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KURU Headquarters

KURU is independently owned and web-driven. We got our start when our Founder won the grand prize in a Statewide business plan competition.

We launched our factory direct model in 2009 during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. However, our passion to give you true happiness through superior shoes and unsurpassed comfort kept us undeterred.

Since then, thousands have experienced the sensible style, superior support and ground-breaking comfort of KURU.

Welcome to the KURU Family.

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KURU is compelling.
Here is why:



of customers recommend KURU to their friends and family



of customers agree that KURU is Ergonomic for My Feet



of customers will buy KURU again



of customers agree that KURU is More Supportive than other shoes

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Technology to Transform Your Life

Absolutely nothing touches the natural comfort and stability proven by our patented KURUSOLE™. Unlike other shoes that flatten the fat cushion in your heel pad, KURU moves with every step to keep it where nature intended. When you work with nature, you can expect maximum results.

Whether you are exercising, working, or simply seeking energy to do more, KURUSOLE™ can be trusted to help you feel good.

Naturally Superior.

Why Others Love KURU

Attitude Enhancer


They were comfortable from day one...no need to break in! I am able to work all day under grueling conditions with considerably less foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain! A great pair of shoes makes an incredible difference in one's performance and attitude!

~Susan W.

Superior Support


I now have three pair of shoes from Kuru. Each pair provides the arch support I need to be on my feet and walk for extended periods of time. I experience less lower back pain and foot/leg fatigue now. The true test will be in two weeks when my wife and I vacation in Ireland!

~John B.

Multi-Purpose Shoe


These shoes helped subside the pain in my heel from plantar fasciitis. I have begun walking and was having serious heel pain. These shoes were the perfect solution. They are sporty enough to exercise in and comfortable enough to wear to work all day.

~Susan P.