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You walk every day. In fact, the average human takes an average of 6,000 steps per day, or almost 3 miles a day. That is a lot of steps to trust to just any old shoe, especially when good shoes for walking all day are as affordable as ours.

Without the best walking shoes for your feet, you could end up with lifelong foot pain as you age. There are many who claim to be the best walking shoes. The truth is, most walking shoes are constructed very differently than the best walking shoes should be.

Some shoes are comfortable when you slip them on, only to leave you with aching, painful feet after a few hours of wear. The reason is simple. Most shoes are flat inside which means they do not conform to your foot and are not the best shoes for walking.

Imagine walking shoes that conform to your unique foot shape offering all-day comfort so you can do more, exercise longer, and be more fit. Imagine a whole new level of injury prevention and improved quality of life.

KURU shoes offers revolutionary, orthotic quality support built directly into every pair of shoes. This powerful technology results in a whole new level of comfort ensuring you have the best shoes for walking for your daily travels.

Feel good technology for walking

Quite simply, KURUSOLE™ is the special sauce that makes KURU the best walking shoes in the world. It’s no wonder KURU is quickly becoming the web’s #1 favorite new walking shoe.

The secret to making KURU the best walking shoes in the world is how the shoes become more comfortable as they magically mold to your unique feet. This is achieved with advanced materials that use your body heat to mold to your feet. But when it comes to creating the best shoes for walking, a custom fit is only half the story.

The other half is how KURUSOLE™ works with nature for a new standard in fitness and health. KURUSOLE™ is designed to flex inward to cup your natural fat pad. This means KURU keeps the fat pad under your heel bone, allowing for unsurpassed levels of natural cushioning. When other, flat walking shoes are flattening your fat pad with each step, KURU is keeping your feet healthier for new levels of wellness.

Feel better.

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Why others love KURU

I love these shoes. I started wearing these shoes the second I received them. I wore it everyday for over a year and ready to get my second pair. I have experiencing knee and ankle pain before, but since wearing these Kuru's, the pain is gone.

~ Rich

Wow!!! Perfect fit right out of the box.... I was worried they were going to rub the back of my heel. After wearing them a couple hours... didn't bother me at all. The heel cup feels fantastic. Nothing like any of my other shoes.

~ Cheryl

I have a pair of Kuru I'm wearing now. They fit Great. Great for walking, which I do lot of with my job. Just ordered another pair. ustomer service was very helpful in getting me in the right size.

~ Mike

The Best Shoes For Walking You'll Find

KURU shoes are different. Not only did we pack some of the best technology into our shoes, but our walking shoes have also improved the quality of life for thousands of people just like you, seeking the best shoes for walking:

Happy comfort

The better your walking shoes fit, the better your feet will feel. Areas of fit to focus on include a deep heel pocket to cradle your heel and prevent slipping and a forefoot with enough wiggle room for your toes.

Simply put, KURU’s best walking shoes just fit better. The proven KURUSOLE™ footbed technology is designed to flex and adapt to your heel shape. In addition, KURUSOLE™ luxuriously molds to the contours of your foot over time.

We use an advanced, anatomical last shape that is ergonomically correct. This means KURU walking shoes are shaped like your feet, with instantly familiar arch support, ideal heel stability, and perfect amount of room for your toes. Good shoes for walking all day, they'll feel particularly comfortable for those of you who spend a lot of time on your feet.

Love your feet

Many walking shoes do not last as long. Often, the foam insole quickly flattens out. The best walking shoes use better grade foams that keep their shape. The best walking shoes also have a durable, high-grade rubber outsole that won't peel.

KURU’s best walking shoes are built with space-age materials that may cost more, but will outlast most others. In addition, the durable rubber outsole construction on KURU shoes provides proven durability and improved performance.

In fact, KURU shoes are so well constructed, we back them with a solid warranty policy against any and all manufacturer defects.

Let time fly by

Podiatrists know that poor support in walking shoes is a big contributor to foot problems. The best walking shoes must offer proper arch and heel support.

Since your feet aren’t flat, KURU walking shoes aren't either. The insoles of KURU’s best walking shoes are shaped to provide perfect arch support and heel stability for comfort that will last all day.

With KURU’s best walking shoes, you will go longer and do more, optimizing your energy so you can be happy.

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