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50 Best Running Podcasts

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Running is more than just a form of exercise; it’s a way of life for many. What could be better than lacing up your shoes, hitting the pavement, and tuning into a fantastic podcast about running? Whether you’re a seasoned runner needing that extra push or a newbie seeking guidance, there’s a podcast suited perfectly to your needs.

These podcasts offer more than just advice. They present inspiring stories, valuable running insights, and even the odd laugh here and there. The next time you’re out on the trail, consider listening to one of these best podcasts for running. It may turn out to be the best running companion you’ve ever had!

Key Takeaways

  • Listen to motivational and educational running podcasts to improve your form, keep your spirits up, and maintain your pace even during extended periods of running.
  • Running enhances cognitive function, allowing you to absorb and process new information more effectivelymaking it the perfect time to listen to the best podcasts for runners.
  • Listening to podcasts—especially ones with guest speakers or multiple hosts—can make solo runs less lonely and help you boost your mental health.

The Strength Running Podcast

Hosted by the ever-energetic Jason Fitzgeralda former USA Track & Field-certified coachThe Strength Running Podcast is your personal trainer in your ear. They’ve got over 300 episodes featuring conversations with experts and pro runners about how to prevent injuries, improve your performance, get stronger, develop mental toughness, and more.

Marathon Training Academy

Angie and Trevor Spencer, the self-proclaimed “average people” behind Marathon Training Academy, make running marathons feel as simple as pie. This podcast will make you believe that anyoneeven youcan run a marathon, as long as you have the right guidance and a pair of good running shoes!

Run to the Top Podcast

This podcast is like your personal running guru, offering helpful tips, interviews with experts, and stories of triumph and perseverance from the running world. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Claire Bartholic and Stephanie Atwood, the show covers everything from finding the perfect shoe for race day to running 80s!

Doctors of Running Podcast

The Doctors of Running Podcast is where running meets science. Hosts Dr. Matthew Klein, Dr. David Salas, and Dr. Bach Pham, are here to serve up scientific running advice. They delve into the biomechanics behind running, shoe reviews, running with back pain, and more.

Ali on the Run Show

Meet your new BFF on the run, Ali Feller, the bubbly host of the “Ali on the Run Show.” Discover runners who lead interesting lives on and off the track as she chats with inspiring people in the running industry and shares her own experiences as a runner in NYC.

Trail Runner Nation

Hit the trails with Trail Runner Nation, hosted by running enthusiasts, Scott Warr and Don Freeman. This podcast is all about community, sharing trail running tips, and stories from the great outdoors. It’s perfect for new trail runners who want to learn more about the sport.

The Running for Real Podcast

The Running for Real Podcast is your audio pep talk, thanks to host and professional runner, Tina Muir. This runners podcast will be your own personal cheer squad—providing real talk about the highs and lows of running, sharing mental health tips, and fostering a supportive community of runners.

The Rambling Runner Podcast

Join Matt Chittimthe man behind The Rambling Runner Podcastas he gets up close and personal with amateur runners. From hilarious race-day mishaps to triumphant PRs and even crucial recovery tips, this podcast about running will help you improve your running performance and inspire you to keep going.

The Not Your Average Runner Podcast

Take a step out of the ordinary with The Not Your Average Runner Podcast, hosted by the charismatic running and life coach, Jill Angie. This podcast shatters the typical runner mold, promoting body positivity, and encouraging everyoneregardless of size, speed, or ageto lace up and hit the pavement.

The Morning Shakeout Podcast

Rise and shine with The Morning Shakeout Podcast, hosted by respected journalist and runner, Mario Fraioli. Serving up a fresh blend of insights, interviews with runners and coaches, and commentary on all things running, this podcast is like your favorite pre-run breakfast: necessary, nourishing, and a little bit crunchy.

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The Negative Splits Podcast

The Negative Splits Podcasthosted by the charismatic trio of Bill, Glen, and Seanis the perfect podcast to listen to if you want to laugh and have fun while running. The episodes offer a great mix of race recaps, running tales, expert interviews, everything under the sun.

The Ultra Running Podcast

Dive into the world of ultra running together with host Neil James Marsh. This engaging and insightful podcast delves into the world of ultramarathons, featuring inspiring race stories from exciting guests and in-depth discussions on equipment and ultra running conditioningthe perfect running companion for those daring to go the distance.

