achilles tendon pain can make you feel like a kid on the sidelines. Not to mention, Achilles tendon pain that is not treated correctly can lead to more serious damage. The best treatment for achilles tendon pain is to prevent it in the first place.
5 Ways to Stop Achilles Tendon Pain Before it Starts
Stretch [...]

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4 More of KURU’s Favorite Exercises for Sore Feet

Sometimes life can be a real pain in the foot. Especially if you are on your feet for countless hours each day. Your feet are the foundation of your mobility, and caring for them is essential when it comes to living a happy healthy life. Here are some exercises for sore feet that can help [...]

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3 Ways Exercise benefits your health

Exercise benefits your health, happiness and general well being. Whether you are running, doing yoga, lifting weights or dancing in an aerobics class it all starts with your feet. If you do not have comfortable walking shoes, the result can be pain and discomfort. As the media booms about exercise benefits it seems that little [...]

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Introducing Eau De KURU: Foot Scents For Your Sole

Today, we are proud to introduce our all new foot scents! We know you will love all of our new aromas. 

april fool




Try a dashing scent today and get pleasure for your feet and your nose!

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Pamper Your Feet With Comfy Shoes

Do you own a pair of comfy shoes? Your feet are the foundation of your mobility, and supplying your feet with the most comfy shoes possible is essential part of caring for your feet and body. Have you ever realized how hard your feet work in a days time? Here are some interesting facts about [...]

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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Did you know that your shoes can tell a lot about you? Whether you are laidback and relaxed, always on the go, an athlete, outdoorsman, fashionable, or a hard worker, your shoes can identify you without another person actually seeing you in action. Sometimes it can be fun to figure out peoples personalities and ambitions [...]

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Overpronation: The Facts

Overpronation affects almost everyone in varying degrees of severity. This means that even if you do not have pain, you very likely could in the future. Read along to find out how you can correct and avoid overpronation, and the health risks that come along with it.
What is Overpronation?
Pronation is the movement of a foot [...]

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Do you know about Plantar Fasciitis?

Did you know that plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain? The plantar fascia is a flat band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes. Plantar fasciitis occurs when this tissue supporting the arch of your foot gets strained and if this happens regularly it can develop tiny tears [...]

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How Do You Use Your Most Comfortable Hiking Shoes?

Heading out on an adventure? Then you probably pay close attention to what you put on your feet. There are some things you should know about your most comfortable hiking shoes before hitting the trails.
What should I look for in the most comfortable hiking shoes?
Whether you are an avid or casual hiker, purchasing the most [...]

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How to Avoid the Top 3 Most Common Foot Injuries

No one likes being in pain, and sore feet can be excruciating! The good news is that many common foot injuries can be easily prevented by following a few simple steps. Some of the most common foot injuries include plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, and achilles tendonitis. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid these [...]

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Good News for KURU Achieve Your Goals Winner, David!

The beginning of March held a daunting task for David: His first PSA check since his prostatectomy. For David, there was a lot of apprehension when the doctor told him he wanted to see the PSA at 0.0. There is always fear or anxiety about tests when you have had cancer, though, and David was [...]

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Women Shoes: A Hidden Danger

What is it about women shoes that gets many women excited? Despite the inability to see the floor of the closet, many women feel they can never own enough pairs of women shoes, and yet, half of them are never worn. Why is that? Women are complex and detail oriented, and the right pair of [...]

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Travel Exercise: Any Time, Any Place

Travel exercise can be difficult. Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, there are always deadlines to make, meetings to go to, tours to be involved in, and sites to see. It can be hard to squeeze in extra time for travel exercise. The truth is, though, when you make time for travel [...]

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What Are the Best Shoes for Standing All Day?

Many people, including teachers, policemen, nurses, doctors, retail workers and food handlers, spend all day on their feet. If you are one of these people, you know how painful your feet can get by the end of your shift. With the best shoes for standing all day, you can find comfort and relief for better [...]

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How Can Benefits of Exercise Affect Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can really take a toll on the woman’s body. Did you know there are many benefits of exercise you can enjoy during your pregnancy? If you were active before pregnancy, there is no reason why you can not continue to stay active, but in moderation.
The 7 Fabulous Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
Pregnancy can make [...]

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Potential Side Effects of Plantar Fasciitis

Side Effects of Plantar Fasciitis
Knee, Hip and Back Pain
When you walk with plantar fasciitis, your walking gait changes. Since your heel hurts, your body does what it can to protect your heel from the pain, and this twists and pulls parts of your body in ways they are not meant to go. Because of this [...]

