The Best Shoes for Foot Pain

Foot pain is not only annoying but also affects your daily routines and can prevent many of the activities you love. Common foot pain in heel persists for many reasons, but one obvious reason is the kind of shoes you wear.

If your foot pain is mainly heel pain, it can stop you dead in your tracks.

The constant pounding of running, walking, and standing on hard, uneven surfaces takes a huge toll on our feet. What’s worse, our bodies were not designed for such hard, unforgiving surfaces. No matter how much you try to ignore it, everyday foot pain is only made worse by flat, unsupportive shoes.

Often, over-the-counter medications, inserts, or stretches are prescribed for general foot pain. However, stretches and medications don’t treat your foot pain at the source, so it continues to nag day in and day out.

Foot Pain Technology

The unique KURUSOLE™ technology is so powerful for foot pain, it is patented. Instead of using flimsy constructions and materials, the space-age materials in KURU custom mold to your feet for amazing support and relief.

We worked with leading medical experts to develop the breakthrough ergonomic KURUSOLE™. This proven technology promises new levels of support and comfort for foot pain.

The patented flexing action of KURUSOLE™ cups the natural fat pad of your feet. This cradles your feet so nature can cushion your every step as you walk.

To top things off, the super advanced insole is smart enough to use your body heat to custom mold to your feet. This provides cushioning and support so you can focus on others and have an improved quality of life.

Go. Open Life.™

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Why others love KURU

I've been wearing Kuru shoes for at least 8 months. At the time I started wearing these shoes I had heel pain in my left foot. Now my heel pain is gone. I will always wear Kuru.

~ Diane, NY

I had been living in agony, trying everything I could think of to get some relief for my foot pain. From the very first day these shoes were so comfortable. My foot pain is a thing of the past. Thank you KURU!!

~ Leigh

I can honestly say these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

~ Eileen

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