Run, Selfie, Repeat

Hosted by Kelly Roberts, this podcast explores the highs, lows and hilarious moments that every runner can related to. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just taking your first steps on the track, “Run, Selfie, Repeat” offers a delightful blend of motivational stories, training tips, and humorous anecdotes that will keep you inspired and entertained throughout your own running adventures.


The Running Public

Join the public running movement with The Running Public Podcast, hosted by elite obstacle course racers Brakken Kraker and Kirk DeWindt. It’s your go-to podcast for championing the everyday runner, covering high-level training tips, race strategies, and relatable running storiesall packaged for your easy and practical understanding.

Final Surge Podcast

Track your running journey with The Final Surge Podcast, hosted by Dean Ouellette. It offers a surge of knowledge, featuring interviews with world-class athletes, coaches, authors, and a variety of sports experts. It’s the ultimate coach for self-training with a purpose.

C Tolle Run

If you need motivation, then look no further. Hit your stride with C Tolle Run, hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson. With her infectious energy and insider knowledge, she brings you interviews with elite athletes, celebrities, and running legends, inspiring you to run like a pro and achieve equally great things!

Trail Running Women

Step off the beaten path with Trail Running Women, hosted by experienced trail runner Hilary Spires. This podcast is a tribute to the rugged and raw side of running, featuring interviews with trailblazing, badass womenall sharing their extraordinary stories of resilience and passion, as well as life outside of running.

Running Rogue Podcast

Get rogue with Running Rogue Podcast, spearheaded by running coach Chris McClung. He’ll take you off-track and into the heart of running culture. They cover topics such as training plans, injury prevention, race prep, nutrition, and moreno topic is off-limits with Chris running the show!

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

Pour yourself a glass of motivation with I’ll Have Another, hosted by Lindsey Hein. She serves up heartening chats with top runners and health gurus, a perfect blend of running advice and life wisdom. Listen to hundreds of inspiring interviews with runners who have overcome challenges and achieved great things.

Ten Junk Miles

If you’re looking for fun podcasts to listen to while running, you won’t regret giving Ten Junk Miles a try. Hosted by the irreverent Scotty Kummer, he navigates trails of humor, personal stories, and the occasional running advicean entertaining mishmash for your next long run!

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Road to the Trials

Put yourself in the shoes of the pros as you listen to the episodes of Road to the Trials. The latest season of this amazing podcast takes you on the year-long training arc of several pro runners preparing for the February 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Dive into the extremes with the Human Performance Outliers Podcast, hosted by the boundary-pushing Zach Bitter. While the podcast isn’t purely all about running, you’ll learn a lot about health and fitness as Zach explores the outer limits of human performancean intriguing listen for those pushing their running boundaries.

Trail & Ultra Running Training

Hit the ultra-sweet spot with the Trail & Ultra Running Training podcast, where host Will Frantz teaches you how to handle the trails better and have more fun while you run. From training tips to recaps of ultra-marathons, it’s your handy audio guide to run training and recovery.

Another Mother Runner

Hit the ultra-sweet spot with the Trail and Ultra Running Training podcast, where host Will Frantz teaches you how to handle the trails better and have more fun while you run. From training tips to recaps of ultra-marathons, it’s your handy audio guide to run training and recovery.

The World of Running

If you’re still unsure of what to listen to while running, this podcast is a good place to start. Step into The World of Running, hosted by Aditi Pandya. Each episode explores different aspects of running, from proper techniques and form to training strategies and nutrition.

The Pain Cave

Explore the depths of endurance with The Pain Cave Podcast, hosted by the resilient Dr. Jay Friedman, and learn more about the mental side of running. He chats about the science and psychology of endurance sports, which is perfect for those who like their runs long and thoughts deep.

Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast

Reach new heights with Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast, hosted by physical therapy expert and doctor, Bryan Heiderscheit. Together with his co-host, fellow physical therapist Mark Anderson, they talk all about biomechanics, injury prevention, and rehabilitation in runningan essential listen if you want to keep your runs injury-free.

Trail to 100

Hosted by Jacob and Melody Bateman, this podcast is perfect for runners who want to unlock their full potential and reach the achievement of running 100 miles. Listen to the hosts interview inspirational ultra runners and explore the stories of beginner ultra runners around the world.

