KURU Amplifies Nature for Ultra Comfort

Nature inspires some of the world's biggest breakthroughs. This is one of them.

Imagine a shoe shaped to keep the natural cushioning in your foot young and healthy. Allowing you to live a more fulfilled life through improved positioning and heaven-sent comfort.

Some of the best minds helped us combine trusted orthotic support with the latest, space-age materials. What resulted exceeded even our expectations.

It's simple, there's a fat pad under your feet to cushion every step. Unfortunately, the shoes in your closet and the flat surfaces you walk on smash this fat pad. Ouch!

The patented KURUSOLE changes everything. Unlike other shoes, KURUSOLE dynamically flexes to hug your heels with every step. This is proven to contain your fat pad even more, keeping it exactly where it belongs.

KURU works with nature so you can chase your dreams.


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Why others love KURU

These are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I just returned from three weeks in Italy and Greece, walking 5 - 10 miles per day over uneven, cobblestone streets. My feet should have been miserable at the end of the day, but they were not.

~ Janet2044

Amazing Miracle Shoe! This shoe is amazing! I came across Kuru while searching on the internet to try and relieve my pain issues. Kuru shoes have far surpassed my expectations. Not only has my foot pain improved drastically I have also noticed that my knee pain is also getting better! The shoe is so comfortable and made very well.

~ Michele214

I just felt compelled to share my awesome experience with my Kurus. Because they have allowed me to continue the awesome experience of being able to walk the fairways with my daughter, my Kurus are priceless.

~ Rb813

Pain Relief Beyond Belief

The #1 Leading Technology for Foot Pain

When we invented and patented the KURUSOLE, we knew we had something special. But we never imagined it would become the perfect solution for your foot pain.

The genius is how KURUSOLE hugs your feet so your body can heal. Other shoes mess with nature, flatten your fat pad, and throw off your biomechanics and alignment. KURU works with nature to keep your fat pad young and healthy.

It's no wonder KURU is recommended by more medical professionals for foot pain. Simply put, KURU helps you get back to feeling amazing by placing your body in the best possible position to heal itself.

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KURUSOLE has raised the bar for the world's most comfortable shoes. But we didn't stop there. KURU transforms reality through our powerful platform of three groundbreaking innovations.

KURU insole

Conquer your day with a solid foundation from heel to toe. Our ULTIMATE INSOLES use a space-age foam that harnesses your body heat to custom mold to your heels, arches and forefoot. Time to experience perfect support in all the right places.

KURU Midsole

Love is found in the heart. Which is why our breakthrough KURUSOLE is at the heart of every shoe we sell. This technology reflects our obsession to keeping your body strong and healthy so you can pursue what you love most.


Finish the day with more energy through our high-performance KURUCLOUD foam. Featuring lightweight, precision engineered geometry and a proprietary blend of EVA foams for a silky-smooth stride that feels like you're flying.

Something this life-changing is more than a Shoe—It's a KURU

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