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Fit: True to Size

Width: Medium

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The all-new CARRERA represents the pinnacle of performance. There is a reason this shoe is named after the word associated with racing excitement, action, and speed at the highest level. To deliver on this powerful connection, we started with our proven KURUSOLE™ chassis and made subtle improvements in all the right places. Firstly, we started with the foundation. This includes the advanced formulation of our KURUKLOUD™ midsole foam which gives you an effortless stride and smoother transition from heel to toe.

Next, we developed a space-age, no-sew construction that uses high frequency welding to laminate each layer of the upper together. This low profile bonding technique resulted in more than 80% fewer seams than if the shoe was stitched. Not to mention, it reduces weight, giving the shoe a more balanced weight profile and construction. To ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable, the all-new CARRERA uses high performance moisture wicking liners that allow just the right amount of air for a healthy foot environment.

We wanted the CARRERA to be as natural as possible so your body can perform at peak levels. That is why it has a more natural 8mm heel to forefoot drop. This, combined with our high-performance, foot-shaped last gives you the perfect blend of secure fit, solid heel hold and optimal toe box volume for maximum running happiness. Not only is the CARRERA your new favorite way to exercise, it plays double duty as a casual trainer.

Make your next run incredible with the CARRERA. It is time to launch feel good fitness.

Happy Running!


Reasons you will love the CARRERA:

  • KURUKLOUD™ Performance Foam - cutting edge EVA midsole compound provides a powerfully cushioned ride while returning energy during toe off
  • ULTIMATE INSOLES™ - our proven insoles include a varus wedge and seamless arch support that is optimized for your natural biomechanics
  • Custom Molding Fit - our proprietary ULTIMATE INSOLES™ use your body heat to mold to the unique contours of your feet for a truly custom fit
  • Performance Mesh Uppers - Advanced materials in the uppers seamlessly wrap around your foot like a glove
  • Secure Laces - flat laces help keep your laces tight and secure during high-performance demands
  • Heel Hugging Comfort - you will love how the visible KURUSOLE™ chassis naturally hugs your heels for a superior stride
  • Breathable - moisture wicking linings and breathable uppers afford ideal temperature regulation
  • Good Grip Yet Lightweight - high-grade, lightweight rubber outsole delivers excellent traction
  • Natural Heel Transition - a minimal 8mm heel to toe offset mirrors your natural, barefoot position for a healthier stride
  • Origin - Imported (China)

Ideal For:

  • Activity: Running, walking, exercising, cross-training, fitness
  • Foot injuries: Fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, flat feet, heel pain, bunions

IMPORTANT NOTE: For high performance applications such as cross-training and/or running, we recommend going up half a size larger than your normal shoe size to allow extra room for your toes.

Fit: True to Size

Width: Medium

Product Q&A

Product Q&A

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Questions about Carrera - Men's Performance Fitness Runner


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    • Q:

      What is the weight of the Carrera?

    • A:

      The average weight of the men's CARRERA is about 12 ounces per shoe.

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    • Q:

      Is this a good choice for high arches? I currently have a pair of Kuru shoes that I bought less than a year ago and they are completely destroyed. I've walked right through the padding inside the shoe and all the tread is gone off the bottoms. I'm on my feet a lot at work, so it is important for my feet to be comfortable and as cool as possible.

    • A:

      All of our shoes offer the same patented midsole technology with a built-in cupped heel and arch support. Our KURUSOLE™ with HEELHUGR™ technology delivers superior support for high arches while using space-age foams that custom mold to your feet. Over time, you should find that our insoles give great support, even for your higher arches. This gives you amazing comfort at heel strike with superior arch support for all circumstances. Of course, everyone's feet are different and what works for some may not work for others. However, many customers with high arches have found that the KURU technology offers the perfect amount of arch support for a healthier body.

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    • Q:

      How does the width and depth compare to men's Quantum shoes? What are the width measurements for each? What are the depth measurements for each?

    • A:

      The QUANTUM runs wide and big, so we typically suggest ordering a half size smaller in the QUANTUM. The CARRERA runs narrow in the toe and heel.

      We do not provide specific measurements for widths since measurements can actually cause a margin of error and cause the wrong size to be ordered. Having your feet measured using a brannock device at any local shoe store can help you determine whether you need a wide size or a medium size. If you need wide sizes, I suggest the CHICANE wide, which can be found here:

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KURU Graphic

LOVE, All-Day Long

Our patented KURUSOLE™ with HEELHUGR™ technology shapes itself to your feet with every step. This flexing action helps keep your fat pad under your heel bone for unbelievable comfort and phenomenal support. Get ready to fall in love.

Feeling Good.

The Power of Three

The performance version of our KURUSOLE™ has created a new benchmark as our most comfortable athletic shoe. The powerful KURUSOLE™ with HEELHUGR™ technology gives you a premium fitness shoe so you can be more fit and have more energy to feel amazing.

Happy comfort

Our advanced ULTIMATEINSOLES™ use space-age foams that use your body heat to mold to your feet for a custom fit. This gives you unprecedented arch support and heel stability.

To top it off, ULTIMATEINSOLES™ also provide incredible moisture management to absorb and keep sweat away for healthier feet.

Get custom molded comfort with improved mobility for true happiness.

Love your feet

The secret to the feel good effect of KURU is our superior HEELKRADL™ component. This groundbreaking technology naturally cups your heels so you can do more and go longer.

With the HEELKRADL™ under your foot, you will once again love being on your feet.

Let time fly by

Premium KURUKLOUD™ midsole foam uses advanced heel strike angles with a super-light, rockered sole for a silky smooth stride that keeps you refreshed, to focus on yourself and others.

With a ride this easy, time flies by.


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