9 Things You Are Doing To Destroy Your Feet

We don't like to think of our feet as fragile. As a matter of fact, we know that our feet are amazingly good at taking a beating. However, too much of a beating, and too long with the wrong kind of treatment can lead to pain, and chronic injury. For a strong, healthy foundation for [...]

10 Ways To "Deskercise" While You're At The Office

Technology has come a long way very fast. Just a few decades ago men, women, and children spent hours working physically outside to earn a living for their families. Now, menial labor is more rare than the desk job, and as a society, our waistlines are bearing the consequences. While those who came before us [...]

Muscle Memory

You know that strange but amazing phenomenon where you can climb into a car with an automatic transmission and be able to drive it, even if you have not used one in several years? How about riding a bike? You can thank muscle memory! The best way to describe muscle memory is by using walking [...]

Getting to Know Your KURU Shoes

Getting a new pair of KURU shoes is exciting and possibly even a little frustrating. The world’s most comfortable shoes just might not be the most comfortable the minute you slip them on. There is hope. Read on.
KURUSOLE™ Technology: Why KURU Works
If you have purchased a pair of KURU shoes, you were probably looking for [...]