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10 Ways to “Deskercise” While You’re at the Office

By: KURU Footwear
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Key Takeaways

  • Desk jobs have made it difficult for office workers to get exercise, which can lead to health problems.
  • There are several exercises that can be done at the desk, including stair climbing, leg curls, stapler curls, and the “crunch time crunch.”
  • Walking around the office to talk to coworkers, pacing, and even dancing can all help get the blood flowing and burn some calories.
  • Music can help motivate and energize office workers during the day.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes with proper support can lead to happier feet, and a happier you while at the office.
Stay Active and Energized at Work with These 10 Deskercise Ideas

Technology has come a long way very fast. Just a few decades ago men, women, and children spent hours working physically outside to earn a living for their families. Now, menial labor is more rare than the desk job, and as a society, our waistlines are bearing the consequences. While those who came before us used to get exercise just by living their lives, we have to make time for it. That’s difficult when you’re stuck in a cubicle all day long. But don’t panic! We’ve got some great ways to help you get some extra steps in, get the blood flowing, and feel a little healthier—and you can do it at the office.

Stay Active and Energized at Work with These 10 Deskercise Ideas

Deskercise 1: Stair Master

This is simple. Take the stairs. Work on the 34th floor? Take at least some of the stairs. A cardio workout is the best way to keep your heart healthy, and it’d hard to get that kind of workout in the office. So ditch the small talk and dodge the claustrophobia, and take the stairs instead. Don’t think your regular work shoes are up for the task? Try a pair of business casual shoes for men and women from KURU. You’ll get the same comfort and support through our patented KURUSOLE™ technology as you do in any of our workout shoes. You’ll conquer the stairs, but they won’t conquer your feet.

Deskercise 2: Happy Feet

Super excited that it’s Friday? Just nailed your quarterly report? Snagged an important client? Celebrate with a victory dance, and tap your toes under your desk, lifting your knees, and criss-crossing your ankles. Keep it up until you’ve got your blood pumping. You might even break a sweat!

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Deskercise 3: Office Vagabond

Have an important message to relay to the team? Your fingers get plenty of exercise throughout the day, dancing over your keyboard. It’s time to get up and give your coworkers some face-time. Deliver your message face to face. You’ll get some leg-work in, and everyone will benefit from the social interaction. Make sure you don’t chit-chat too long, though. No one likes an employee who wastes time.

Deskercise 4: Music Madness

If your job allows you do listen to music, either with a quiet radio at your desk, or with ear buds in your head, do it. Not only will music lift the spirit and make time fly faster, you can bob along with a good beat, or even occasionally jam more enthusiastically when you’re feeling a bit cramped.

Deskercise 5: Going At A Strong Pace

Whenever possible, get out of your chair and pace. Talking on the phone? Get up and pace. Reading some literature your boss sent over? Get up and pace while you read. While you won’t get far, you’ll be doing your body a lot of good. Blood flow, posture and circulation will all benefit from pacing back and forth.

Deskercise 6: The Ham-Sandwich Hammy

Lunchtime is everyone’s favorite part of the day. It marks the half-way point, and gives you a chance to get up and move around. Use this opportunity to do some standing leg curls, and stretch your hamstrings! Stand near a supporting wall or chair and kick your foot back to touch the back of your thigh. Use your hand to hold your ankle in this position until you can feel the stretch along the top of your thigh. Hold for a count of 10 and repeat on each side 5 times.

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Deskercise 7: Stapler Curl

Who says weight lifting has no place in the office? Grab your stapler, and grip it with the palm facing upward. Starting with the arm extended parallel to your thigh, pull the stapler up to your chest, and do 15-20 bicep curl reps on either side. Don’t have a stapler? A bottle of water or your purse will do the job just as well.

Deskercise 8: The Secret Handshake

You settle plenty of scores each day. You make deals, and you bring home the bacon. It’s time to make an I’m-going-to-be-healthier deal with your own body, and shake on it. Clasp your hands together as though you’re giving yourself a handshake. One hand’s thumb should be pointing at the floor, and one hand’s thumb should be pointing at the ceiling. Now PULL! You’ll feel this stretch in the biceps. Hold for a count of 10, and relax.

Deskercise 9: The Office Genie

Ready for something a little more difficult and a little less discrete? Put some magic in your workday with the Office Genie deskercise. Pull your legs up into the “criss cross applesauce” position while still seated in your chair. Put your hands on the armrest, and push upward to lift your body off the chair, so you’re floating. Hold this position for a count of 15, and repeat 5 times. Your arms will look and feel great!

Deskercise 10: The “Crunch Time Crunch”

Deadlines on the horizon? No worries. You can do these crunch-babies without worrying about taking time away from your work schedule. While seated in your chair, place your elbows on your thighs, and try to crunch your chest in toward your thighs while resisting the weight with your arms. Hold for 10 seconds, release, and repeat 10 times.

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