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Yoga for Feet

What are your thoughts when you read the word Yoga? Do they wander through a series of poses that can calm your mind while increasing focus? Or do they go straight to images of a game of Twister gone terribly wrong? If you fall into the second category, fear not. KURU has compiled some simple [...]

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How To Avoid The Most Common Running Injuries

Take the challenge and avoid injury.  We are all prone to injury in general, and many runners already have an existing injury that needs treatment on some level.  Unless we take an educated and proactive method in our course of training, injury is inevitable. Being proactive and preventive in training results in conserving energy for [...]

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The Importance of Traction this Winter

Falling is a serious hazard of icy, wintery weather. When we are very young falls do not seem to phase us at all, but as we get older (and reach our full adult weight) it gets harder and harder to bounce back after a fall. As we get even older, falls can be complicated by [...]

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How to Keep Your Running Skills Up-to-Date During the “Off Season”

Your Nemesis is preventing you from training how you prefer to train. Maybe this is due to seasonal temperatures or maybe your work responsibilities and hours have changed, or possibly something more challenging prevents you from continuing your regular program.  Maybe you are having an “off-season” due to an injury, or maybe you just need [...]

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Trail/Travel/Town: The Top 5 Turkey Trots

It is turkey season everyone! The time that many begin thinking about family feasts, festive decorations, and running 10Ks! Okay, so that last one may have thrown some of you for a loop; but did you know that late autumn races are becoming increasingly popular? In the last 5 years alone the amount of autumn [...]

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Lifestyle: Farmer's Market Shopping Tips

Farmer’s markets are becoming more and more common as a way for everyday people to buy fresh, local, in season produce and goods.  With farmer’s markets popping up in small towns and large cities, you are sure to find a market that is within a reasonable distance of your house.  Produce that is sold at [...]

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Foot And Lower Leg Strength

You know that your muscles are an important part of your overall health. And your legs and feet are literally what carry you through the day. That means that of course they get the star treatment when it comes to your workout and stretch routine, right? I bet at least some of you can say [...]

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Tuesday Running Tips, Product Review: CHUKKAs

My old (non-KURU) shoes are now candidates for becoming planters for daisies, as they are more useful this way. My second pair of KURU shoes (cedar brown CHUKKAs) had just arrived in the mail, and I was excited to try them out; I wanted to test my new and second pair of KURU shoes out [...]

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Hiking Trails and Tips near Plymouth Rock

Plymouth, MA is the site of the first colony founded on these shores in 1620. Located just 40 miles south of Boston, Plymouth is a place that combines amazing history and great outdoor opportunities. Fall is the perfect time to visit Plymouth. Leaves typically start changing colors in Mid-October, and for the month following, you [...]

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Favorite Fall Colors: Do Autumn Right With These Fall-Colored Shoes

Autumn. A time for stepping on crispy leaves, sipping on warm drinks, and finally getting the chance to wear your favorite cozy accessories. As you navigate your way through this pumpkin-spice soaked time of year, it can bring back fond memories of picking pumpkins, gobbling turkeys, and running through corn mazes. And while you are [...]

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Stretching For Foothealth

While many people are aware of the benefits from regular exercise, they may be neglecting an important aspect of fitness: stretching. Stretching is a very basic movement that you can use to loosen up your joints and keep your muscles limber. You probably even do some stretches instinctively, like when you first wake up in [...]

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Trail/Travel/Town: Autumn in New York

There is nothing more perfect than New York City in the fall. Even though it is a major metropolis, New York City and the surrounding area have some of the most spectacular sites to see in the fall. The dense foliage that can be found just outside the city and in all of the major [...]

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Halloween Safety and Comfort: Trick or Treat in These Shoes

Trick or treating, an American All-Hollows-Eve tradition! And one that comes with free candy if you are willing to go out with your little ones. Whether you enjoy it or not, your kids are sure to want to go out and gather treats, and that means a lot of walking for all of you.
Improper footwear [...]

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Appropriate Work Shoes

Shoes can make or break your day, especially at work. Sometimes spending several hours at work can feel like an eternity if your feet are aching. Footwear that fits poorly or is worn out will create a lot of discomfort every time you wear them. Pointed toed or high-heeled shoes are particularly dangerous when it [...]

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KURU Shoes: Recommended by Podiatrists

When we set out to create the world's most comfortable shoes, we had no idea that they would also become beneficial to your foot health, and your whole body health. Recent polls show that Podiatrists agree. In fact, they are recommending KURU shoes to their patients to help promote healthier feet, and therefore, a healthier [...]

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Foot Health Hacks: Quick Fixes

So often we just think of our feet as, “those smelly things that get us from one place to another.” That attitude is not good for anyone because it often means that we are neglecting our feet. If you have ever had foot pain you know that it is awful. It is awful because the [...]