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Diabetes and Foot Pain: What Can Help?

Diabetes and foot pain are never any fun to deal with. Unfortunately, if you suffer from diabetes and foot pain, proper foot care is extremely important. As a diabetic, you are more vulnerable to foot problems since diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet. Here are some ways you can [...]

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The 3 Best Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis

Stretches for plantar fasciitis are a great plantar fasciitis treatment that you can do at home. Plantar fasciitis stretches do not cost money, and you can do them any time, anywhere. Let us show you some of our favorite stretches for plantar fasciitis so you can feel a little bit better on your feet.
KURU’s Favorite [...]

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A Shoe Story

The Luck O’ The Irish
The Irish are known for their luck. They are also known for St. Patrick who banished away all the snakes from Ireland. It is true. There are no snakes in Ireland, even now. On St. Patrick’s day, Americans of all ethnicities and religions celebrate St. Patrick’s day. A common theme is [...]

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What Creates The Best Work Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis?

Do you have the best work shoes for plantar fasciitis on your feet? There are many occupations that keep people on their feet for long periods of time, and this can damage your plantar fascia if you do not protect your feet with comfortable work shoes. Did you know that the average person takes 3,000 [...]

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4 Ways Orthotics Can Hold You Back

Your orthotics probably cost you a pretty penny. Having custom orthotics made can cost several hundred dollars while over the counter orthotics can cost around 30.00, but do not last as long. Also, while you may be excited to have relief from your foot problems, you may find that your orthotics hold you back in [...]

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What Kind of Walking Shoes For Travel Go With You?

Oh the places you can go with the best walking shoes for travel on your feet. What kind of walking shoes for travel do you wear? Are they comfortable? Picking the right walking shoes for travel is essential to making your vacation the best ever. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the [...]

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Lightweight Hiking Shoes? Who Knew?

You know hiking is good for your health, but do you know just how good it is? If you are a frequent hiker, you probably already know that comfort is key when it comes to pushing yourself to new heights. If you are one who wears clunky hiking boots any time you explore nature, try [...]

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Keep on Keepin’ On: Achieve Your Goals Check In with Patricia

While snow and storms rage into early spring on the East coast, even Florida is seeing cold, stormy weather. For Patricia, one of our inspiring Achieve Your Goals winners, this is a big deal. Still, inspiration and perserverence continues to roll in like waves, and Patricia is not discouraged.
Goal Rearrangements
When we talked to Patricia last [...]

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Your Healthy Diet Plan: Why A Diet Won’t Work

A healthy diet plan is something a lot of people strive for. Unfortunately, when people think “healthy diet plan”, they think about diet pills, protein shakes and cutting out carbs. Everyone also knows these are largely gimmicks and simply do not work. Today, we are dedicated to helping you understand why they do not work [...]

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Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Walk?

Walking is a great form of exercise that requires little time or money to perform. Did you know that the average person takes anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 steps per day? Unfortunately, if you are experiencing foot pain when you walk, you may be asking yourself, “why do my feet hurt when I walk?” If [...]

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Looking For New Hiking Gear?

With the snow melting, and warmer temperatures approaching, now is a great time to think about hitting the trails for a good hike. As you prepare, do not forget to consider your hiking gear. It may be time to replace some of your stuff, and that may include your hiking shoes. A new pair of [...]

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Why is Cardiovascular Fitness Good For My Body?

Cardiovascular fitness offers countless benefits such as a longer life span, energy, a better sex life, and a great looking body. However, cardiovascular fitness can be broken into two basic parts. Find out what the significance of each part, and how it affects you.
Cardiovascular Fitness Part 1: Weight Loss
While weight lifting and cross training can [...]

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How Can The Best Womens Shoes Improve Your Life?

With the everyday stress and love that goes into motherhood, it often times feels like there is not enough time in the day to accomplish things. From cooking, cleaning, laundry, working, helping kids with homework, or dropping kids off at lessons or games, it becomes quite difficult to try and simplify things so you can [...]

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Where Do Your Best Walking Shoes Lead You?

If you are one who enjoys walking in the outdoors during this time of year, you already know that the best walking shoes should be on your feet. Have you ever realized the possibilities and benefits your best walking shoes could lead you to? From exercising to taking a refreshing walk through a park, or even [...]

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