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Things To Thank Your Feet For

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It’s the time of year when our thoughts trend toward thankfulness, and this Thanksgiving season you’d be remiss not to think about all of the feats your feet accomplish for you!

Key Takeaways

  • On an average day, a person takes between 3,000 and 4,000 steps, which means most people walk a couple of miles every day, and their feet experience forces that equal hundreds of tons.
  • Standing in the same position for a long period of time can be harder on the body than walking or running, as it activates the same set of muscles continuously, reducing circulation and causing fatigue and pain in the legs and feet.
  • Wearing supportive shoes that cushion the feet and work with the body’s natural mechanisms can help protect the fat pad and relieve pain, as the fat pad is the body’s natural shock absorber. KURU shoes are designed to cushion and support the feet, providing all-day comfort.

Going the Distance

They say to understand someone you should walk a mile in their shoes, but did you know the average person takes between 3,000 and 4,000 steps each day? At roughly 2,000 steps per mile, that means most people walk a couple of miles every day. Some guidelines recommend “active” people aim for 10,000 steps—or roughly five miles! (That means an active person takes a little under three years to cover the 5,000 miles a certain song calls for.)

On a normal day of walking, your feet experience forces that equal hundreds of tons—roughly the weight of a fully-loaded cement truck! And you do that over and over again: the average person walks about 115,000 miles in their lifetime, which is like circling the globe more than four times!

Wherever you go, your feet are there for every step of the way—and even if you’re just puttering around the house or moving around the office you’re probably walking farther than you think. Show your feet some love with shoes that cushion your heel and protect you from impact.

Taking a Stand

How much of your day do you spend standing up? If your job or lifestyle makes you spend hours on your feet, they can end the day feeling beat. You might think walking or running is more demanding, but actually standing in the same position can be harder on your body!

When you walk or run, different muscles and tendons take turns resting and activating and that shares the burden around. But when you stand in one place for a long period of time, you often activate the same set of muscles continuously—imagine how tiring it is to hold your arm straight out in front of you for a few minutes, for example.

In addition to the repeated strain on fewer muscles, the lack of movement also reduces circulation. The lack of blood flow can cause fatigue and pain in your legs and feet. If you do have to spend a lot of time standing at work, pick supportive shoes that protect your body. And try to take frequent breaks to move around or change positions, which helps with blood flow and gives those targeted muscles a break.

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Fat Pad Syndrome

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The Fabulous Fat Pad

If you have foot pain, you may have looked into many different ways to cushion your steps and protect your feet. But did you know your body comes with a natural shock absorber built-in? Your fat pad runs along the length of the sole of your feet, and it’s there to cushion the blow of each step.

Your fat pad is made up of tiny sections divided by “walls” called baffles, which help maintain strength even under the constant pressure. But if your fat pad is damaged, those baffles weaken and allow the fat pad to spread itself too thin. This means less cushioning and more impact on your body, which can lead to stiffness and pain.

Unfortunately, we spend so much of our time walking on hard, flat surfaces in unsupportive footwear that this kind of damage to the fat pad is common. Wearing supportive shoes (both outside and around the home) can help protect the fat pad, or help it recover from damage. By choosing shoes that work with your body’s natural mechanisms, you can promote better health and relieve pain.

Pain Relief Beyond Relief

Your feet do so much for you, isn’t it time you did something for them? The legendary comfort of KURU comes from our patented KURUSOLE technology which is built into every pair. Feel the dynamic flexing action as it hugs your heels to protect you from stress and impact with every step! Our shoes are designed to cushion and support you from heel to arch to ankle, so you can always count on all-day comfort!

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