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Get Outside With These KURU Styles

When you plan a hike, it is important to keep in mind that your shoes will have a big impact on how the trip goes. Added weight on your feet can put strain on your back and cause you to tire out faster. Foot pain will stop a hike in its tracks and put a [...]

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Proper Shoe Fit: KURU Has You Covered

Everyday wear and tear can be hard on your feet. And issues with your feet can be a sign of more serious problems. But what if you can solve some of these discomforts simply by selecting the right footwear. It can be hard to find a good shoe that is both comfortable and functional. Especially [...]

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Ten Running Tips to Help You Go Further

My original appeal for running was in knowing that all I really needed were basic clothes and a pair of running shoes to go out for a run. I would put on some old shorts and a shirt, some comfortable socks (sometimes two pairs) and my department store (archaic) basic shoes to begin running. Times [...]

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The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe by KURU: Here’s Why We Do It

KURU Footwear began selling shoes in 2009. Since then, this independently owned shoe company has managed to create quite a name for itself. Our dedication to creating quality footwear and giving our customers true happiness through superior comfort has kept KURU growing throughout the years. Now this web-driven shoe business has brought joy and relief [...]

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KURU in the Work Place

Business casual: Great for the workplace but not always great for your feet. Many business shoes are made for style and appearance and not for comfort. And as sleek as a new pair of heels or dress shoes can look, they do little for your bone alignment. Many people end up with a lot of [...]

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Fat Pad Syndrome

Shoes are an integral part of everyday life in many countries, but did you know that the human body was made to walk, and even run, barefoot? Certain modern conveniences such as roads, rough concrete, and the risk of stepping on common materials like glass, metal scraps, and other items makes the need for shoes [...]

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The First Few Steps

I encounter beginner joggers and elite runners of all ages and backgrounds, attempting to escape the mundane world and work toward their own life goals.
I warm up on the level and wide path of Rillito at a slow pace, remembering my humble beginnings to get back into shape. I was formerly dedicated to various other [...]

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Hiking Hacks

Hiking is such a great outdoor experience. It mixes fresh air, good exercise, and gorgeous views. But even the best trips can be affected by unexpected problems. Keep ahead of the game, by using some of these tried and true hiking hacks. And make sure to pack your most comfortable shoes for the trip!
Safeguard your [...]

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Our Best-Selling Technology

Do you suffer from chronic foot pain? Maybe you had a recent diagnosis of plantar fasciitis that has left you looking for better footwear solutions. There are many things that you can do to take care of your feet, which then helps take care of the rest of your body. Proper support and alignment of [...]

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Muscle Memory

You know that strange but amazing phenomenon where you can climb into a car with an automatic transmission and be able to drive it, even if you have not used one in several years? How about riding a bike? You can thank muscle memory! The best way to describe muscle memory is by using walking [...]

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Welcome! KURU's New Resident Running Expert

We at KURU are excited to welcome Don Bickerdike, who will be featuring articles each week all about running. This means tips, tricks, health and reviews to help you along your way, no matter your experience level. Please help us welcome Don by reading our incredible Q&A session below!
D. P. Bickerdike’s Q and A Session:
Q [...]

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Traveling with Kids: Stay Sane During your Fall Break

If you are an adult with kids, fall break is the perfect time for a short family vacation--the weather is so much better than it is in the middle of summer, and because it is off season, a vacation can be much more affordable than it would be in the high-traffic, middle of summer. Be [...]

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“Reasons You Love” (Quantum/Carrera/Chicane)

Over 80% of KURU customers would buy from us again, and almost 90% would recommend this footwear to their friends and family. So what makes these shoes so great? We went straight to the source to find out why YOU, the customers, love KURU technology.

The QUANTUM is great for people on the move. The performance [...]

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Gym Fashion Don'ts : 5 Blunders to Avoid When Working Out

The gym can be a tricky place for sartorial choices. You  do not want to spend too much time thinking about what you are going to wear because you are only going to wear it for a short amount of time, and your intent is to make sure that you are sweaty at the end.

The [...]

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Do This Tried and True Exercise for a Stronger Foundation

It can be difficult to notice you’ve got a foot health problem...until there is pain. When there is pain, it’s a sign that your foot has endured an injury or a problem for too long. When there is pain, it’s hard to ignore.
Your feet are the very foundation of your whole-body health. When something goes [...]

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The plantar fascia is the thick band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot. It makes up the arch of the foot and connects the heel to the toes. It’s the type of thing that goes mostly unnoticed, unless it is injured. If you do have a plantar fascia injury, such [...]

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8 Tips to Help You Stick To Your Fitness Program

We have all started fitness programs only to see them fail a few months later. Here are 8 tips to keep you motivated and on track to reach all of your health goals.
 Starting a fitness program is the easiest thing in the world. Sticking to a fitness program is the hardest thing in the world [...]

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Light Sweaters For Fickle Fall Weather

Once the weather cools off one of the first fall items to make its way into our wardrobes is the sweater. After hot and sticky summers, fall’s cool weather and cozier fashion are something almost everyone looks forward to. This is the perfect season for light sweaters and layers that you can add or take [...]

