10 Top Fitness Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Not sure what to get your favorite fitness junkie this year? Check out our list of top picks!

‘Tis the season for holiday music, hot cocoa, and twinkling lights. With all the festivities, the last thing that you want on your mind is indecision about what to put under the tree for someone. Well if you need a fitness-themed gift for the holidays, we can help with this countdown of the hottest picks of this season.

10. Wireless Earbuds or Speakers

There is nothing more frustrating than getting tangled up in the wire from your headphones. Especially when you are trying to get into a “groove” during a workout. Give the gift of a hassle-free workout this year by buying some wireless earbuds for your workout buddy. Many stores even offer “fitness” earbuds that are rain and sweat resistant so that there are no excuses for missing a workout. If they are more into swimming, consider buying them a waterproof MP3 player (with waterproof earbuds of course) so that they can keep their jams with them underwater. And lastly, if spinning is their forte: consider a set of bike speakers, since wearing headphones while biking is a serious safety risk. Even better is the fact that many come with a compartment to stow a smartphone inside so that their device is secure and protected on any ride. Add a mix CD of your favorite heart-pumping tunes to give the gift a personal touch!

9. Food Scale

Fitness is not just about exercise. Sometimes you need something to help you keep track of nutrition! A great gift for die-hard health nuts (or newly converted health nuts) is a food scale! Portion control is an important part of any nutrition package, and a digital scale can make measuring a breeze. Some retailers are beginning to sell “smart-scales” that can remember portions and food types to help track the user’s overall diet.

8. Fitness Tracker

Of course, at the top of many athletic person’s wish list is a fitness tracker. They come in all shapes and sizes, many with specific “abilities”. The Jabra Pulse comes with a set of earbuds that can actually measure the wearer’s pulse through their ears as they work out and listen to their favorite playlist! Or the Lumo Lift that not only tracks activity but will alert you when you are slouching! Which makes it an excellent gift for people who work desk jobs or wish to have better posture. Is the recipient more of a no-nonsense type? Opt for a simple no-screen tracker that can clip onto their shoes and keep track of daily activity as well as workouts. This is a great gift for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular health!

7. Water Bottle with Storage or Running Belt

Workout clothes are made to be sleek, lightweight, and stay out of the way. They are not, however, made with pockets (usually). So what can a person do with all their valuables during a run or trip to the gym? Give them a running belt, which has a specially-designed pocket to keep and “hide” your phone, keys, and small amounts of money inside a belt that sits around your hips or waist. If you think they would prefer to not carry their stuff on their person, you can give them a water bottle with a built-in storage compartment. These handy little hydration buddies, are excellent to hold the small things that you want to keep with you. Some will even fit a smartphone inside the storage space. This is the perfect gift for that person that cannot leave their phone behind, even during a workout.

6. Blender

Smoothies have made a comeback in the health food craze. But instead of creating a need for smoothie bars and juice stores, many people simply like to make them at home. It is convenient, healthy, and cheaper than going out to buy one. Give your favorite health-foodie a personal-sized blender, which is perfect for whipping up their morning shakes. Add a personal touch by writing down your favorite smoothie or shake recipe to share with them.

5. Winter Workout Gear

Sure, everyone thinks about summer workout tanks and gym shorts. But who remembers-or wants to- shop for winter weather gear? Things like low-profile clothing and accessories that will keep them warm without much bulk. A long-sleeve tech shirt or warm running pants will be ver appreciated when January comes around with sub-freezing temperatures

4. Gym Tote or Backpack

Who does not like to look stylish when they go out? With a new gym bag, your favorite fitness fanatic will arrive at the gym in style. And they will have a good excuse to get a nice new pair of sneakers to match! Try not to buy anything too big, or it will be too cumbersome to take along or fit in a locker. The best gym bags are concise and have a good amount of pockets for storing the smaller things-like deodorant and keys!

3. Foam Roller

This year give the gift of sweet pain relief to your workout buddy. Foam rollers are perfect for using after a tough workout to massage sore spots and untie knots. They work well in the days after when your buddy wakes up with stiff muscles from an insane leg day. As a bonus, you can find a roller that is “travel-sized” and can fit into most luggage so they can stick with their routines even when they are out of town.

2. WiFi Smart Scale

We already had one scale on this list, but this is worth its own category. A smart scale not only tells the user their current weight, but the new WiFi Smart Scales can read BMI, fat percentage, and keep a record of your past weigh-ins and send them to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. They take fitness tracking to a new level by keeping track of all your progress at once. Buy this for someone who loves to keep a close eye on their changes as they work towards a goal.

1. Fitness Shoes

Number one on our countdown list is a fantastic pair of athletic shoes. After all, none of these other fitness gifts are very useful without trustworthy, supportive shoes on your feet. The only tricky part is knowing what kind of shoes to get for a particular person, or even for yourself.

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With the best shoes on your feet, you’ll conquer the world, your workout, and your Christmas gift list.

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