The Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

The Web's #1 Top Rated Shoes to Solve the Pain of Plantar Fasciitis.

We live in a world with hard, flat, unforgiving surfaces. These flat surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, tile, and more, result in higher impacts on our bodies.

Imagine a solution that starts with slipping on a pair of shoes specifically designed for plantar fasciitis.

Our technology is so powerful for plantar fasciitis, it is patented. It is no wonder KURU shoes have helped thousands who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

All KURU Shoes come with the revolutionary, patented KURUSOLE™ technology for your plantar fasciitis.

KURU Shoes
Transforming Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Technology

Nature placed a fat pad under your heel bone to cushion every step. A team of medical experts developed the innovative KURUSOLE technology to dynamically flex inward to cup your fat pad.

This flexing technology helps keep the fat pad under your heel bone. This means KURUSOLE works with nature to offer you unparalleled comfort and cushioning.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Fat Pad Comparison

To truly transform your life, we knew it would take more than to just offer another pair of premium orthopedic comfort shoes. That's why we developed the patented KURUSOLE technology.

This innovative technology is perfect for your plantar fasciitis. The secret is the orthotic-inspired shape molded into the footbed. This dynamically flexes inward to keep your heel fat pad under your heel bone, helping your foot naturally cushion your every step.

To top it off, our proprietary ULTIMATE INSOLES™ that use space-age foam and your body's heat custom mold to the unique contours of your foot. This provides custom molded fit on top, with proven support underneath.

WHY Others with Plantar Fasciitis LOVE KURU

Best shoe for planter fasciitis... I work on my feet all day and these are a God send.

~Sherry C.

I can walk! I have chronic plantar fasciitis and these are the first shoe that actually relieves the pain. They feel great and I am on my feet a lot!

~Gem Girl

Great support. Lots of toe room. I am a 12 hour day floor RN. Hike the Appalachian, suffer with plantar fasciitis. This is my second pair. Can’t live without them.


Dr. Recommended

Doctors know the key to alleviating foot problems is proper support. That's why more Doctors are recommending KURU.

In fact, Dr. Roger Sheffield said, "After decades of practicing as a physician, I have seen a lot of different products designed to solve health problems. KURU is the #1 shoe that has helped my Plantar Fasciitis".

Get Your Life Back

Doctors know the key to alleviating foot problems is proper support. That's why more Doctors are recommending KURU.

As Erin told us, “I am an avid runner. I put them on and my feet felt sooo good. Thanks for making such a wonderful shoe!”

Proven Results

Our customers love their shoes. In fact, an astounding 9 out of 10 customers recommend KURU to their friends.

One simple example is Robert, who wrote, “they are by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn and have all but cured an acute case of plantar fasciitis. This sounds like hype, but they are the best thing since sliced bread!"

How is KURU the best plantar fasciitis shoe?

KURU shoes are different. Not only are they packed with some of the best technology, 4 out of 5 who purchase KURU for their plantar fasciitis report relief.

Natural, Anatomical Shape

The last is a tool used in shoe-making that determines the shape and fit of a shoe.

A word-class last is the foundation for a superior shoe. Which is why we engineered a proprietary, anatomical shape in the toes that is broader, allowing your feet to more naturally spread out.

What results is remarkable fit with all-day comfort.

Improved Sole Shape

We spent countless hours dialing in the shape of our outsole, midsole and insole.

That's why our shoes have a superior, rockered sole shape.

This perfect design magically molds to your feet on top while letting your foot roll naturally underneath as you walk, reducing impacts on both your skeletal structure and plantar fascia.

Versatile Styling

The holy grail for plantar fasciitis shoes is not only proven technology on the inside, but versatile styling on the outside.

By offering a variety of styles and designs, KURU plantar fasciitis shoes are perfect for your morning walks, traveling abroad, or simply running errands.

Relief has never come easier.

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