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Climb Higher With the Best Hiking Shoes

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If you are looking for the best hiking shoes, then look no further. KURU’s best hiking shoes are here with all the support, protection, and comfort you need.

The best hiking shoes should be lightweight because every pound you carry up the trails with you can add pounds of pressure which can wear you out fast. No one wants a great scenic hike to be cut short because of exhaustion or other hiking-related injuries, so you must select the best hiking shoes to get you to the top.

Key Takeaways

  • The best hiking shoes should be made of quality materials, provide support to your feet, and fit properly to avoid blisters and soreness.
  • KURU’s hiking shoes are designed with materials, support, and fit in mind and can provide protection and comfort for hikers during their treks.


When it comes to the best hiking shoes, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role in determining their durability, comfort, and overall performance. Premium hiking shoes often utilize high-grade leather or synthetic materials that are not only tough but also breathable. This ensures that the shoes can withstand the rugged terrains of the outdoors while providing ample ventilation, keeping the feet dry and comfortable. Additionally, the integration of waterproof membranes, like Gore-Tex, ensures that hikers can confidently tread through wet conditions without the worry of moisture seeping in.

Furthermore, the sole of the shoe is another testament to the importance of material selection. A high-quality hiking shoe will feature a sole made of robust rubber compounds, designed to offer optimal grip on a variety of surfaces, from muddy trails to rocky outcrops. The midsole, often made from EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or PU (polyurethane), provides cushioning and shock absorption, ensuring that the foot remains comfortable even during long treks.


Support in hiking shoes is essential for safety and comfort. Three areas need attention: the ankle, arch, and heel. Ankle support prevents sprains and offers stability on uneven terrains. This is often achieved with a reinforced collar and padded tongue.

Arch support is vital to avoid foot strain, especially during extended hikes. Quality hiking shoes have midsoles that adapt to the foot’s shape, ensuring even weight distribution. Heel support is equally important. A well-designed heel cup stabilizes the foot and reduces impact, especially during descents. In short, proper support in hiking shoes is not just about comfort; it’s about preventing injuries and ensuring a safe hiking experience.

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The fit of hiking shoes is more than just a matter of comfort; it’s a key determinant of safety and performance on the trails. A well-fitting shoe ensures that the foot remains securely in place, minimizing the risk of blisters from unwanted friction. Moreover, a snug fit prevents the foot from sliding inside the shoe, reducing the chances of toe injuries, especially during downhill treks.

However, it’s equally important that the shoe isn’t too tight. There should be enough room to wiggle the toes and accommodate foot swelling, which is common during prolonged hikes. A general guideline is to have a finger’s width between the end of the shoe and the longest toe. Additionally, the fit should be assessed with the same type of socks that will be worn during hikes. In essence, the right fit in hiking shoes strikes a balance between snugness and space, ensuring both safety and comfort for the hiker.

Hike With KURU

KURU’s best hiking shoes are the perfect hiking footwear to help protect your feet while you scale to the summit. Our best hiking shoes are made with a grippy rubber outsole that is sturdy enough to withstand the trails and give you security on slippery slopes. And through our revolutionary KURUSOLE™ technology, your arches are protected thanks to our deep heel cup.

Our unique deep heel cup sits just lower in the shoe than the forefront, which helps your arches stay in place comfortably. It also serves as an ideal shock absorber by gently cushioning your heel, squeezing dynamically inward for the most comfortable hike you have ever experienced.

The grippy outsole on KURU’s most comfortable trail shoes gives you stability on uneven trail surfaces, while our KURUSOLE™ gives you heel stability and arch support. You can focus on your hike without worrying about your feet, and time flies! Enjoy life at the top with a new pair of KURU’s best hiking shoes this spring.

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