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5 Cute Ponytail Styles For Your Workout

Fashion at the gym can sometimes be a little tricky--especially when it comes to hair.  No one wants to spend time getting ready and doing their hair when you’re just going to get it sweaty and gross.  But at the same time you don’t just want to throw your hair up into a ratty ponytail [...]

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The Amazing Benefits of Citrus

Citrus fruits are absolutely packed with benefits and they are so easy to add to your diet, there is no excuse for missing out on these little wonders. You can buy them whole, sliced, juiced, crystalized, sugared, and made into marmalades. So why are they so popular? To begin with, they are sweet, tangy and [...]

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KURU Adventurer: Fishing Tips from the Pros

Fishing is a classic past-time that is enormously popular. The amount of locations and gear that you have to choose from is enormous. Plenty of people have a lot to say about the “best” methods to catching the biggest fish, but you do not have to swim through all that information or find an expert [...]

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Walk with KURU: What to See and do In Laramie, WY

Laramie, Wyoming is a small town located on the Laramie River in south Wyoming. In the mid-19th century, a whole set of Wyoming towns were made along the railroad so each of the main towns in southern Wyoming are 100 miles apart (because that was how far a train could go between stops at the [...]

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Hiking Shoes: Style Vs Function and how to Choose

When it comes to hiking shoes it is all about the foundation. You would not want to buy a house with a beat-up or worn out foundation, so why would you put your feet in shoes that are just as worn out or worse?
Outer Design
The Uppers: The upper part of the shoe leaves a lot [...]

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Oral Health: Foods that Help Clean Your Teeth

Your teeth are a huge part of eating. And when your teeth hurt, it can be somewhat less enjoyable eating any kind of food, no matter how good it may taste. We have some suggestions on how to keep to those teeth healthy, strong and white.
First off, if you have not seen a dentist in [...]

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KURU Adventurer: The Best Bike Trails in Colorado

Colorado is well known for its gorgeous views, ski resorts, and hiking trails. But what about mountain biking? The longer distance trails mean that these areas are perfect for riding! And the treks come ready for a wide variety of skill levels. Each trail has a skill suggestion next to the title to make it [...]

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Walk with KURU: What to See and Do in Santa Fe, NM

The City of Santa Fe was founded in 1607, though it is believed that the roots of the city go much deeper than that and that it was Puebloan village long before it was a formal city. When you think of Santa Fe you may think of little more than turquoise and Native American art [...]

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The Best Clothes for Running

Going out during that golden hour in the evening when the sun is still up but it is starting to cool down outside is a joy for runners. The key is to running then, or anytime really is making sure you are comfortable and keeping safe. These both have a lot to do with how [...]

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Weights: High-Resistance or Low-Resistance, and what they do for your muscles.

Walk into almost any gym and you will see two types of people in the weight area--those who are lifting huge amounts of weight and shaking after 5 lifts and those who have small amounts of weight that they seem to lift forever. So which is better for you? Is it true that lifting very [...]

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Food For Thought: Foods that Boost Your Brain Power

Feeling a little out of it? Having a hard time focusing? You may be missing some vital nutrients from your diet. Many people today may be surprised to hear that a lot of the issues that they take to doctors, can actually be fixed through a few small changes. And at the forefront of those [...]

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KURU Adventurer: The 5 Best Places to Fish in the Western U.S.

Fishing is a national pastime for many. Whether it be a father-son bonding activity, Mom taking the kids out to show dad who can really catch the big fish, or siblings going on a trip to reconnect, there are many reasons to take a trip together to go fishing.
In trying to count how many fishing [...]

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Walk With KURU: What to See and Do in Bellingham, WA

Nestled against the shores of Bellingham Bay and sitting just 21 miles short of the Canadian border is Bellingham, Washington. Mount Baker stands in the background of this picturesque city by the sea. This town is a great stop for outdoorsy or adventurous types, as most of their activities are in the open air. From [...]

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Gym Style: What's too bulky, What's too Light

Workouts are meant to help us feel good about our effort and our body. While doing these workouts we need to have the right clothes on to keep our bodies cool, if we are not wearing what will keep our bodies at the right temperature we will feel miserable. This could perhaps even be dangerous [...]

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Foot Health Update: Toe Lifts

Foot strength. It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of our overall health, and it is not doing us any favors. Your feet are the foundation of your health, and the slightest pain or injury in your feet can cause injury to your knees, hips, back and even your neck.
While strong muscles in your feet [...]

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Eating for Depression: Healthy Foods that Boost Your Mood

Food is such an amazing thing. Just saying the word ‘chocolate’ can produce an emotion response from some people. But on the other hand, the wrong diet can give anyone a serious case of the blues.
When you have a hard day at work or with the kids do you crave sweet, or fatty foods. In [...]

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