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How To Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

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It is so easy to go get a gym membership these days. Anywhere for cents to dollars a day you can have your choice of places to go workout. No matter why you choose the gym route instead of working at home we are hoping to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your membership.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a gym location that is convenient and matches your fitness goals. Consider the amenities and crowd to ensure that the gym meets your needs.
  • Set clear fitness goals and work with personal trainers to achieve them. Having a goal will motivate you to work harder and make the most of your gym membership.
  • Focus on your comfort level and choose exercises that work for you. If a gym doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to find another one that better fits your needs.


If you haven’t already chosen a gym but are thinking about it, remember the old real estate motto, location, location, location. If you are currently going, consider that location again. Is the gym location worth the effort to get there? Do you have to put on your hiking shoes to make it to the building because of how far away you had to park? Sometimes a social factor plays in, between you and a friend or your buddy is a personal trainer there, or even you have been going to that gym for years. If it is out of the way for no real reason, or the reason you go there has changed, consider changing where you go.

Location is important because if it isn’t close, you are wasting time in your day that you could be doing so many other things. Keep your busy life in mind.


If you want to run a marathon and have joined a gym to help you get there, make sure they have treadmills or a track. If you are working on your butterfly stroke, they better have a pool. If yoga is your thing, choose one that has a class.

The point is, there are gyms that meet your fitness goals out there, big or small, it is a matter of finding one that will help you achieve the level of fitness you want or the goal you have in mind.

Keep in mind the crowd you see when visiting the gym is likely whom you’ll be exercising.

To add to that, have a goal! If you are working out without a goal in mind, you are unlikely to push yourself as hard. That goal can be a number on the scale (make sure it is a healthy one) or how many laps you can do in the pool or how much weight you can lift so many times. Make that goal part of your choice. Many gyms can help you with a personal trainer consulting with you and your goals, most even offer a free session when you join to jump-start your time there. The personal trainers will have good advice as they know the benefits the gym has, just we warn of them trying to upsell you on things you are not interested in doing.


I have a friend that joined a gym just for the massage chairs. No Joke. Some gyms have different perks to keep the members happy. These perks can range from childcare to racquetball courts and from free weights to being open 24 hours a day. The question again comes to what you need to help you have great experience.

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What To Look For in a Great Gym

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When you consider a gym, you need to see who is going to be there and when. For example, make sure the resistance training section is outfitted well for the crowd you see there. Resistance training is important because we have two kinds of muscles sometimes referred to as fast and slow muscles, heavier weights help your fast muscle fibers which are what you are interested in when it comes to stability.

If all the free weights or weight machines to do the heavy lifting are being used when you get there, you aren’t going to get a good workout for those muscles during lunch, if that is when you go to burn your calories.

There would be no point in putting on your best running shoes and heading to the gym if all the treadmills are taken. In other words, go when you would normally go and see how busy it is, and see if you can get in the workout you would want.


This also comes to what we do when at the gym. If the clothing styles there make you feel self-conscious, maybe it is not the place for you. You also may not feel comfortable doing the funny exercises that do not work for the regular muscle groups.

We often will do crunches, shortening your ab muscles. That is great, but are you going to feel comfortable doing an ab lengthening exercise that might make you look a bit more awkward?

Just Go

In the end, just make a choice and go to the gym. If you end up not liking these feelings or the atmosphere changes, go ahead and cancel and break up with that gym and find another one that better fits your needs. Remember, it really is about you, and also helping you care for your feet and the rest of your body.

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