The Training for Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Dive into the ultra world with The Training for Ultra Podcast, led by endurance enthusiast, Rob Streger. In this weekly podcast, Rob demystifies ultra-marathon training and shares tales from the elite runners to inspire listeners. Perfect for those chasing ultra dreams!

The Adventure Jogger

Embark on running adventures with The Adventure Jogger, hosted by Ryan Ploeckelman. He shares thrilling experiences from the world of trail running and ultra marathons. It’s your audio ticket to adrenaline-fueled running feats and laughter-filled hours of listening!

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The Art and Science of Running

Want to learn more about the scientific side of running and how it intersects with art? Unravel the intricacies of running with The Art and Science of Running, hosted by running analysts, Malc Kent and Jacob Puzey. This one’s ideal for runners who appreciate the method behind the mile-munching madness!

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Billy Yang Podcast

Stride along with the Billy Yang Podcast, led by filmmaker and endurance runner, Billy Yang. He digs deep into the minds of the endurance community, offering inspirational stories and motivational mantrasnot only from athletes but also from creatives and entrepreneurs. It’s your perfect running partner for those long, grind-out miles!

No Meat Athlete Radio

Redefine power with No Meat Athlete Radio, hosted by vegan ultra-endurance athlete, Matt Frazier. He explores plant-powered athleticism, inviting fellow vegan and vegetarian runners and proving that ditching meat doesn’t mean losing your edge. It’s a must-listen for those interested in cruelty-free and sustainable fuel for their runs!

Endurance Planet

Feel the burn with Endurance Planet, hosted by sports nutritionist, Tawnee Gibson. She and her guests serve up excellent insight on endurance training, nutrition, and health. Tune in for a “planet” of knowledge that guides you to ultimate performance and becoming an endurance athlete.

For The Long Run

Wondering what keeps runners running? Go the distance with For The Long Run, hosted by accomplished distance runner, Jonathan Levitt. He delves into the hearts and minds of fellow runners, sharing stories of resilience and passion. It’s the perfect listen for endurance-based, motivational tidbits!

The Rich Roll Podcast

This podcast is essentially a master-class for both running and self-empowerment. Here, legendary ultra-endurance athlete and best-selling author Rich Roll shares insights on personal growth, nutrition, and endurance athletics. Joining him are some of the brightest and disruptive thought leaders to help inspire you to unleash your best.

Magness & Marcus on Coaching

Hosted by renowned coaches Steve Magness and Jon Marcus, this podcast is perfect for coaches who want to learn more about training and coaching. They dissect the science of coaching, offering practical tips for runners. Get set to step up your coaching game!

Ben Greenfield Life

Dive into the biohacking world with Ben Greenfield Life, run by fitness guru Ben Greenfield. He explores all things health and fitnessfrom fat loss and anti-aging to cutting-edge science to help you be the best you can be. It’s the ultimate podcast for runners seeking that extra performance edge!


Want to learn more about ultramarathoning? Stride into the endurance world with Koopcast, presented by top coach Jason Koop. He provides insights into training strategies and mental toughness. This runners podcast is perfect if you’re aiming high and pushing your limits!

The Running Explained Podcast

Hit the ground running with The Running Explained Podcast, hosted by coach Elisabeth Scott. She delivers digestible running advice and science in a fun approach, making this podcast perfect for old and new runners alike. Tune in to get all your running queries answered!

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Keeping Track

Stay on track with the Keeping Track podcast, hosted by Olympians Alysia Montaño, Roisin McGettigan, and Molly Huddle. They spotlight the achievements of female athletes and talk all about women’s sports. It’s your go-to podcast for a dose of women’s athletics inspiration!

The Real Science of Sport Podcast

Here’s a podcast that isn’t purely all about running. Take a scientific detour with The Real Science of Sport, hosted by Professor Ross Tucker and sports journalist Mike Finch. They delve into the gritty specifics of sports science and debunk popular myths. It’s a real gem for runners hungry for knowledge!

Running Commentary

Join comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering on Running Commentary as they chat and chuckle while clocking miles. No run will be boring with these two in your ears! It’s your perfect audio accomplice for a run filled with laughter and lighthearted banter.

