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4 Activities for Mind, Body, and Spirit

By: KURU Footwear
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You’ve spent long hours at work every day this week, the list of family demands keeps growing and growing, your favorite donuts have become stale, and you’ve drunk so much caffeine that you’re no longer productive. Now what?

If you’re in a rut and your usual stress relievers aren’t working, check out these four surprisingly refreshing activities that will clear your mind, strengthen your body, and revitalize your spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re feeling stressed and your usual coping mechanisms aren’t working, consider trying some new activities to refresh and revitalize yourself.
  • Yoga, meditation, martial arts, and massage are all effective ways to clear your mind, strengthen your body, and reduce stress.
  • These activities can provide a full-body, mind, and spirit experience that promotes mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


Yoga is a great way to get you in touch with your body and clear your head through the various stretches and poses. It encourages you to push beyond your comfort zone and reach for something more while at the same time respecting your current limitations.

This concentration on physical movement forces you to embrace a meditative state that helps clear the mind. The best part is that yoga is great for any body type. Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing it for years, yoga provides relaxation and challenge. Yoga is great for anyone who is looking for a gentle way to increase their physical activity.



Various forms of this healing practice have become integrated into our culture as a valuable way to calm the mind and center the self. From sitting in the classical lotus position and chanting to embracing stillness and focusing on breathing to lying down and listening to a guided relaxation recording—meditation can be practically anything you want it to be.

This quiet activity helps the mind and reduces stress. It can also be a way to be mindful of your body, your surroundings, and overall health. Combined with yoga, these two practices provide enormous mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Just slip off your shoes, turn off distractions, and relax.

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Whether mastering the slow, deliberate movements in Tai Chi to relieve stress and gain focus, learning the defensive maneuvers and body throws of Kung Fu, or engaging in rigorous hand-to-hand combat of Karate, participating in the martial arts is an excellent way to renew your whole self.

Check out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for grappling and ground fighting training or the increasingly popular Israeli martial art Krav Maga for simplified, practical self-defense. There is martial art to fit your style and fitness goals. The martial arts physical rigor and mental focus build strength, endurance, and personal discipline. Find one that suits you and engage in a full body, mind, spirit experience.



Getting a massage is an excellent way to relieve the tension in your body and relax a troubled mind. When we experience stress, our muscles tighten up, making it difficult to focus. Having a massage can relieve those tense muscles to reduce a lot of mental and physical stress. Massages are wonderfully relaxing, either as a stand-alone or as a part of a larger spa experience. Don’t be bashful—slip off your KURU shoes and indulge yourself a bit after a long day.

At KURU, we recognize that sometimes life seems to carry you along at the speed of light. When you find yourself getting crushed under a mountain of responsibility, take a step back and recharge yourself with rejuvenating activities for mind, body, and spirit.

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