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Intermediate Tips For Increasing Strength and Flexibility

 I understand the refusal that one mentally flashes to when challenged with the idea of increasing strength because it implies only one thing: additional work. When daily tasks seem like plenty of exercise, it is difficult to imagine adding more work.
Fortunately, science supports adding strength training for longevity and health benefits. Increasing strength training can [...]

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Is Your Job Stressing You Out? Try These 5 Tips on Destressing at the Office

An individual’s first day of the work week, “Monday,” is the day that one is the most likely to have a heart attack. Learn techniques to help you anticipate stress and divert the weight of this stress for your overall health and longevity.
Maybe you are the “die-hard” who likes to “take it on the chin” [...]

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The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Travel Destinations for You and Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and everyone is looking for the perfect way to let their partner know just how special they are. We think that travel with your partner is the perfect way to show your partner just how much your appreciate him or her. Travel with a partner is wonderful, it [...]

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7 Exercises That Pose Serious Risk To Your Feet

We are now fully into the depths of winter. Winter is an important time to work on our fitness regime, but it is also a time when the risk of injury can increase. It could come from having to move your workout indoors, it could come from not being as regular about your exercise plan [...]

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Beginner Tips on Increasing Mileage

Your running journal has blank spaces.  You don’t know how to add mileage into your already busy schedule.  Fortunately, you realize that you have passion within you to seek your end-goal.  This is what drives you; it is what brings you back to the table of renegotiating the vision of accomplishment and priorities for yourself [...]

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7 Tried and True Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter holidays are over. If you are feeling sleepy, lazy, or craving mountains of high-carb foods-you are not alone. Ever heard of the winter blues? Studies say that one in four of us suffer from some sort of dip in mood or productivity during the winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of [...]

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Your Plantar Fascia: What it Does, How It Works, And Why You Have To Take Care Of it

If you have ever had foot pain you have probably heard the term plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a strong, thick, band of connective tissue that begins at your heel (the calcaneus bone) and runs all the way to your toes (it connects at the metatarsal bones). The plantar fascia is wide and flat, kind [...]

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Warm Travel Destinations To Get Out Of Your Cold Hometown

The winter months can leave you feeling drained and depressed. Getting up early before the sun to scrape your windshield is probably slowly driving you mad. So what better way to beat those winter blues than to take a vacation to a far-off destination with beautiful beaches? The locations below are popular spots for people [...]

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10 Ways To "Deskercise" While You're At The Office

Technology has come a long way very fast. Just a few decades ago men, women, and children spent hours working physically outside to earn a living for their families. Now, menial labor is more rare than the desk job, and as a society, our waistlines are bearing the consequences. While those who came before us [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions: Staying Motivated Beyond January

So, you made promises to yourself, did you? Did you happen to get interrupted by life challenges?  Join the club.  The sun shines and the rain pours on everyone.  There is no discrimination.  Having a preset grid to filter life events helps one to make quick, clear and solid decisions in the midst of any [...]

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The Facts About Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. It may feel as if you are standing on a pebble in your shoe. The cause is a thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves that connect to your toes.It [...]

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Useful Travel Apps for Those On The Go

Travel. For some, it means fun and exciting places to see, and for others it is just how they go to work every week. Whether you travel once a year or twice a month, you probably have a few aspects of travel that you would like a little help with. The list of apps that [...]

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Helpful Health Tips for the New Year

During the month of January, many people have New Year’s resolutions on their minds. And what is one of the most common resolutions? To become healthier! Everyone wants to be healthy, whether it is mentally or physically, and it is no secret that there are many positive benefits of becoming a healthier person. But where [...]

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Don't Let Foot Pain Stop You From Exercising

It is a new year! A time for setting new goals, and evaluating your progress on previous ones. The most common goal or resolution of a new year is to become healthier or focus on fitness. For people suffering from foot pain or chronic foot problems, hitting the gym can seem a bit out of [...]

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Stage 3: Increasing Speed and Stamina

You’ve tried almost everything so far to increase your speed and personal records.  You were just about to throw in the towel, but now you are reading this article.  You have to decide if you are up for the challenge. I beckon you to read further.
I understand your plight: trying one more method after having [...]

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When Things Go Wrong When You're Not At Home: What To Do

Traveling is one of the great joys of life, but like all things that are truly worthwhile, it does not always go exactly as planned. If you find yourself out of the country and things go wrong the first rule of travel is do not panic.

 When it comes to travel preparedness, prevention is the best [...]

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Laughter: The Effect It Has On Your Whole Body Health

We all know what it feels like to get the giggles. One minute something slightly funny happens, and suddenly you are giggling more than you should be and you just can not stop. It may be a little embarrassing if it happens in the wrong place (like at church or in a business meeting), but [...]