CITIUS MAG Podcast With Chris Chavez

Race ahead with the CITIUS MAG Podcast, anchored by CITIUS MAG founder Chris Chavez. He engages in riveting chats with standout athletes and coaches, sharing inspiring stories and lessons. This podcast is your track to all things speed, stamina, and sportsmanship in the running world!

More Than Running With Dana Giordano

Embark on a journey with More Than Running, piloted by elite runner Dana Giordano. She spotlights women’s narratives in the running community, promoting empowerment and inclusivity, while inspiring listeners towards their own successes. It’s more than running, it’s a stride towards sports equality!

The Runners World UK Podcast

Tighten your laces with The Runner’s World UK Podcast, hosted by Rick Pearson, Ben Hobson, and Jane McGuire. They feed your running appetite with training tips, gear reviews, running news, and inspiring stories. This will be your entertaining audio guide to conquering the running tracks with style and grace!

Inspire to Run Podcast

Formerly known as Inspire Virtual Runs, this podcast is hosted by Richard Conner. He shares nuggets of wisdom from his running experiences and chats with fellow enthusiasts. If you’re running to take charge of your health and fitness, then you’ll find this the perfect companion and audio coach!

The Free Trail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Hit the trail with The Free Trail Podcast, guided by ultrarunning legend Dylan Bowman. Along with his guests, he explores the untamed world of trail running and ultramarathons in captivating conversations with top athletes. Aside from ultrarunning, the episodes also cover business, the outdoor industry, and more.

The Extramilest Show

Go the extra mile with The Extramilest Show, hosted by endurance guru Floris Gierman. Chatting with world-class athletes and coaches, he dives into strategies for training better, taking care of your health, and improving endurance and performance, helping you reach your full potential.

Making a Runner

Hosted by the dynamic duo of Nic Acampora and David Fick, this podcast explores a wide variety of topics, from race preparation to mental resilience. Learn how runners are made as you listen to the challenges and inspiring triumphs of their guest runners. It’s your personal, pocket-sized running coach!

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Benefits of Incorporating Running Podcasts into Your Fitness Journey

Running can sometimes feel like a chore, especially during hours-long runs alone or uphill slogs. Listening to podcast shows are not just perfect companions for those long, solitary runs—they also serve as a valuable source of both motivation and information. When you’ve got one of the top running podcasts piping through your earbuds, it’s like you’ve got a personal cheerleader, entertainer, and running coach all rolled into one.

Here’s a few key benefits of listening to podcasts for running to your fitness journey:

  • Stay motivated. Listening to inspiring stories from seasoned runners, their struggles, and their victories can push you to stay on track and keep moving forward.
  • Learn new information. The best running podcasts often feature professionals from the field, sharing valuable insights, tips, and advice about running techniques, nutrition, gear, and more. Plus, experts suggest that running engages the brain, giving you more cognitive space to take in and process new information.
  • Be part of a community. Podcasts are a fantastic way to feel connected to the global community of runners, even when you’re pounding the pavement alone. In essence, they transform the solitary act of running into a more communal, enlightening, and entertaining experience.
  • Boost your mood. Let’s face it—long runs can get a bit monotonous. A fun and entertaining podcast can break the tedium and add an element of enjoyment to your runs.
  • Positively impact mental health. Findings have pointed out the positive impact of engaging podcasts on your mental health. They can be a source of relaxation, stress relief, and personal growth.
  • Distract yourself from discomfort. When the run gets tough, a good podcast can provide the perfect distraction, helping you overcome physical pain and mental fatigue.

An informative graphic illustrating the benefits of integrating running podcasts into your fitness journey.

Unsure about which podcast about running matches your stride? Check out our Spotify playlist! We’ve got our favorite episodes from all the podcasts we introduced in one handy playlist to make it easier for you to try each one and see which one fits your vibe, keeps you motivated, and helps you improve your form.

If you find yourself experiencing heel pain after running, it may be a symptom of plantar fasciitis or a signal to change out your running shoes. In fact, podiatrists recommend changing out shoes every 300–500 miles. Upgrade to a pair that offers extra cushioning and shock absorption to decrease the impact on your feet. Also, make sure your shoes are the right fit and your toes don’t feel squished while you run.

Whether you’re a marathon maniac, a trail enthusiast, or someone who just enjoys a casual jog around the block, there’s a running podcast and a perfect pair of KURU running shoes out there for your needs!

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