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Walking Shoes: 5 Reasons To Walk To Work

By: KURU Footwear
5 Reasons To Strap on Those Walking Shoes and Walk To Work

Summer is too hot, and winter is too cold. Right now, though, the weather is just right for walking to work. Or school. Or the market. Autumn is the perfect time of year to lace up those walking shoes and step out onto the street to walk your way to wherever you are going.

5 Reasons To Strap on Those Walking Shoes and Walk To Work

1. It’s Free

With soaring gas prices, a free ride is impossible. Unless it’s your walking shoes that are carrying you. Public transportation is cheaper than gas, but it can still get expensive. Especially since ticket prices reflect the rising gas prices, you are trying to avoid them by not taking your car.

2. It Could Be Faster

Some major cities battle extreme traffic depending on where you live. Slipping on those walking shoes and hoofing it to work might save you time.

3. It Does Not Cause Pollution

The average car produces 36 pounds of carbon dioxide per 30 miles. Multiply that by how far you work and factor in how many days a week you work; the numbers can get extremely high.

Fact: It takes an average human to walk about 20 miles per hour. That means you can walk 3 miles in an hour—if you are not in a hurry. If you want to push your walking shoes harder and speed it up a notch, you could walk as many as 5 miles in an hour. Or, you could jog. If you are a healthy middle-aged person, you can jog a mile in an average of 9 minutes. That is a little more than 6 miles in an hour.

4. Me Time

Need time to think? Need fresh air and quiet so you can get your thoughts in order? Wearing fitness shoes to walk to work is the perfect way for you to get time for yourself.

5. Live Longer

Studies have shown that physically active people live an average of 3 years longer than those who do not. Being physically active does not have to be difficult. Just find your most comfortable walking shoes and hit the road to work!

Take the First Step by Wearing Good Walking Shoes

If you will be walking to work this fall, you need to start by wearing good walking shoes. Trekking it to work in peep toe pumps will not get you far and will do more damage than good.

KURU offers walking shoes that make your feet feel like they were made for walking. With the new and innovative KURUSOLE technology, your walking shoes will fit your feet better. With an orthotic midsole sculpted into every single KURU walking shoe, you will have proper arch support and a deep heel cradle that will absorb shock and protect your whole foot from the heel to the toes.

Get out and get fit with KURU walking shoes for a healthier, happier lifestyle that will help you live longer and do more with a new quality and happiness.

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