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Your Arch Type, And What This Means For Your Footwear

 The arch of your foot is the area of the foot takes on a huge amount of pressure as you go through your day. The arches of your foot are formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones. You have lots of ligaments and tendons running through the area. The purpose of the arch is to [...]

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Stage 2- Increasing Strength

Stage 2 of training (Increasing Strength) is designed to follow “Stage 1: Increasing Distance” and is meant for those who have already been running for a reasonable period of time.  At this stage, I encourage you to add strength on top of your “distance pyramid base.” When faced with life challenges, we can either suit [...]

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Top Destinations of 2016

Travel is one thing that most people wish they did more of. And if you are like the The best thing about travelling is that it is constantly changing. Going to new places, seeing new things is always an exciting experience. And even trekking to a place you have already been can be made new [...]

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Heart Healthy Tips From The Professionals

It is time to listen to your heart! No we are not talking about song lyrics. Your heart is an important part of your body and how it functions, and unfortunately many people do not really think about taking care of it until something goes wrong. But healthcare experts say that the key to good [...]

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Stage 1: Increasing Distance Foundation

This article is an overview of the first stage of training: building and increasing your distance base. Establish medical clearance and then set your goals.  Specialized training may be necessary for differences in fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, though the same general training program has the potential to work for anyone.
You may be thinking [...]

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Travel: The Most Common New Year's Resolution

This year you are going to do it. You have decided to travel more! We are already into the new year, how is your resolution going? Chances are, if you are like many people who set resolutions, you might not be moving on it as well as you would like to. A big part of [...]

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Diet? Changing Your Way Of Thinking For A Healthier Lifestyle

With the new year just beginning, a lot of people have made resolutions to start focusing more on their health and trying to lose weight. Wanting to lose weight is nothing new, and there are seemingly endless amounts of advice, diets, and methods of how to go about taking off unwanted pounds. In recent years [...]

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New Year's Resolutions: How to Make Realistic Goals and Meet Them

This time of year feels like the perfect time to reevaluate your goals, make a few course corrections, and get on the path to an even better you. But how do you do that? All of us have looked out over the first week of January with a whole list of things that we are [...]

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Foot Grooming and Why It's Important

Why is Foot Care Important?
Your feet are important! You would not ignore a headache or backache that comes back day after day and not do anything about it would you? Unfortunately that is how many people treat their feet. Thinking that it is normal or “bearable” to have a bit of soreness or foot pain [...]

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The Best Countdown Celebrations Throughout the World

Everyone knows that New York City is a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve but maybe you are looking for a different kind of adventure. In the US the only real New Year’s Eve that we can see on TV is the one in New York City, but have you ever wondered what happens [...]

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Why KURU Shoes are the best Gift for Your Feet This Christmas

The big day is almost here! A fire in the hearth with stockings hung above the mantle and presents under the tree. And now it is the time for your favorite holiday traditions to count down to Christmas Day. One of the fun things about Christmas Day is watching others open and enjoy the gifts [...]

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Trail/Travel Town: The Most Popular Holiday Destinations

As much as 70% of American’s travel for the holidays each year. That is a lot of people! So where are they all going? Some are simply travelling to be with their families for the holidays, while others have decided to travel for the most magical time of the year. What better gift to yourself [...]

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10 Workout-Worthy Christmas Songs to Get You Fit and In the Mood To Celebrate

The holidays are a hard time to stay on track with your fitness goals. There are family parties, work parties, friend parties, and church parties.

Social activities and traditions all take up time and for many of us, when we are trying to find a way to squeeze these important holiday events into our busy schedules [...]

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The Incredible Biology Of Your Feet

Your feet are an incredibly designed machines. There are 52 bones in human feet (that is roughly 25% of the total bones in your whole body). Each foot also contains 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. During the course of a lifetime it is estimated that the average human walks the equivalent of 4 [...]

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How Your Running Shoes Should Fit

We have all started our journey with the most basic of essentials.  As time has passed, we have not only learned how to use more advanced resources, but we have also learned how to make those resources become the most beneficial. I originally wore archaic department store “running” shoes. As a freshman in high school [...]

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Lifestyle: 12 Days Of Christmas Fitness Countdown

The season can be overwhelming for for your fitness goals. There is no need to have the holidays derail your fitness plans--you do not need cake a cookies to have a good time this holiday season, and you do not need to have hours to dedicate to the gym. Here are 12 quick exercises that [...]

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Top 6 Most Common Foot Pains and What They Mean

Foot pain. Just the thought of it can be unpleasant. Unfortunately for many of us, foot pain is more than just a thought, it is a tough reality. Almost everyone has had an issue with their feet at one point or another. Whether it be from an injury, improperly fitted shoes, or overuse. If any [...]

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The Importance of Traction in a Shoe

When first training my youngest daughter to run, she would burst out ahead of me, almost at a sprint, wanting to impress me with her speed. Though I expressed how impressed I was, I encouraged her to go slower, be patient, and build the foundation for life long exercise.  In the youth of our endeavors [...]

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Trail/Travel/Town: The Top 10 Fitness Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Tis the season for holiday music, hot cocoa, and twinkling lights. With all the festivities, the last thing that you want on your mind is indecision about what to put under the tree for someone. Well if you need a fitness themed gift for the holidays, we can help with this list of the hottest [...]

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How to Make Your KURU Shoes Work For You

One of the best aspects of KURU Footwear is the completely individual fit that you get with the KURUULTIMATE INSOLES™ that are in each of our shoes. The high-tech foams that we use to make our insoles are biomechanically shaped. That means that as you use them they mold to your foot, using your foot’s [...]

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Take Our KURU Cares Challenge

The Holiday Season is a time to take a respite form the rigor of our daily lives to connect, more closely, with those around us. While we each celebrate unique traditions in joy and love, we hope to also share our concern for others.
This year, each of us at KURU have accepted the challenge to [...]

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Why You Don't Need Orthotics with KURU

To best explain why KURU shoes do not need orthotics and how they can help you in the same ways, we need to start at the beginning. First, what are orthotics? Orthotics are shaped insoles placed inside shoes with the purpose of restoring natural foot movement. Why would you need inserts in your shoes? Your [...]

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Winter Hiking Safety

Autumn is known to be one of the favorite seasons. Its mild, but slightly cold weather gives us a reprieve from the hot summer nights without dipping too far into the frigid temps of chilly winter days. And although we all love autumn, we also know that it means winter is right around the corner [...]

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Lifestyle: Black Friday: Rushing Through the Store

Black Friday is almost upon us. Some people swear by it, and others absolutely hate it. If you are one of the people who wake up before the sun to tackle the now contact-sport that is Black Friday, we have some extra help for you this year. As many veterans of the popular shopping day [...]

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Yoga for Feet

What are your thoughts when you read the word Yoga? Do they wander through a series of poses that can calm your mind while increasing focus? Or do they go straight to images of a game of Twister gone terribly wrong? If you fall into the second category, fear not. KURU has compiled some simple [...]

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How To Avoid The Most Common Running Injuries

Take the challenge and avoid injury.  We are all prone to injury in general, and many runners already have an existing injury that needs treatment on some level.  Unless we take an educated and proactive method in our course of training, injury is inevitable. Being proactive and preventive in training results in conserving energy for [...]

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The Importance of Traction this Winter

Falling is a serious hazard of icy, wintery weather. When we are very young falls do not seem to phase us at all, but as we get older (and reach our full adult weight) it gets harder and harder to bounce back after a fall. As we get even older, falls can be complicated by [...]

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How to Keep Your Running Skills Up-to-Date During the “Off Season”

Your Nemesis is preventing you from training how you prefer to train. Maybe this is due to seasonal temperatures or maybe your work responsibilities and hours have changed, or possibly something more challenging prevents you from continuing your regular program.  Maybe you are having an “off-season” due to an injury, or maybe you just need [...]

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Trail/Travel/Town: The Top 5 Turkey Trots

It is turkey season everyone! The time that many begin thinking about family feasts, festive decorations, and running 10Ks! Okay, so that last one may have thrown some of you for a loop; but did you know that late autumn races are becoming increasingly popular? In the last 5 years alone the amount of autumn [...]

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Lifestyle: Farmer's Market Shopping Tips

Farmer’s markets are becoming more and more common as a way for everyday people to buy fresh, local, in season produce and goods.  With farmer’s markets popping up in small towns and large cities, you are sure to find a market that is within a reasonable distance of your house.  Produce that is sold at [...]

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Foot And Lower Leg Strength

You know that your muscles are an important part of your overall health. And your legs and feet are literally what carry you through the day. That means that of course they get the star treatment when it comes to your workout and stretch routine, right? I bet at least some of you can say [...]

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Tuesday Running Tips, Product Review: CHUKKAs

My old (non-KURU) shoes are now candidates for becoming planters for daisies, as they are more useful this way. My second pair of KURU shoes (cedar brown CHUKKAs) had just arrived in the mail, and I was excited to try them out; I wanted to test my new and second pair of KURU shoes out [...]

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Hiking Trails and Tips near Plymouth Rock

Plymouth, MA is the site of the first colony founded on these shores in 1620. Located just 40 miles south of Boston, Plymouth is a place that combines amazing history and great outdoor opportunities. Fall is the perfect time to visit Plymouth. Leaves typically start changing colors in Mid-October, and for the month following, you [...]

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